2013 Bitcoin mining disaster

A. Bitcoin mining is in trouble, why doesn’t the graphics card price decrease?

After the bitcoin mining is difficult, first of all, the miner owners need to withdraw the graphics card before they can buy it, but At present, the increase of Bitcoin is still in an unstable stage, and the miners are still waiting for the opportunity. When the real mining disaster occurs, we can buy high-quality and cheap graphics cards!

B. When is the Bitcoin mining accident expected to arrive?

This is hard to predict, but some places in China have begun to publish articles prohibiting mining, and in addition The number of bitcoins that have been mined is increasing, and the remaining number is getting smaller and smaller, and as the price of bitcoin rises, many people begin to pour into the mining industry, and the difficulty of mining will increase day by day. Anyway, The difficulty will get bigger and bigger, and it is hard to say about the mine disaster.

C. What happened to the Bitcoin mining disaster

No one has done this anymore. In the early days, some people got rich because of it, and the later ones were all ghosts.

D. Bitcoin “mining disaster”, why does the country want to virtual currency

Mainly because of the characteristics of virtual currency itself: decentralization, free trade.
Therefore, the virtual currency itself is not regulated and cannot guarantee that all transactions are used for legal channels; this has resulted in illegal use by others for other purposes.
At the same time, there are certain risks in virtual currency, so for a comprehensive reason, there is always the “mining disaster” of Bitcoin.

E. What is the meaning of Bitcoin mining accident

Mining accident refers to an accident that occurs during the mining process, usually causing great danger of casualties. At least several thousand people died in the mine disaster. Common mine disasters include: gas explosion, coal dust explosion, gas outburst, flooding accident, mine fire, roof collapse, etc. In 2003, China produced about 35% of the world’s coal, but accounted for about 80% of the deaths in coal mine accidents, making it a major country in mining disasters.

China is a large coal-producing country, a country that relies heavily on coal energy, and a country with major mining disasters. Man-made reasons such as illegal mining of coal mines, production errors, equipment aging and failure are the main reasons for the mine disaster. Various mining accidents show that solving these problems requires unified coordination of departments at all levels. Only by continuously strengthening the management of mining can we effectively reduce the occurrence of mining accidents.

The phenomenon that gas is mixed with air, oxidizes rapidly at high temperature, and generates shock wave, which is a serious disaster in coal mine production. In 1675, a large-scale gas explosion occurred in the Mostyn mine in the United Kingdom. Since then, major coal mining countries have experienced many major gas or gas and coal dust explosion accidents. On April 26, 1942, a gas and coal dust explosion occurred at the Benxi Coal Mine in China, occupied by Japan, killing 1,528 people and injuring 268 people on the spot, making it the largest coal mine explosion in the world. With the development of coal mine production technology and the improvement of gas prevention and control measures, such accidents have gradually decreased.

The ignition sources of gas explosions in China’s coal mines are mainly electric sparks and blasting, and the main location is the mining face. The instantaneous temperature of a coal mine gas explosion can reach 1850-2650 °C, and the pressure can reach 9 times the initial pressure. The gas near the explosion source impacts outward at a speed of hundreds of meters per second, causing casualties and damage to roadways and equipment. After the explosion, the oxygen concentration is reduced, and a large amount of CO2 and CO are generated, which has the danger of suffocation and poisoning.

F. Bitcoin “mining disaster”, why the country should take action against virtual currency

Bitcoin “mining disaster” problem, mainly from the nature of virtual currency .

Virtual currency, in essence, is a string of computer codes that people give it meanings that can be used for transactions.
For virtual currency, whether it is Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, etc., it is basically a system developed by a private team, and then the currency is determined according to the defined concept , enter the market circulation transactions.
However, there are certain risks in this virtual currency; but basically no one provides guarantees for it. Therefore, to a certain extent, the sale of virtual currency is also a means of supervising the investment market.

G. What does the “mining accident” mean now has anything to do with bitcoin and graphics cards?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, because of its unique The way of production makes it worth a high investment price. In the face of the recent news that Bitcoin China will be shut down, the global Bitcoin price has plummeted again and again, so what should Bitcoin do after the Bitcoin mining disaster? The following will explain the relevant content to you.

Bitcoin China will be shut down

On the evening of September 13, the China Internet Finance Association issued a risk warning saying that various so-called “currency” trading platforms are not legally established in my country basis. He also said that so-called “virtual currencies” such as bitcoin have increasingly become a source of money laundering, drug trafficking, smuggling, and illegal fundraising.�� tools for illegal and criminal activities, investors should remain vigilant and report any clues to illegal and criminal activities immediately.

Recently, local regulators have stepped up their investigations into bitcoin and other virtual currency trading platforms. On September 14, the reporter learned exclusively from a supervisor close to the local Internet Finance Rectification Office that the supervision has come to a conclusion on the domestic bitcoin trading platform: “All shut down and withdraw from the market in the near future.”

China Bitcoin trading will be shut down

Although the Bitcoin trading platform may go abroad, the news that Bitcoin China will shut down has also seriously caused the Bitcoin price to plummet. As of September 14, major virtual The currency plummeted. As of 9:00 p.m. on the 14th, Bitcoin China data showed that Bitcoin fell by about 20% that day, falling below 20,000 yuan, and both Litecoin and Ethereum fell by more than 30% on the day.

Many investors believe that Bitcoin China will be shut down, which is a good opportunity for Bitcoin to buy the bottom, but I suggest you not to invest lightly, because the Chinese market is an important part of Bitcoin trading, less In the Chinese market, the changes of Bitcoin are still unknown.

H. When is the Bitcoin mining disaster?

You should be talking about the Bitcoin mining difficulty. The picture below is October 20, 2015. The basic information of the whole currency network:

I. How to view this bitcoin “mining disaster”

Bitcoin is nonsense, no With the support of state credit and without the protection of state force, why does it exist? By love between people? A bunch of floor scrubbers, I really don’t understand that this can also be washed? To be honest, I’ve never seen anything bought with bitcoin, and if you’re willing to trade your hard-earned money for bitcoin, you’re an idiot. Which Bitcoin player dares to say that he is not speculating for appreciation? Would you buy it without appreciation? They are all ordinary people, let alone money laundering. Work hard and be a serious person, the general secretary said that there will be no pie in the sky, and you still think about making a fortune overnight? There are still people who are desperately washing, yes, Bitcoin is unfathomable, yes, I am ignorant, I am naive. Those who pretend to be asleep never wake up. In particular, some people have been instigating and suggesting that others will exchange RMB for Bitcoin, but they do not buy it themselves, and some want to quickly exchange RMB. This kind of person is scum and bad.

J. Bitcoin Mining Difficulty, What is a Bitcoin Mining Difficulty

What is of interest to most traders and speculators It is always something that can be turned into money immediately, and Bitcoin is one of them. The professionalism of asic chips has led to the market separation of Bitcoin mining and other altcoin mining.
When the vast majority of graphics card mining machines and CPU mining machines have a mining accident, the bitcoins mined with asic mining machines will not be affected. As the first big guy in virtual goods, he has become the currency circle. There is a deep-rooted belief in it, and the total amount of 21 million also determines the transaction type and value-added of Bitcoin.
Although Bitcoin has begun to be recognized by most people now, it has not been able to truly replace the world’s currency to complete its original purpose, but it has become a collectible beyond gold, the inflation of currency, the reduction of the total amount of mines , coupled with the increased difficulty of mining, all determine its future market prospects, and the value-added is already a certainty, so people will squeeze their heads to mine, because the bitcoins dug are actually collectibles that are worth more than gold


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