1475 The mode of the ipfs blockchain browser

A. How to query bsc blockchain in browser

Open the TokenPocket APP, click the token you want to query on the asset page, and enter the transaction record page. Click on the transaction record you need to query to see the transaction details. Click the browser icon below to enter the BSC block browser. The transaction status, sender, receiver, token contract address, transaction fee and other information of the transaction will be displayed on the browser page.
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) can be described as a blockchain parallel to Binance Chain. Unlike Binance Chain, BSC has smart contract functionality and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The design goal here is to maintain the high throughput of the full Binance Chain while introducing smart contracts into its ecosystem.

B. Searchain.io What is the use of this blockchain browser

At the current stage, most of the searchchain.io blockchain browser is applied to the 24-hour ranking of virtual currencies As well as the address of the transaction, there is a section dedicated to the application ecology of the blockchain, which is very useful for those who are keen to speculate on coins and are interested in the future of the blockchain

C. Block Which company is more reliable for chain browser development

The premise of blockchain browser development is that your blockchain project has been developed, and browser development is only incidental. Take Bitcoin as an example, there is open source code on github.

D. What are the ipfs authorized companies in China

Learn more about ipfs miner information V ipfsxm07, there is no such thing as an ipfs authorized company, the ipfs code is open source , ipfs uses the filecoin incentive mechanism to encourage more people to share their hard disk resources. Any individual or company with technical strength can join ipfs, and companies or individuals participating in ipfs mining are part of the IPFS network.

So there is no ipfs China authorized company, these are usually ipfs miners under the guise of the official ipfs banner, in order to attract investors’ attention and gain trust, so our investors must carefully screen such companies.

There are many ipfs mining machine companies on the market. From the launch of the ipfs mainnet to the present, various mining companies continue to appear, but with the development of ipfs , Many ipfs companies are gone, and only a few powerful ipfs mining machine companies remain. Now the ipfs mining machine companies on the market can be summed up into three types: technology, capital, and sales.

ipfs mining machine company ranking, according to the data on the blockchain browser, we can see the ipfs miner’s storage pool ranking, node effective computing power ranking, 24-hour block number ranking, computing power Growth rate ranking, etc., the strength of ipfs miners has a certain relationship with nodes, number of blocks and computing power, in addition to understanding the ranking of ipfs miners.

There are still many conditions that our investors need to pay attention to when choosing a company, such as miner background, popularity, technology, certificate, environment, etc. Generally, the top ten miners are all within our scope of consideration. are all noteworthy.

E. How about the performance of the distributed file system ipfs

This is the IPFS application ecological map. Every industry is deploying IPFS.

• IPFS is a protocol that defines a file transfer protocol based on content addressing, and combines ideas from Kademlia, BitTorrent, Git, etc. to coordinate content transfer. Under this network protocol, the basis for accessing files or data is a string of unique hash values ​​that match the file.

• IPFS is a file system with folders, files, and a mountable file system based on FUSE. Although files are retrieved under this protocol by hash value rather than IP, specific files are still stored in a file system based on a tree-like hierarchical folder system.

• IPFS is that Internet files can be accessed through HTTP gateways, such as https://ipfs.io; browsers use ipfs:// domains through extensions or directly using blockchain browsers; haha Hi-Addressing guarantees the authenticity of the content.

• IPFS is P2P (peer-to-peer communication) that supports worldwide peer-to-peer file transfers, with a fully decentralized architecture and no central point of failure. End-to-end direct transmission across all intermediate nodes.

• IPFS is a CDN that adds a file to the local repository, immediately available to the world, and has cache-friendly content hash addresses and BitTorrent-like bandwidth distribution. Accessing files on this network is as fast and convenient as accessing local files.

• IPFS is a cloud service based on a distributed storage structure that aggregates the storage capabilities of all nodes for storage and retrieval needs.

F. Why is there no centralized exchange for the deposit address in the blockchain browser?

The currency is originally controlled by them. As long as they want to run, they will be completely can run.
The coins should be transferred to their cold wallet, for security.
It is recommended to choose a reputable large exchange with low risk of running away.

G. How much does an IPFS mining machine cost? How much is a day’s profit from mining?

IPFS mining machine investment still needs to be carefully understood to make a choice. Filecoin blockchain browser can refer to it.
But we still have to understand, not just by looking at the rankings. It is best to choose some mining machine vendors who will sell mining machines after June 2020, without the upfront burden.

H. How to do a blockchain-based browser development solution

The blockchain browser is the main window for browsing blockchain information, and the content recorded in each block can be viewed from the blockchain browser. Usually digital asset users will use the blockchain browser to query the transaction information recorded in the block. Like the blockchain browser solution developed by Yingtang Zhongchuang, the main function is that it records the confirmation process of each block and the generation and distribution process of digital currency in detail, and completely records the transaction between each block. The circulation of digital currency, thus more complete and open disclosure of digital currency stock, increment, turnover rate and other information, the only thing hidden is the owner behind each block.

I. What is the difference between IPFS and blockchain What is Lava?

Blockchain is a new application of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, etc. model.

IPFS is a new hypermedia transmission protocol based on content addressing, distributed, peer-to-peer.

From the above description, the two have many similar characteristics. However, IPFS is not a blockchain project, and it does not issue coins, so it cannot realize the circulation of value without third-party trust.

IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System), the Inter-Planetary File System, is a Http’s hypermedia transmission protocol, which integrates P2P network technology, BitTorrent transmission technology, Git version control, self-certifying file system and other technologies, is a new generation communication protocol that benchmarks against Http.

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network and the incentive layer of IPFS. Filecoin proposes an incentive mechanism, that is, using storage proofs to mine, in order to reward storage miners for providing better quality storage services, and at the same time, in the retrieval market, miners with better network or better response performance are encouraged to obtain rewards.

IPFS China community focuses vertically on the IPFS field, strives to provide objective, third-party IPFS, Filecoin, mining and other latest information, jointly promote the development of IPFS-related applications, and build a good IPFS ecosystem.

The operation of the Lava blockchain is based on Lava-Firestone, a consensus mechanism based on Proof of Capacity (PoC). Lava blockchain condenses strong consensus value from global storage space and becomes a trust infrastructure for distributed social collaboration. But Lava doesn’t stop there: Benefiting from the increasingly mature cross-chain communication technology and the growing scale of content-addressable distributed storage networks, Lava can realize the return of trust value to decentralized storage applications that can realize social value.


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