Best Nft Games To Make Money In 2022

In this article, we have listed some of the best NFT games of 2021 that will allow you to make money. These games are fun and you can trade your items, in-game characters with other players.

But before diving in, let’s first discuss the basics of an NFT-based game.

What Are NFT Games?

NFT games combine traditional game features with novel game mechanics to provide players with more control over in-game assets such as skins, characters, weapons, virtual land, and more. This is made possible by launching the game on the blockchain and anchoring it in an economy powered by digital assets. These digital assets are usually NFTs, so they are unique and tamper-proof

Best NFT Games To Watch Out For In 2022

1: Battle of Guardian

Best NFT Games To Watch Out For In 2021

Battle of Guardians (BOG) is a real-time multiplayer NFT fighting game developed in UNREAL ENGINE and built on the SOLANA NETWORK. Players engage in fierce multi-realm battles in an expansive game world. BOG is one on one game where players are in a constant battle to defeat other players to earn more rewards.

BOG also has plans for its own NFT marketplace. Any obtained NFTs can be sold in this market. Players can also buy NFTs for use in fights from this marketplace. When not in use, NFT assets can be kept active. Those assets can also be lent to other players through the marketplace. When the goal is a higher-level NFT character, players can combine separate characters together in what is known as an NFT Synthesis to create more powerful characters that can then be used to fight.


MetaWars is a multiplayer strategy / roleplaying game with a vast universe powered by a growing digital economy built on blockchain technology. Choose your own path using a vast collection of NFTs and impact every major event across the Galaxy. As Battles rage and governments fall, it is up to you to earn your share of the vast fortunes that await.

The gameplay also allows players to widen their army with unique ships, classes and various optimization options. Players can combine modules, weapons, devices and equip perks, helping their characters level up their strength, rank up and receive amazing rewards across the metaverse.


Illuvium: Zero is a mobile mini-game that will interact with the main game. Illuvium: Zero will be a base building game which will be staged on a piece of land. The free version of land will not produce resources that can interact with the main game. Paid land will produce resources which can interact with the main game. There will be 100k plots of paid land in total, and the first land sale will offer 20k of these plots for sale in a dutch auction format. For more information, visit#🎮illuvium-zero.

Illuvium’s play to earn features might be its most exciting. Players can earn in-game rewards in ILV through competitions and tournaments, or completing PVE quests. Additionally, players can capture Illuvials and collect resources to buy and sell on the Illuvidex, the in-game marketplace.


sipher is an ambitious casual fighting and exploration game whose ultimate goal is to create an open world social experience built on the ethereum blockchain.

All player’s characters, weapons, cosmetic and functional in-game items, resources and achievements in Sipheria are represented by non-fungible tokens, known as NFTs. That’s why you truly own your digital assets in Sipheria. Because of the blockchain, players will always own their characters and items without exception.

  • USE OF FUNDS:The sales proceeds of these characters will be used by our team to continue crafting up Sipheria the game, including the creation of World Block Genesis, the Moonbase Station. See Gameplay for more details
  • GAME CHARACTERS:Moon Base Station is purposely built as a base for explorations and expeditions, with facilities supporting our Siphers for all kinds of activities such as Mercenary Guild, Crafting stations, Bar, Hall of Fame and more!
  • TRADING AT BAZAAR:Along with gameplay, commerce will be at the heart of Sipheria. Players will play various roles in contributing to the in-game economy. Various professions will be planned for non-fighting mechanics where players can become architect, modelers for in-game buildings, materials and equipment.Players can then trade these items on the Bazaar, Sipheria’s dedicated marketplace or any other marketplace of their choice.
  • LAND OWNERSHIP:Control of Land on the newly constructed blocks will be a key goal for all Siphers. Nodes and Tiles will be available for capture by the daring first adventurers to establish the facilities and buildings that will form the backbone of commerce on Sipheria.

There are currently 10,000 Sifferians who are also NFTs and are already actively traded in the marketplace. Through NFT and blockchain technology, gamers, community creators, streamers, guilds, eSports organizations can be awarded for their input into the success of the Sipher gaming and the whole entertainment universe.

5:Sandbox 3D

What Is The Sandbox (SAND)

Sandbox 3D presents SAND, an ERC-20 coin, as the metaverse’s native. You can use this token to buy a wide variety of in-game products when playing Sandbox 3D. All the stunning products are available on the marketplace of the platform. You can earn LAND tokens, Sandbox’s NFT tokens, which are among the highest valuable assets in this game.

you can sell your LAND on The Sandbox’s Marketplace (this is an upcoming feature). Alternatively, you can sell LAND on third-party NFT exchanges such as OpenSea and Rarible. The value of LAND depends on several factors, such as proximity to major partners, if any ASSETs included in the bundle, anything that is built on the LAND and the size of the LAND. Remember that LAND sellers will ideally need to perform some market research, remain competitive and charge a fair price in order to be attractive to potential buyers. (Read More Here)


Splinterlands is a digital, collectible card game built on blockchain technology. It is similar in concept to games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone where you build up a collection of cards, which all have various different stats and abilities, and use them to battle other players in skill-based matches. By using blockchain technology, players can buy, sell, and trade their digital assets freely just as if they were physical cards, and all transactions are recorded publicly and immutably.

Splinterlands makes it easy to earn on a daily basis. Players can win rewards from Tournaments, Ranked play, and Quests! No matter what your skill level or collection size, there is always an opportunity to earn!

Among the many prizes you may win are collectible cards of varying rarity, card packs, magic potions, and Dark Energy Crystals (a tradable, digital currency used to buy items in the shop).

The cards in your collection are compatible with 3rd party marketplace platforms such as Open Sea, PeakMonsters, Monster Market, and elsew here.

  • Combine cards to gain levels
    Convert cards to crypto
    Trade with anyone
    Sell on multiple platforms
    Tent cards to other players


NFT games are not tough to master as they make use of popular gaming genres, with the added combination of blockchain features that are ideal for establishing rarity and uniqueness. With the raging popularity of NFT games, more and more people are starting to realize that it is possible to make a decent profit from these games.


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