A mining machine GEC

Ⅰ What is a GEC network mining machine

GEC is an environmentally friendly currency, and the company claims to be a virtual currency;

In fact, it is a mining game It’s just coins, the real coin miners are not issued by companies;
GEC coin issuance and all mining machines are controlled by companies;
Free is the main reason for its rapid development, this model existed last year,
Just changed the name and packaging, of course, you can do chat for free, just spend more time!

Ⅱ How much does it cost to get a set of mining machines.

A few thousand are cheap, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands.

‘Mining’ is the pre-link of virtual currency transactions. It is necessary for the State Council and local governments to regard ‘mining’ as the focus of supervision, expressing their attitude and determination to crack down on virtual currency transactions from the source. said Dong Ximiao, chief researcher of China Merchants Union Finance.

The high energy consumption of “mining” has been criticized by environmentalists. “Mining” is not only time-consuming, but also consumes a lot of energy. Electricity. Especially since last year, driven by the hot market of Bitcoin, the income of “mining” has been rising. In order not to fall behind in the competition of computing power, “miners” have increased the use of mining machines with large computing power, resulting in electricity Consumption has risen sharply.

Bitcoin “mining” consumes about 133.68 terawatt-hours of electricity per year, which is more than Sweden’s national electricity consumption in 2020. And another published by Cambridge University’s Centre for Emerging Finance Item data shows that in the global distribution of bitcoin computing power, China ranks first with more than 60% of the computing power. And these “mines” are mainly concentrated in areas with sufficient electricity and relatively cheap electricity costs, such as Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, etc. land.

Ⅲ gec cloud mining machine scam

Typical Ponzi scheme, money will not be generated out of thin air, just check if it is a scam, you Whether the money earned came from another investor in this project, that is to say, the money came from one’s own pocket, not the money earned by outsiders, and the last one who made money was the highest-level — the initiator of this project, Then roll up the money and run away, leaving behind you holding a bunch of numbers and dreaming of making a fortune. Of course, if you don’t invest money in, you won’t be cheated, and you can even make some money (in fact, you take the photo of your ID, mobile phone number, bank card, etc. A whole set of information is worth a lot of money to criminals), but if you want to make more money, you can’t help but invest money. Now the MLM dare not do it so obviously, it’s obvious that even a fool can see it. Lie to those who think they are better than fools, I hope my words can wake up more people

Ⅳ How long does a mining machine take to mine a bitcoin

bit Coin (Bitcoin) is an electronic currency, digital currency, and a network virtual currency generated by open source P2P software. Bitcoin is also paraphrased as “bit gold”.
Bitcoin is not issued by a specific monetary institution , which is generated by a large number of calculations of a specific algorithm. The Bitcoin economy uses a distributed database composed of many nodes in the entire P2P network to confirm and record all transaction behaviors. The decentralization characteristics of P2P and the algorithm itself can ensure that it is impossible to produce bits through a large number of Coins artificially manipulate the value of coins.
Because more and more are mined, less and less are not mined, and more and more people participate, so Bitcoin mining will become more and more difficult. Many of them are purchased directly from the trading platform. I am trading on the Dobi trading platform. The reward mechanism of the Bitcoin system. Through the system settings, Bitcoin can basically stably dig a block every 10 minutes on average. Every time a block is produced, the reward is given to the miner who digs the block. The miner who digs the block called block miners. The miners who produce the block will record the legal transactions in the Bitcoin network on the blockchain, so that the miners can receive the fee for accounting.


The reward for block miners consists of two parts: one part is rewarded by the system, and the other part is bookkeeping The reward, called miner fee. The system reward is 50 bitcoins at the beginning. Every time the block height reaches an integer multiple of 210,000, the system reward will be halved. This is the Bitcoin mining reward that we often hear about halving in four years. The current system reward is 12.5 bitcoins.

At the current stage, the miner’s reward for digging out a block is about 0.1 bitcoin (not fixed) on average, which means that the miner digs a block to get The average reward is about 12.6 bitcoins. About 99% of miners’ rewards come from system rewards.

According to the Bitcoin system, one block can be mined every 10 minutes on average, and the number of new blocks that can be mined in one day is 144 (60*24/10=144). Currently, the number of bitcoins that can be mined every day It is 1800BTC (144*12.5BTC=1800BTC). Adding the miner fee of about 0.1BTC per block, the total reward for all miners in one day is about 1814.4BTC.

The Xueshuo Innovation Blockchain Technology Workstation under Lianqiao Education Online is the only approved “Blockchain Technology Major” pilot project of the “Smart Learning Workshop 2020- Xueshuo Innovation Workstation” carried out by the School Planning and Construction Development Center of the Ministry of Education of China workstation. The professional station is based on providing students with diversified growth paths, promotes the reform of the combination of professional degree research, production, study and research, and builds an applied and compound talent training system.

