2018 Nanjing Blockchain Theme Exhibition

1. Where and when is the World Blockchain Conference held?

WBC is the abbreviation of WORLD BLOCKCHAIN ​​CONFERENCE, which is the first World Blockchain Conference.
It is a semi-annual world blockchain industry event advocated and carried out by the World Blockchain Association,
Location: Macau, China,
Time: April 22, 2018 To 24 days, a period of 3 days
This is the information I saw on the official website, I hope it will help you.

2. Where is the first blockchain application achievement experience exhibition held

GBS Global Blockchain Summit Forum and the first blockchain application achievement experience exhibition on the evening of June 24, 2018 It ended in Manila, Philippines.

More than 100 media around the world reported the summit, and broadcast live broadcasts to over hundreds of millions of audiences in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States through video, internet, graphics and other means.

Content source Chinanews.com

3. Will the blockchain industry decline in 2019?

Although the currency circle is in a bear market now, But blockchain is not useless without cryptocurrencies.
The blockchain industry has developed very rapidly in recent years. More and more blockchain technology has appeared in front of people. More and more blockchain applications have landed, blockchain electronic invoices, blockchain Traceability, blockchain finance, etc., talents in the blockchain industry are also very scarce. Many colleges and universities in my country have opened blockchain courses to deliver talents for the blockchain industry.
The development of a new technology will inevitably encounter setbacks, and the blockchain industry will develop even stronger in the future.

4. Which company is hosting the 2018 Blockchain Conference

Yes, that’s right, it’s the mining chain network

5. 2018 Blockchain How to participate in the New Economy Hangzhou Summit

For the G20 mechanism, the Hangzhou Summit is a transition from crisis response to long-term governance. The mechanism of the G20 Leaders’ Summit originally emerged due to the urgent need to deal with the crisis, and the mission of achieving sustainable development in 2030 requires the G20 to shift to long-term governance. This year, the G20 has further improved its governance structure and established more ministerial-level meeting mechanisms to strengthen its long-term governance capabilities. In order to achieve global development, the G20 Hangzhou Summit also invited the ASEAN presidency, the African Union presidency, the NEPAD presidency and the G77 presidency to participate in the meeting, which better reflects the theme of “inclusiveness”.
At present, all countries are in a community with a shared future for mankind, where “you have me, I have you”, and it is impossible for any country to get out of the economic crisis and achieve sustainable development alone. Common prosperity can only be achieved through inclusiveness.

6. Which companies are related to the blockchain hype?

A number of listed companies are eager to clarify the blockchain hype

In the past week, Blockchain concept stocks have set off a wave of hype in the A-share market. Individual stocks have risen continuously, and dozens of listed companies have issued announcements, some of which have clarified related businesses, while others have intentionally or unintentionally “rubbed” the concept of blockchain. .

In addition, dozens of companies, including Akcome Technology, Donggang Co., Ltd., Shenzhou Taiyue, Hailian Jinhui, and Bosi Software, have also issued announcements. Wind statistics show that since the beginning of this year, the cumulative increase of Wind blockchain concept index has exceeded 15.89%. In overseas markets, stocks involving the concept of blockchain skyrocketed overnight. On January 4th, China Concept Stock China Network Online announced that it will carry out the application of blockchain technology. The stock soared 698% overnight. Taking 2018 as the interval statistics, the cumulative increase of the stock has reached 340.37% in just nine trading days.

It is reported that although the industry generally recognizes the potential of blockchain technology, as far as many A-share listed companies are concerned, it is still at a relatively preliminary level. Regarding the market’s hype on the concept of blockchain, in the past week, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has sent inquiry letters to Shangying Global and Youjiu Games, requesting them to disclose the research progress, commercial application scenarios and profit models of blockchain technology, and the Combined with the current maturity of blockchain technology marketization and commercialization, investors are fully reminded of risks.

7. How about Nanjing Zhongcheng Blockchain Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Zhongcheng Blockchain Research Institute Co., Ltd. was registered in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province on 2018-07-17 The established limited liability company (invested or controlled by a natural person) with its registered address at Room 1101, 7th Floor, Building A1, Huizhi Science and Technology Park, No. 8 Hengtai Road, Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone.

The unified social credit code/registration number of Nanjing Zhongcheng Blockchain Research Institute Co., Ltd. is 91320192MA1WWQT40W, the corporate legal person is Wang Yang, and the company is currently in business.

Nanjing Zhongcheng Blockchain Research Institute Co., Ltd., within the scope of this province, the current registered capital of enterprises is general.

Check out Nanjing Zhongcheng Blockchain Research Institute Co., Ltd. for more information and information through Internet Enterprise Credit.

8. Where is the “2018 Global Media Blockchain Summit”?��Held

On the 19th, 2018, the “Global Media Blockchain Summit” was held in the Financial Hall of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The summit gathered more than 100 media and dozens of top industry experts from around the world. At the meeting, everyone witnessed the establishment of the Global Media Blockchain Alliance (BIMG) and the release of the “BIMG Hong Kong Initiative”, and conducted in-depth discussions on the development prospects of the blockchain, industry trends and other topics.

