5 Best Music Nft Projects 【2022】

Maybe you are also tired of the different shapes of “JPG-style NFT”, even if they have different stories, various types of categories, but our aesthetic will always be tired, right? Besides, who said that NFT could only be displayed in the form of pictures? Maybe music should also have a place here.

To help you understand this new track, music-based NFT, we have experienced more than ten products and finally selected four projects. They are platform types, but also the type of creative aggregation, a more comprehensive display of the current development of this track.


SoundMint’s NFT is a series of unique musical works. These musical works have different acoustic characteristics, which are then combined algorithmically into musical loops and then mapped to unique visual artworks, each of which is a visual asset composed of all different components. This is certainly a new form of art, and SoundMint is re-imagining the way music is created.

In the future, NFT holders will have the freedom to create. After purchasing their favorite pieces of musical art, they can deconstruct the components of each piece and reassemble them into new artworks, an act that will change the rarity properties of NFTs by night. In the process, a collaboration between musicians, visual artists, and NFT investors is reached that redefines the experience of music as an immersive virtual world experience with infinite possibilities.

How was this accomplished?

Unlike projects such as BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club), SoundMint will create characters or images with interchangeable features (e.g., different eyes, body types, or color backgrounds). These visual features will be mapped to specific musical components such as drums, bass, chords, vocals, percussion, etc.

Following the submission of a musical work, the work moves into a “liminal space,” where it is algorithmically combined with visual attributes to make a new piece of art that is both musical and visual at once.

Project Highlights

A new medium for the production of art music.

A first-of-its-kind form of combining visual and musical art.

-Discovering and encouraging more musical artists

Redefining production and distributing ownership.

Simplifying the creation and distribution process.

NFT Genesis Events

The first phase of SoundMint’s offering was a collaboration between renowned EDM artist KLOUD and visual artist Alex Hooker. The campaign offers buyers 5,000 unique NFTs, including a variety of musical pieces, each associated with visual art in a different way. This is just one of the things SoundMint is going to do in the future. They’re going to start a decentralized financial system and governance structure called SoundMint DAO, which will let NFT holders and project partners work together with musicians on future artworks.


What is Sound.xyz?

Sound.xyz was founded to address two major problems in the music industry: (1) the vast majority of songs have absolutely no fan base, with 90% of streams going to the top 1% of artists; and (2) artists only earn a pittance from their songs, making it difficult for even talented artists to make ends meet. They believe that music is more valuable than the current paradigm.

Sound.xyz is helping the next generation of artists and their communities. Artists can launch new song releases and listening parties through a limited edition NFT, allowing them to connect more with their fans and also allowing them to generate more income from their art. Fans, in turn, can support their favorite artists by commenting on songs and interacting with the artists and other fans.

How it works

1. Listening parties: artists release their work as NFTs, each with a unique number that not only reflects the listener’s right to listen to this work, but also demonstrates their early or late support for the artist. (As with rarity in avatar NFTs, the time point of support for the artist represented by different numbers is also an attribute worth remembering and investing in.)

2. Public comments: listeners who own Sound NFTs can comment on the songs, and after selling the NFTs, the comments disappear and are replaced by comments from the new holders. This direct interaction between fans and artists is also a secondary creation of artwork (as many people like to use NetEase cloud music because of its unique comment section culture, and even derived from the subculture of “net inhibition cloud”).

3. Private community: in addition to the right to listen to the song and have your comments etched into its history, Sound NFT is also a pass for listeners to enter the Sound Discord community.Artists and listeners can hold parties, collaborate on projects, communicate with each other, and even choose to offer their supporters additional benefits, such as exclusive access to unreleased songs or concert tickets.

Project Highlights

Allows artists to retain true ownership and provenance of their work, avoiding the loss of creative information about NFT due to the unique numbering created during the casting of NFT.

Interesting community culture is enriched by comments on songs, the interaction between listeners and artists, and secondary creation and processing of the work itself. Let people listen to good music, tell good stories, and make great friends.

 It is more inclusive, allowing artists to expand into more communities while not changing the scarcity of their work.