Ⅵ Is GEC mining machine a scam?

What is GEC mode cloud mining machine

As a cloud mining machine project, the currency price is the highest One of the platforms, GEC, has been imitated.

10 coins miner 30 days to mine 11 coins

100 coins miner 30 days to play 120 coins
<br 1000 coins miner 30 days to mine 1300 coins Coin

10,000 coin miner digs 14,000 coin in 30 days

In fact, this is a static income. Under the condition of constant currency price, your monthly interest rate is 10%- Between 40%, the reinvestment can be multiplied dozens of times in one year, and the currency price promised by the platform will continue to grow steadily, and the income in one year is estimated to be hundreds of times, who is not interested.

All cloud mining machine projects, in order to quickly develop to members, are registered mining machines with a monthly output of 11 coins. Since there are no coins on the market in the early opening, those who want to invest cannot receive them. Coins, you can only continue to raise the price of the received coins. When a month later, a large number of woolen parties began to sell the goods, and investors wanted to buy at low prices, causing the coin price to continue to fall, the more severe the fall, the more it fell The more people sell, until the platforms are all sold at low prices, no one dares to continue to accept them, which is why most platforms die within 2 months. Even if the first 2 months have passed, there are still a large number of new users registering every day. Every new user means 11 more free coins. The increase of wool coins will make it difficult for the currency price to rise.

The ones who have lived a long time from last year to now are gec and eco. I’m not advertising them here. I don’t recommend everyone to play, because they basically take over.

A lot of crowdfunded cloud mining machine projects were launched in March this year. It can be said that all of them died. They couldn’t even survive for a week. It was a complete scam. They are all under the pretense of crowdfunding 3 points and opening 1 yuan. It is used in the hearts of everyone who wants to get rich quickly. After all, you buy coins from other users, the cost is high and the procedures are complicated. Buying tens of thousands of coins directly from the platform has low cost and large profits. In the case of too few user groups, there will be a large number of coins, which will only break and not grow. In addition, the platform has made a lot of money from crowdfunding, and they will not focus on developing the platform. They only think about how to get out. Many crowdfunding platforms directly close the website and disband the group after the crowdfunding is over.

Everyone can build such a website. If you can program, you may only need to spend less than 1,000 yuan to buy a set of source code from Taobao. Modify it yourself.

If you are a novice who is blank in programming, you need to spend about 2w of RMB to buy a full set of templates and services.

This is why all cloud mining machine projects have the same model, the same framework, the same content, and even the mining machine icon and their own logo are the same. Such a platform is not a blockchain project at all. The amount of coins is all under its own control. If the platform wants to make money, it secretly sells coins to investors. Many people are just because they know the tricks. wool.

The so-called listing on the trading platform is simply a joke, a coin that does not even have a digital wallet, a coin whose quantity can be modified at will, which exchange will accept it?

What is my personal thinking, making a fortune is a fortune, I don’t think long-term at all, and I don’t have the ability to add new functions to the platform, so I personally suggest that investing in this cloud mining machine platform should be cautious , especially on platforms that don’t run smoothly, absolutely can’t play. Even if you are reluctant to invest in a better server, how can you develop this platform with your heart?

If a platform wants to develop for a long time, it is not a constant layer. It needs to be adjusted according to the development of different periods. The most important thing is to have practical application scenarios, whether it is Bitcoin or these Air coins, without the support of practical application scenarios, will inevitably disappear slowly over time.

Ⅶ gec how many coins can a mining machine produce in a year

180 coins.

Investing 200 coins can settle 230 coins in one round for two months, 1380-1200=180 coins in six rounds a year, and make good use of the time to accumulate 52.5 days to mine 200 coins and continue to rent a mine

The second unit can be rented in 44.5 days, the third unit is 29 days, the fourth unit is 21 days, the fifth unit is 13.5 days, the sixth unit is 5.5 days, and the seventh unit can be rented for 5.5 days. After 200 coins are settled, two sets are available.

(7) A mining machine GEC extended reading

Using time to stack 153.5 days to earn 200 coins, two medium-sized mines machine running in parallelIn the next 26.5 days, 200 coins can be settled, and three medium-sized mining machines are running in parallel. 200 coins can be settled in the next 17.5 days, and 6 small mines and 8 micro-miners can be fully charged in 8.5 days of operation of four medium mines, accumulatively about 208 days.

Press three for the remaining five months. Round calculation of net income (4 in 6 small 8 micro round income 126.8) 126.8 × 3 = 380.4 coins;

Mining machine seed 936 + 380.4 = 1316.4 coins, the value of one coin after one year is the most It is conservatively estimated that a tenfold increase is 700 coins.


