470 graphics card for mining

⑴How much ether can a 470 graphics card mine a day

You think too much, graphics card mining is calculated based on computing power and cost. In theory, you can earn as much as you can in a day. A card needs to be calculated on a daily or even monthly basis to mine one coin. If you don’t understand, don’t play it. This is not something that ordinary people can play. Power outages during thunderstorms in summer are also affected.

2 What digital currency can a 470 graphics card 4G dig in?

Don’t think about digging Bitcoin is over. The mining farms that appeared in 2010 are now outdated. You are thinking about using ordinary computers to dig pits, and you can’t even earn electricity bills.

⑶ How about the Sapphire RX470/560 mining graphics card

It is estimated that a single card can be mined every eight or nine months.

⑷ Which mining graphics card is the most cost-effective

The graphics card market in 2017 is the most special in the past few years. In the past few years, no graphics card will increase its price by 100% after a few months of release. The RX 580 did it, together with all 3000 yuan The graphics cards below broke through the premium point with an unstoppable stance, and it all happened with Bitcoin breaking through $3,000. After miners swept the 2000 yuan RX 580, the low-end RX 560 and even the GTX 1050 Ti have experienced price increases to varying degrees. However, is the price directly proportional to the Hash algorithm capability? We recently did a test to collect the new generation of graphics cards at various price points on the market to test the mining speed of Ethereum and Bitcoin to see which card is cost-effective. Highest.

Different from the thousand-dollar market, this wave of mining has begun to have a great impact on high-end graphics cards. In the test results, RX 580 and RX 480 have almost touched GTX 1070 Not to mention that the price of RX 580 is even comparable to that of GTX 1070, so the miners directly swept the market of 3,000 yuan when GTX 1060 3GB/6GB was out of stock, and GTX 1070 was basically out of stock. The higher-end GTX 1080 is also seriously out of stock, but it is not clear whether players are forced to go to high-end cards in a hurry or whether miners are reaching out to this market. Only the card-level GTX 1080 Ti has improved slightly, but it’s not much better, but the 6,000 yuan graphics card is not something everyone can afford. Only the top players are affected, but the choice is only narrowed. , not the kind that money can’t buy.


To mine, the first choice is a graphics card with more than 3GB of video memory, which is the foundation. In addition, the frequency of the core will affect the mining speed. We have two GTX 1080s on hand, one is the public version, and the other is the MSI GTX 1080 GAMING X. The operating frequencies of the two cards are 1885MHz and 1936MHz respectively. After testing Because of the frequency, the actual mining will be about 4% faster than the former, and the advantages of high-frequency graphics cards are highlighted.

So the opinions and suggestions are:

Low-end cards and cards with old architecture are not suitable for mining · GTX 1080 Ti is an extreme, with the most powerful performance, but The price is not suitable for large-scale purchase. The mining speed of the A card with the same positioning is much stronger than that of the N card, but the magnitude is not as large as that of the previous two generations. The price/performance ratio of the GTX 1060 3GB version is higher than that of the GTX 1060 6GB. Frequency and stream processor/CUDA quantity It has a great impact on the performance of the mining card. The size of the video memory has no effect on mining. It is enough. Different graphics cards will have different benefits for mining different coins. If you want to discuss in depth, you need to test several currencies. Select two representative currencies to test

As long as the mining accident does not occur, the shortage will definitely last for a long time, but if there is a mining accident, a large number of second-hand mining cards will directly flow into the market. It is always running at full load and at full speed, and its life is greatly shortened compared to the cards used by ordinary users. Even if the price is lower, it will roll over at any time, so there is no need to start. Moreover, the second-hand market will be directly disrupted. At that time, it will become difficult for some normal users to sell second-hand products. This will also happen when the Dragon Slayer of Deepwater Fish smashes the galaxy. Now it is said that NVIDIA is working on some graphics cards without display output interface as mining cards for miners. The production capacity is certain. If the mining card still cannot satisfy the miners, will the miners not buy the graphics card in the consumer market? It’s just that the miners prefer special mining cards, and they will be out of stock. The only function of these special mining cards is to prevent mining cards from flowing into the second-hand market, which will definitely not alleviate the current shortage of graphics cards.

⑸ RX 470 is really the first choice at the moment. What does graphics card mining mean?

Mining uses a lot of GPU resources to calculate and obtain Bitcoin, which requires graphics cards with high energy consumption. This saves electricity and is cost-effective

⑹ What graphics card is generally used for mining machines?

It is usually AMD graphics card, which has many stream processors and fast mining. Without X), now the value-for-money new card mining should be 470D, open 470, the cost performance and cost-effectiveness ratio of thousands of dollars are more outstanding.

⑺ What determines the performance of graphics card mining? Why are many people using GTX1060 and R now?X470 mining instead of better performance

Mining depends on the single-precision computing performance of the graphics card, but also consider the cost, 1080Ti graphics card may not be enough for mining and your electricity bill

⑻ The mining computing power of the rx470 graphics card is 21.5mh/s, so how much is the computing power in one day?

The graphics card cannot mine bitcoins now. Your computing power is the computing power of Ethereum. The calculation method is not right.

⑼ The mining computing power of the rx470 graphics card is 21.5mh/s, so how much T is converted into a day’s computing power.

The graphics card cannot mine bitcoins now. Your computing power is the computing power of Ethereum. The calculation method is not right.

⑽ How long can RX470 and 480 graphics cards mine Ethereum? 360GFLOPS, in fact, these two cards are not easy to use for mining, the double precision of 280x is 3 times this, about 1000GFLOPS.


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