Professor Yu Guoming, member of the Journalism and Communication Discipline Evaluation Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council and Executive Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication of Beijing Normal University, delivered a speech at the “2018 Global Media Blockchain Summit” For the keynote speech on “The Value of Mainstream Media in the Technological Tide”

Yu Guoming said: “For the entire social communication in China and other major countries and regions in the world, including the construction process of blockchain In terms of the communication ecology in the process of development and evolution, the value of traditional mainstream media should also be indispensable. Although its share has really declined worrisomely, such responsibility and value Responsibility should be said to be very important.”

Yu Guoming further pointed out that the traditional mainstream media’s professional adherence, social status granting function and local advantages are its huge advantages. At the same time, with the development of society and Internet technology, blockchain is not only a technology, but also a way of reorganizing society to a greater extent. Yu Guoming said: “In Marx’s words a hundred years ago, it is a technological form based on a new Internet technology such as the ‘Freedom of Free People’. To a large extent, it is a new technology after the Internet technology activates individuals. A new form of upgrading and upgrading of social evolution. Such a new form requires mainstream media to play an important role in it, because in the development of a new social evolution such as blockchain, it is reflected in a system science The so-called emergent evolution, that is to say, the micro-power and micro-value released by Internet technology, a qualitative change in the development process and direction, is a qualitative turning point in social development, field development, industrial development and market development. .”

Under the witness of all the guests, the Global Media Blockchain Alliance (BIMG) was officially established at the meeting. Ding Laibin, secretary general of the alliance, pointed out in his speech that the blockchain really uses a mechanism to let people see some changes that may occur in the future, and these changes may subvert the current state and make a great leap in social efficiency. In this process, the function of the media cannot be absent. It should play a supervisory role and exert a strong supervisory role of the media and public opinion, so that investors can distinguish right from wrong.

Ding Laibin said: “The media is the public knowledge and conscience of the society, and it is the supervisor of the development of the industry. If we want to do a good job in this role, we must be close to the game and stand where we can hear the sound of cannons. If there was still a little distance between traditional media and blockchain in the past, let us eliminate this distance with today’s summit. Any company listing is not the end, but the starting point, and the same is true for many blockchain projects, starting from the beginning Development also requires a lot of disclosure and planning, so that the company can be presented to all the public and investors without reservation, and it must be open and transparent, with a beginning and an end, only in this way can the industry grow healthier and faster.”

In the “BIMG Hong Kong Initiative” released at the event, Ding Laibin called on the media to join hands and work together to create a fair and just, rule of law, integrity, vibrant, harmonious and orderly industry public opinion environment; In the information dissemination in the chain field, it is open and inclusive, disseminates advanced, encourages ecological innovation, and continuously provides high-quality, high-style and high-quality information and services.

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9. 2018 is the first year of blockchain, so what is blockchain in 2019

2019 is The First Year of Blockchain Breaking Financial Monopolies
Industries from cable companies to retail businesses are fighting to keep what they consider to be their most prized possession: a monopoly. Conventional wisdom says, “If you control the entrance and the channel, the consumer has little choice.”
However, we’re seeing companies like Netflix and Amazon break the mold to provide our Life offers more choices. Likewise, some of the largest financial institutions are facing serious challenges in the digital currency and finance space.
Decentralized business and demand is expected to rise in 2019, which I think will provide more opportunities for already successful blockchain companies. At the same time, but this opportunity also means risk. If, as in 2018, blockchain company founders or entrepreneurs promise too much, and the project is suspected of exaggerating, they may be discredited and lose their first-mover advantage.
Asia is one step ahead
For decades, the world’s largest financial institutionControls the vast majority of the financial system in the global economy.
However, blockchain companies are already starting to level the playing field with access to banking and real-time payments. In 2019, the blockchain industry will enter the field of securities, loans and other derivative financial products in addition to financial payments. Companies like Securitize*, Dharma, Dydx, Compound Finance and The Ocean are all working towards Decentralized Finance.
In the past few years, mobile application companies such as RAP, Gojek and Paytm have been expanding their business with products such as payments, investments, remittances, loans and insurance. As many Asian economies move from cash to digital, they are rapidly attracting users from neobanks.
Asian regulators have provided clearer guidelines for blockchain and digital currency projects, citing their belief that blockchain is a catalyst for economic growth and has the potential to be a sunrise industry in the future.
In addition, more than 80% of the digital currency currency trading volume comes from Asia, so digital currency investors are very eager to build a reliable infrastructure. If Grab, Gojek and Paytm can benefit from digital currency investors, they will start to support blockchain more strongly, providing a better experience for payments, loans and other derivative financial products.
Return to Original Mind
Over the past few years, the digital currency industry has strayed from the original financial vision, and this is well illustrated in Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper. Just like the boom and bust of the Internet, almost every conceivable real-world case, such as a logistics chain that tracks the freshness of flowers, is using the buzzword blockchain to grab attention.
However, just like the early Internet, real-world examples must match the stage of development of the technology.
For example, Netflix couldn’t have successfully streamed TV in 2000, when less than 1% of the population used broadband. Over the past few years, it has become increasingly clear that payments are a real-world example of blockchain adoption now at scale.
In 2019, blockchain companies will build on this foundation and use smart contract platforms to rapidly develop in decentralized financial applications such as loans and insurance products.
I always find that the best applications happen in specific market segments. As long as blockchain companies can focus on products that solve specific problems, then we will see more competitive products. , innovative blockchain company.
And that’s a good thing for the industry as a whole.


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