VIII How much is a digital currency mining machine

The price of newly issued digital currency is generally very low, a few cents or even a few cents. The time you dig, it’s easier to buy it directly, and now you can mine Bitcoin because its encryption algorithm is public, and you can’t mine all kinds of digital currencies on the market without public algorithms.

Introduction to digital currency mining machine:

Bitcoin mining machine is a computer used to earn bitcoins. This type of computer generally has professional mining chips, and mostly uses a large number of graphics cards to work, which consumes a lot of power. The computer downloads the mining software and then runs a specific algorithm. After communicating with the remote server, the corresponding bitcoins can be obtained, which is one of the ways to obtain bitcoins.

IX How to mine Gec mining machine

Blockchain: This is a decentralized distributed accounting method. Its working principle is: A To initiate a transaction with B, A first initiates a request – to create a new block, the block will be broadcast to all users in the network, and the block will be added after all users verify and agree On the main chain, this chain has permanent and transparent transaction records, a global account, and everyone can find it.

Mining machine: It is a computer used to earn bitcoins. This type of computer generally has a professional mining chip, and mostly uses a graphics card to work, which consumes a lot of power. Users download software with a personal computer and then run a specific algorithm. After communicating with a remote server, they can get corresponding bitcoins, which is one of the ways to obtain bitcoins. In the early days of Bitcoin, ordinary personal computers could also mine Bitcoin.

Mining: This mining is not mining in the traditional sense, it refers to individuals or organizations using mining machines to obtain bitcoins.

Mining pool: After all, individual mining capacity is limited, so someone came up with an idea, and everyone joins forces to mine together, which can not only improve the mining speed, but also save the mining time, and the mined bits Coins are distributed according to their respective contribution ratios. In layman’s terms, it is a mining team with more people and more computing power.

Computing power: In the process of obtaining Bitcoin through “mining”, we need to find its corresponding solution m, and for any 64-bit hash value, we need to find its solution m, there is no fixed algorithm, and it can only rely on random hash collisions of the computer, and how many hash collisions a mining machine can do per second is the representative of its “computing power”.

The above is the basic knowledge of digital currency, and then answer the questions about GEC currency. GEC uses cloud computing, and players do not have to buy mining machines to mine.

1. How to fill in paypal and btc wallet when registering?

Answer: fill in none of these two, or 1, please open the registration link in your browser at the same time.

2. How can I get a mining machine?

Answer: Users who register and pass the real-name authentication review can get a mining machine for free. 2.1 GEC coins are produced in 2 months.

3. How can I get GEC coins?

Answer: After the running time of the mining machine is over, log in to my mining machine for settlement, and you will get GEC coins.

4. How can GEC be traded for cash?

A: In the personal trading center, you can sell GEC, and the platform will match the transaction. Due to the constant output, the price will continue to rise in the future. If you want to sell GEC, please think twice.

X gec mining machine is a pyramid scheme

gec mining machine is a pyramid scheme. The new “GEC environmental protection coin” trading model has been widely spread. This model is labeled with “ecological environmental protection”, “zero investment”, “zero risk” and “high yield”. Environmental coins can basically be classified as coils. The appearance of the circle is virtual currency, and the core is the capital disk. The income of the predecessors comes from the funds of the latecomers. This model is not only suspected of disguised ICO, but also suspected of pyramid schemes.

There is also a “cloud computing power” method in the “GEC environmental protection coin” transaction mode. “Cloud computing power” runs for 1440 hours, the expected annualized rate of return is 200%, and the expected annualized rate of return is 250%. After 4320 hours of operation, the expected annualized rate of return is 300%. The profit is as high as 350%.

However, “cloud computing power” is the rental of mining machines that investors spend to buy mining machines for a certain period of time.��, the rental service is provided by a professional mining machine management platform, which is somewhat similar to the concept of crowdfunding. If the price of virtual currency continues to fall, mining will not make money.

(10) One mining machine GEC extended reading:

“Prohibition of pyramid schemes”

Article 7


The following behaviors are pyramid selling behaviors:

(1) The organizer or operator, through the development personnel, requires the development personnel to develop other personnel to join the development personnel, and directly or indirectly rolls over the development personnel. Calculating and paying remuneration (including material rewards and other economic benefits, the same below) based on the number of personnel to be developed, seeking illegal benefits;

(2) The organizer or operator requests the development personnel through the development Personnel pays fees or pays fees in disguised form by subscribing commodities, etc., to obtain the qualification to join or develop other personnel to join, and seek illegal benefits; Personnel development Other personnel join, form a relationship between upper and lower lines, and calculate and pay the online remuneration based on the sales performance of the lower line, so as to seek illegal benefits.

Article 8

The administrative department for industry and commerce shall, in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations, be responsible for investigating and punishing the pyramid selling acts stipulated in Article 7 of these Regulations.


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