AD mining coins

“One” What is ADX coin?

adx is the token of this adex platform, and it is also a token based on Ethereum, and it is also the so-called air coin. The total number of tokens is 100 million, and the circulation is about 73 million. The highest price of the token is about 26 yuan, the lowest price is about 0.24 yuan, and the current price is about 0.37 yuan. That’s down more than 100 times.

Ad Exchange is an Internet advertising exchange platform, which links DSP (buyer platform) and SSP (seller platform), and aggregates a large amount of media traffic by accessing SSP, thereby collecting and processing The data of advertising target customers, Ad Exchange is a trading place to achieve precision marketing.

Because a successful AdExchange needs to be based on a large amount of media traffic, the operators are mostly Internet giants. In foreign countries, there are mainly Yahoo’s RightMedia, Google’s DoubleClick and so on.

In China, Alibaba, Sina, Tencent and other websites have also launched their own advertising trading platforms in recent years. However, due to the non-uniform technical standards of the industry and other reasons, the media resources of domestic advertising trading platforms are mostly limited to the operators’ own resources.

『II』What are the coins that need to be mined

Bit, Ethereum Classic, and Ethereum are all mining mechanisms, using the POW consensus algorithm. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission “eliminated industries” and deleted “virtual currency mining”, which is also an affirmation of mining coins in terms of policy. It is not easy for an industry to obtain the consensus of everyone. A fair and transparent consensus algorithm is very important. At present, the POW consensus mechanism has been proved to be the safest and fairest algorithm mechanism.

“Three” Is it dangerous to invest in the first coin?

Any investment is risky, but the risk is big or small, so investing The first coin of mine is definitely dangerous.

“4” virtual currency mining, what kind of mining is more promising and which virtual currency is better

Currently high mining investment, for new friends In terms of stress, Regeneration Pie (ITGC) is a good entry point. The most important thing is that the ITGC client has built-in one-click mining! One-click mining! One-click mining! Important things are said three times. For Xiaobai, mining is actually not that difficult, as long as you have a computer and a mobile phone, I will teach you one-click mining today!
First of all, the first step is to download the ITGC wallet client. We can search for eppool and go to the mining pool to download professional mining tools. Currently, it supports PC Win, Linux, MacOS CPU and graphics card mining. And Android phone mining! The second step is to download the official wallet client. After downloading and installing, we start the ITGC wallet. The third step, start mining! [Mining command] Enter go and press Enter to start your mining journey, it’s that simple! It’s so amazing!

“Wu” is the most popular mining coin, is it this coin?

“Chivalrous Bone Rouchang”: Going forward, it is the bliss in the west, and it can be freed forever Reincarnation, becoming immortal and attaining Tao; looking down, it is miserable, miserable world, Lang’s heart is dead, flesh and blood are scattered. Prickly hair, the official slaughtered Yoyo. Is it the achievement of 800 years of cultivation and the true fruit? Fall into the mundane world and suffer forever for the body of a fox? Forbidden to keep the mood like cooking three steps and two turns back.

What are the benefits of listing ZB on 『Lu』 AD

AD will be listed on ZB in January 2021. However, AD was previously listed on the LSMAX exchange. Now the AD on the LSMAX exchange is worthless and cannot be withdrawn to the China Currency Exchange, and the AD in the AD wallet is not allowed to be traded. That is, it has been more than 2 years, and the quilt is trapped, everyone be careful. On March 24, 2021, the price of AD on the China Currency Exchange was 47 yuan, while the price of AD on the LSMAX exchange was 0.35 yuan, and the original AD name of the LSMAX exchange became ADU. I don’t know how they deceived the China currency exchange to list? And this LSMAX exchange is also a black-hearted exchange. The deposit is fast, the withdrawal is not allowed, and I am not allowed to withdraw 2000USDT. It has been two months. So please don’t trade on LSMAX exchange. ADC, AudioCoin, the release date of virtual currency is unknown, the total amount of issuance and circulation is 900 million, and the current price is 0.0045. The secondary market is only listed on two small trading platforms, and the 24-hour trading volume does not exceed 2000RMB. The market value is only 4 million RMB. There is no news from the project party, and the official website is suspended.
From the above data analysis, the virtual currency has completely lost its vitality and belongs to the real air currency.
I’m not sure whether you have a friend who told you to buy this coin or some other MLM coins with the same name, but neither one is suitable for investment. The final outcome of this coin investment is basically zero, if it is other MLM coins of the same name, whether it is the so-called mining or investment return, it is a lie. If you must play the fund, you also need to consult a professional for analysis to avoid losses caused by running away before the end of its life cycle.

What is the difference between 『柒』 LBTC and Pow coins

First: Different sources of computing power for POS and POW
First of all, in PoW mining, it is the computing speed of the mining machine (CPU, graphics card, ASIC, etc.) that determines who can mine more. There is a difference in POS. POS mining does not require you to purchase additional mining equipment, nor does it take up a lot of computing resources.

Second: The amount of coins produced by POS and POW is different
In POW, the bitcoins produced by a block have nothing to do with the coins you held before. However, in POS, the more coins you originally hold, the more coins you mine. For example, if you have 1000 coins, these coins have not been used for half a year (183 days), then the amount of coins you have dug is as follows:
1000(coins)*183(coinage)*15%(interest rate) )= 274.5 (coins)

Is 『渌』ad coin a pyramid scheme?

There is still a pyramid scheme to this problem, so be careful not to place it

Why does the CITEX exchange say it is a mining currency exchange

Why is the mining currency trading in the exchange? Maybe it’s just a nickname.


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