⑴How to see the latest actions of South Korea and Japan on Bitcoin

Consultation can be exchanged at South Korean prices, safe and efficient

2 How to configure a computer (for detailed explanation)

1. Determine whether the CPU is INTEL or AMD.

2. Use a suitable motherboard to match, that is, choose which north bridge chip, such as INTEL’s 915,

945, 965. AMD’s NF550, 570.

3. Graphics card, internal size, hard disk, CD-ROM, speakers, keyboard, mouse, these don’t matter much, if you want to match

Buy the mainstream one. Better to choose a better brand.

⑶ Model of Jianghu-class guided missile frigate

Model: 053H
Displacement: standard 1425 tons, full load 1661.5 tons
Main scale: long 103.2 meters, 10.8 meters wide, 3.19 meters draft
Power: Two 12PA68TC diesel engines, each with a power of 8000 horsepower
Speed: 26 knots
Maximum range: 7200km
Organization: 190 Human
Weapon: 2 double-mounted “Upstream”-1 (SY-1) anti-ship missiles, with a range of 90 kilometers (no reloading function)
2 single-barrel 100 mm guns, with a range of 16 kilometers , firing height of 9.5 kilometers, 15 rounds per minute, semi-automatic
6 double-mounted 37mm guns (Type 61), effective range of 3-5 kilometers
2 250mm 5-tube anti-submarine rocket launchers (Type 65), with a range of 1200 meters
The stern is equipped with 4 deep projectile launchers (Type 64) and two deep projectile launchers
Radar: Eyecup (354) Sea/Low Altitude Warning Radar 1 Block
Fangjie (352) missile guidance radar 1 block 2 combined ship-to-ship missiles, 2 100mm main guns, 4 37mm twin anti-aircraft guns, 2 FQF-2500 five-unit anti-submarine rocket launchers, 4 BMB-2 depth bomb launchers, 324mm triple mounts 1 anti-submarine torpedo launcher, 2 HY-2 dual-mounted ship-to-ship missiles, 2 100mm dual main guns, 4 37mm dual anti-aircraft guns, 2 FQF-2500 five-unit anti-submarine rocket launchers, BMB -2 4 deep bomb launchers and 1 324mm triple anti-submarine torpedo launcher. Hull numbers 533, 534, 543.
Model: 053H1
Displacement: standard 1565 tons, full load 1960 tons Main dimensions: 103.22 meters long, 10.8 meters wide, 3.05 meters draft Power: 2 sets of 12E390VA medium-speed diesel engines, power 2 × 8000 horsepower 4 Set of 16PA6V280BTC diesel generator set, double propellers and double rudders Speed: 25.5 knots Endurance: 4000 nautical miles / 18 knots, self-sustaining 15 Day and night range: 7200 kilometers Organization: 200 people (including 30 officers) Weapons: 2 double-mounted SY- 1A ship-to-ship missiles, 2 Type 79 (Type 712) 100mm dual semi-automatic naval guns, 4 Type 76 (Type 715) 37mm dual semi-automatic naval guns, 2 Type 81 1200 rocket-type deep bomb 5-tube launchers (prepared for 40 ammunition) 1) 4 Type 64 large depth bomb launchers, 2 depth bomb release racks, 2 mine-laying tracks (maximum carrying capacity of 24 mines), including 2 JY-1 (C801) quadruple-mounted ship-to-ship missiles, 100mm dual main 2 guns, 4 37mm twin anti-aircraft guns, 2 FQF-2500 five-barrel anti-submarine rocket launchers, 4 BMB-2 deep bomb launchers, 1 324mm triple anti-submarine torpedo launcher, HY-2 triple 1 ship-to-ship missile, compact flat-height dual-purpose 100mm main gun, 4 37mm twin anti-aircraft guns, 2 FQF-2500 five-joint anti-submarine rocket launchers, 4 BMB-2 deep bomb launchers, 324mm One triple anti-submarine torpedo launcher and one Z-9A anti-submarine helicopter. Parameters
Model: 053H1G
Displacement: standard 1674 tons, full load 1924 tons
Main dimensions: length 103.2 meters, width 10.8 meters, draft 3.19 meters
Power: total power of 2 diesel engines More than 20,000 horsepower
Speed: 30 knots
Range: 7200 kilometers
Organization: 190 people
Weapons: 1 double-mounted “Upstream”-1 anti-ship missile, with a range of 90 kilometers .
1 T100C compact 100mm single-barreled automatic naval gun from the French company Clerso-Roir
4 type 76 double 37 naval guns, with an effective range of 3-5 kilometers, and a single firing rate of 480 rounds /min, muzzle velocity 860 m/s.
2 B515 324mm anti-submarine torpedo triple launchers (carrying 24 A244/S light anti-submarine torpedoes)
2 5-tube anti-submarine rocket launchers
BMB-2 deep bomb launcher 4 Helicopter: 1 Z-9A anti-submarine type, which can carry Yu-7K 324mm light anti-submarine torpedoes and Eagle-7K (C701K) light anti-ship missiles.

⑷ I want to assemble a computer, but I don’t know it myself. The following is the configuration given by the merchant according to my requirements. Please help me to see if you know how to do it.

I said that as long as the merchant gave you the configuration, don’t think about it. The most annoying thing about the set configuration is: independent display: 1G, if it is within my expectation, he will give you a low-end graphics card with an actual display size of 256MBTC to 1G. According to my configuration, I guarantee you within this price There is no better performance than mine.
AMD640 Athlon X4 clocked at 3.0Ghz 720$ (including 6 cores, and AMD1055T performance after opening)
Motherboard Colorful 870 Tomahawk 400$
Graphics card MSI R6750(512MB D5) 550$
Memory Yuzhan DDR3(1333MHZ) 4GB150$
Hard Disk Western Digital 500GB 7200 RPM Blue Disk 270$
Power Buffalo Beijing Niu Version Rated 350W 160$
Chassis 90$ Optional
Total 2340$
The money left on the monitor is enough for you to buy a 22-inch one on Taobao..

⑸ Urgently asking for the PSP Bright Blade additional content password! ! ! I downloaded the Sinicization v2 version of Blade of Light! ! ! The password for inputting the additional content on the Internet is always wrong.

I suggest you use the cheat to open it directly. Since it is the V2 version, the password written on the Internet is definitely correct. Just be careful and be careful


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