A dream of Jianghu mining physical value

A. How many levels are the life skills of a dream of Jianghu level 30

level 90

(1) acquisition skills

The acquisition skills are divided into 4 Gathering: For mining, fishing, felling, and grass.

(2) Synthesis skills

The synthesis skills are divided into 4 productions: hidden weapon production, secret medicine refining, living equipment, and crafting table production.

①Gathering skills.

1. It is located in the upgrade of life skills. Guess did the following explanation.

In the early stage of life skills, that is, the materials of level 0, do not need any tools to take synthesis. After reaching level 1, tools and items can be used to assist in the completion.

Example: Collect tier 1 weeds and wildflowers. Weeds can be picked with bare hands, and wildflowers can be picked with the help of tools.

B. What are the recommended mining coordinates for the quick upgrade of Chu Liuxiang mobile game and the best mining point


Levels 1-10

Mainly excavate chalcopyrite and gravel. The gravel is used to make the first-level mining tool shovel. The best excavation location is in the Central Plains, which is suitable for manual collection. Only gravel can be collected at fixed points. It is recommended to manually change the line and dig, and the automatic assistance will not be mentioned here.

The 3 automatic points of the gold mine in the Central Plains are located at the positions of the two figures in the picture, and the gold mines in other places are mixed with 4th grade mines, which are not easy to mine.

C. What is the physical strength of Chu Liuxiang mobile game and how to get physical strength

Chu Liuxiang mobile game physical strength is used for gathering skills; gathering, logging, mining, fishing. Used to synthesize skills; hidden weapons, secret medicines, living equipment, and crafting tables.
Chu Liuxiang mobile game physical strength can be obtained 1, automatically obtained over time, meditation 2, activity rewards.

D. Questions about Yimeng Jianghu (Chu Liuxiang)

There is no income for farming, and you need to be in business to send you an email to remind you how much you have earned. If you are in business, you need to upgrade your farm Level, you click on the mansion, click on the farm, and complete the order to upgrade the farm

E. Merit exchange strategy recommendation
You can check the merit value of the martial art in the package-points, and click the exchange to automatically find the way to the martial art NPC to exchange.
Purple 90 weapon deputy must be the first to save, 5400 pages fast, three or four days.
After exchanging the deputy, go to exchange the cheat page, don’t exchange gems, it’s too bad.

F. How to improve the mining level of Chu Liuxiang mobile game? The mining level of Chu Liuxiang mobile game is increased

The first-level collection is brass, which consumes 18 stamina and gains 18 proficiency
From level 1 30 proficiency to 9 level 270 proficiency, to level 10 requires a total of 1350 proficiency, which is 1350 physical strength, and 72 brasses need to be mined
Recommended collection location [Central Plain] near the former site of Mingyue Villa

G. How much proficiency is Chu Liuxiang’s life skills from 30 to 40?

Upgrading skills 1. As the saying goes, if you want to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools. What are the tools of the collection system? What? In addition to production tools, another important tool is life talent ability points: gathering – hanging pots; logging – zhuo wood; mining – opening mountains; the above three talent abilities can reach 40 points in the first level to get 20 % chance to get one extra proficiency talent; 80 points for double level get 20% chance to get an extra piece of Gathering talent; 160 points for triple level get 40% chance to get one extra proficiency talent; 320 points for quadruple level 40% chance to get an extra piece of Gathering Talent; don’t ignore the role of talent, normally 2 pieces of mining at a time during the third-order collection, and 3 pieces of extra piece, which increases the output by 50%; Spirit fruit and logging are normally 3 at a time; proficiency talent is also very useful, you can reach a high level earlier; some people say that after level 20, tens of thousands of proficiency are at every turn, 1 point is a drizzle, indeed, It’s not obvious to dig up normally, but if you keep digging for 0-level collections, 1 point once, 40% chance to get 1 extra point, so it’s very impressive, if you have a talent of one or three layers, I have been insisting on digging the 0-level gravel and dead wood weeds, and I will definitely be able to make the first batch of 4-level collection! It’s just that I will earn less money in the middle. Make big money instantly.

H. Chu Liuxiang mobile game how to quickly increase the mining level

Rapid mining level Raiders:
The first-level collection is brass, consumes 18 stamina, and obtains 18 Proficiency
From 30 proficiency level 1 to 270 proficiency level 9, to level 10 requires a total of 1350 proficiency, which is 1350 stamina, and needs to mine 72 brass
Recommended collection location [Central Plains] There are two recommended collection points near the former site of Mingyue Villa
. If you want to collect both brass and gravel, there will be 2-3 brass collection points on both sides of the road at this location

And 1-2 gravel are constantly refreshed

If you only want to collect brass, just here (can’t find the way automatically, you need to go over by yourself)
There are about 5 on the two stone platforms The Brass and Lisil (level 2 collections) of theBrass can be mined, this is also the best place to collect silver, and if there are many people and the competition is fierce, you can change lines

Like grass, mining also has the attribute of fate: open mountains
When the mining skills are upgraded and the crafting skills of the crafting table are upgraded, the Kaishan attribute of the life grid will be increased.
When the mountain is opened to 40 activated miners, first-level talent, there is a 20% chance to gain an extra 1 point of proficiency when mining
/>When the mountain reaches 80 to activate the miner and the second-level talent, there is a 20% chance to get an extra ore material when mining.
The mountain reaches 160 to activate the miner and the third-level talent. Proficiency
And so on, in the future, doubling the attributes can activate extra proficiency and extra mining talent in turn


Mining to make money
Recently I am addicted to mining and can’t extricate myself. Those who want to improve their life skills can come here. The landlord is not very good at summarizing, so I would like to share some tips. I hope that people in the same way can supplement and let the landlord learn.
Among the four life skills, before level 10, picking wild flowers and fishing for loach are the slowest, and they are generally easier to find in Jiangnan, while the fastest upgrades are bamboo in Jiangnan and mines in Huashan, not only more, but also faster. . Some recipes will be released in these activities, test it yourself, and always make a recipe that is easy to come out.
Don’t underestimate inexperienced activities, weeds and dead trees are all necessary things to produce axes, shovels, etc. To find these collection points, you can find them in life skills and look at the map, usually near the punctuation. , the electricity will disappear after lighting.
I have only found a shabby Bailian furnace, which is in the alley near the carriage in Yanzhou City. I will give you a screenshot when I add it next time. Level Craftsman Furnace and Level 1 Hundred Refining Furnace.

What are the quick upgrades and the best mining spots for J. Chu Liuxiang mobile game mining spots

Want to quickly upgrade mining skills – you only practice this skill in a short time, Because your energy and vitality are limited!
——Can accurately record the mine point, it is convenient to run the mine to dig
——Do help while mining, and prepare for the upgrade


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