3. Omgkirby

Omgkirby is the first LOFI music and art NFT with full intellectual property rights and 950,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. The project is a community for LOFI fans, artists, and builders to help make Omgkirby a great artist brand.

LOFI is an acronym for Low-Fidelity, which translates to “low fidelity”. By the late 1980s and early 1990s, low-fidelity was no longer just a description of the recording quality of a particular album; it had become a genre in itself. Throughout the history of rock and roll, records were recorded cheaply and quickly, often on substandard equipment.

Basic information about the pictures

Each of Omgkirby’s songs and their accompanying visuals was created through collaboration between the production team and the algorithm; the individual NFTs are a novel combination of algorithm-assisted music and hand-drawn art.

Over the past 2 years, the project has created some of the most popular LOFI music in the field, and in the process, has created a community of 1 million listeners per month. Now they have a new vision: to get more people to receive this art form by releasing 3000 unique LOFI music NFT and Omgkirby DAO formations.

The project was completed on January 28, 2022, with a minting number of 3000 and a minting price of 0.1eth. Holders of this NFT have full rights to the NFT art and music and early access to the Omgkirby DAO, where each NFT also has voting rights to the DAO treasury.

Omgkirby DAO treasury construction

Of the proceeds generated from the first sale, 25% of the sales will be earmarked for the DAO treasury, which will be managed entirely by the community. In addition to this, a portion of the fees earned from the second sale of Genesis NFT will be deposited directly into the DAO treasury. The founding team has several other ideas to fund the treasury, including

  • Media royalties on select editions of omgkirby.
  • Omgkirby peripheral merchandise
  • Omgkirby concerts and tours

Future NFT sales

  • In terms of the use of treasury funds, the current founding team has ideas such as
  • funding the creation of other producers and artists.
  • Producing live Omgkirby performances and experiences.
  • Building a progressive web application for the LOFI experience
  • designing a commission system for LOFI-related content.
  • Planning an OG Kirby merchandise line.


WarpSound AI’s 3 virtual artists, Nayomi, DJ Dragoon, and Gnar Heart, have created a collection of 9999 audiovisual NFTs. The visual art for each WVRP is generated by a script that uses a random combination of hand-drawn features drawn by Emmy Award-winning artist Andy Poon. These features and their data are then fed into WarpSound’s AI music platform to create 9999 musical NFTs with varying characters, characteristics, and rarities.

Team Background

The project team is part of a company called Authentic Artists, which has been building WarpSound and the underlying technology used to create AI-generated music for many years. Its members are announced on the official homepage, and project founder Chris MCGARRY WarpSound previously led music at Oculus VR, provided marketing campaigns for 10 #1 electronic and hip-hop albums, and is a member of Google’s Enterprise Partner Advisory Board. Andy Poon, the lead artist, is an Emmy Award-winning art director and illustrator who has worked on projects such as Dragon Prince, Rick and Morty, Storyhawk, Monster High, Monster Machines, Arrow, The Flash, and others.

Overview of the status quo, development and popular project analysis of DAO infrastructure track

Highlights from the Photography Project

  • NFT’s rarity and familiarity are associated with musical features. An AI-driven generative audio platform is used to make the unique style and sound of each song.
  • The musical rarity of a WVRPS determines the complexity of its music, how much music it can produce in the future, how it can collaborate with other WVRPS, etc.
  • Music rarity can be improved by collecting POAPS and doing community activities, allowing people who buy floor-priced WVRPS to join in the fun of making music.
  • WVRP NFT holders are granted a free license to use their WVRP-related artwork and music for personal or commercial use. There are no restrictions on the commercialization of WVRPs by the project owners.
  • The WarpSound team hopes that WVRPS holders will continue to create amazing works that will bring attention and value to the entire WVRPS community.

Future Vision

  • A remix competition using the web3 music platform Audius.
  • Enhancing the creative capacity of WVRPS through community events and POAPs
  • Expanding WARPSOUND’s home in the metaverse: acquiring virtual plots for future WVRPS community events in virtual worlds such as Decentraland, Sandbox, and Cryptovoxels.
  • connecting diverse communities with exclusive music-centric content and experiences.
  • Empowering the next generation of music creators through music education.
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