100x leverage on bitcoin contracts

⑴How to calculate the leverage of digital currency futures contracts and why is it easy to liquidate?

The leverage of CBOE Bitcoin is 20 times, calculated at the current price, 5320, which can be understood as , you use $5320 to buy 5320*20 times the value, but if you drop 1 point, you will lose $20. Then, 5320 / 20 = 266, down 266 points, that is, to 5054 points, your principal It’s all gone. On Thursday, Bitcoin fell from 7840 to 5765 in one day, a drop of 26.8%, a drop of 2075 points, about 8 times of liquidation, ha, so be aware of risks.

2 How to use Okex Bitcoin’s currency-to-currency leveraged contract? You can also borrow money to “sell” and “buy” to repay the money when it falls to an ideal price to earn “empty” income, which is a very worthwhile operation.

⑶ I want to do contract trading, which platform can do 50x and 100 leverage bitcoin contracts?

The basics of bitcoin contracts
A Bitcoin contract is a contract that can be traded without actually owning Bitcoin. It is very different from currency-to-currency transactions, which must be physically held in digital currency.
Bitcoin contracts allow you to predict Bitcoin price movements and hedge risk. This way of trading means you are investing in price trends, not the asset itself.
When trading Bitcoin contracts, you can decide to go short or long. Choosing to go long indicates that you expect the price of Bitcoin to rise. On the other hand, choosing to go short indicates that you expect the price to fall.
Leveraged trading
You can choose to trade with high leverage, which is a feature of Bitcoin contracts. Using leverage means that you do not have to invest 100% of the transaction amount when trading contracts. Instead, you only need to deposit an initial margin, which is only a fraction of the total contract value.
Leveraged trading allows you to have a large exposure with a small amount of capital while managing risk.
Perpetual Contracts
While there are many different types of contracts, this article focuses on perpetual contracts. As the name suggests, these contracts have no expiration date. Traders who use perpetual contracts to go long or short can hold their positions indefinitely, unless the contract is liquidated, which means they will not lose more than their initial margin.
In perpetual contracts, Bitcoin is priced based on a specific index price. Index prices are based on the average price of Bitcoin across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.
Bitcoin contracts have become a very popular trading tool. Contract trading opens the door for many traditional investors who are not ready to allocate funds to digital assets but still want to benefit from attractive price volatility.
To start Bitcoin contract trading, you need to find an exchange that offers contract trading. The AAX platform, in a compliant and secure environment, provides you with bitcoin contract trading services. AAX contract trading supports 100 times leverage.

⑷ I’m a novice and don’t know how to trade Bitcoin leveraged, who can answer, thank you

Principle of leveraged trading: use small funds to leverage big profits, and vice versa Same thing.
Assuming the price of one bitcoin is $10,000, the number of bitcoins in one contract is one, and the exchange provides 50 times leverage, then the actual occupied capital (margin) for trading one bitcoin is: $200 (10,000 /50).
Of course, leveraged trading has the risk of forced liquidation (different exchanges), if the risk rate is 100% and the leverage is 50 times, assuming a $1,000 account, open a position at a price of $10,000 per piece. When the price rises to (short order) or falls to (long order) 10800 or 9200, the account will also be forced to close the position. At this time, the remaining funds in the account are 200 US dollars (the forced liquidation has a professional term to describe: liquidation. ).
Margin trading is a double-edged sword. If used well, it can maximize the profit of the account; if it is not used well, the account is extremely prone to losses.

⑸ Is there any platform that can support bitcoin contracts with 10x leverage?

Yes, Qqex can, there are 10x, 30x and 50x , I usually play 50 times.

⑹ What does it mean for Bitcoin 10 times leverage margin to be 25%?

Summary Hello, I am very happy To answer for you, 1. Bitcoin 10x means that the investor uses 10 times the leverage of Bitcoin. If the investor makes a profit, the investor’s income is 10 times the original basis. On the contrary, if there is a loss, the loss is also the original basis. 10 times above.

⑺ How many times can a bitcoin contract be made up to?

How many times can a bitcoin contract be made up to? In fact, Bitcoin is explicitly prohibited from trading in my country. Bitcoin is a virtual currency on the Internet. There are many buyers and sellers in the world who are hyping it.�You like to buy bitcoins, and you may go bankrupt.

⑻ A way to not lose money in bitcoin contracts

Any investment risks and benefits coexist. If you don’t want risks, there will be no benefits.

⑼ What is Bitcoin contract trading

Similar to futures contracts, it is a trading method proposed by BitStar.

The leverage of the Bitcoin virtual contract is the stable leverage of the fiat currency income level: investing $100, the income you can get = $100 * Bitcoin’s rise and fall * fixed leverage multiple.

Assuming that the current price is 500USD/BTC, an investor buys 1 BTC at the current price, and the principal is 500USD. At this time, the investor can buy 50 BTC virtual contracts.

At this time, if the BTC price rises to $750, an increase of 50%, the investor’s contract income is 3.3333 BTC, and after selling at the current price, you can get $2,500, and the income is 5 times the principal investment. .

Bitcoin futures offered by bitcoin exchanges are usually traded in bitcoin. Futures are relative to the spot, and the spot is a commodity that can be delivered with one hand and one hand, while futures are not actually “goods”, but an agreement (contract) that promises to deliver “goods” (subject) at a future time – futures contract .

(9) Bitcoin contract 100 times leverage extended reading:

The futures contract is the buyer agrees An agreement in which an asset is received at a specified price after a specified period of time, and a seller agrees to deliver an asset at a specified price after a specified period of time. The price that both parties agree to use in future transactions is called the futures price.

The specified date on which future transactions must be entered into between the parties is called the settlement date or delivery date. The assets that both parties agree to exchange are called “underlyings”. If an investor takes a position in the market by buying a futures contract (that is, agreeing to buy it at a future date), it is called a long position or a long position in futures.

On the contrary, if the investor’s position is to sell a futures contract (that is, to assume the responsibility for the contract to be sold in the future), it is called a short position or a short position on the futures.


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