Adventure and mining trigger overlay

① Adventure and mining combo trigger problems

The combo is calculated independently beyond 100%, and it is the same wherever you put them, even if you throw them all behind 100% , the combo will still be activated when it should be activated.

By the way, the skill triggers in this game are linear, that is to say, the order is the same within 100% of the total (excluding combos).

② Adventure and mining combination skills cannot be superimposed

Hello, combination skills will not be superimposed, whether it is attribute addition or combination skills, for example, if you have 1 third master, 2 Allen, but only one fusion will be triggered. The other two Ellens only increase the probability. If one of them uses a skill, the other’s skill will not be triggered again.

③ Adventure and mining are only activated once Can my skill be activated twice?

The answer is yes, I used the blue scorpion to do an experiment, put 5 of them, and that skill can be activated 5 times.

④ What is the maximum number of times the adventure and mining skills can be activated?

Combined skills will not be superimposed, whether it is attribute addition or combination skills, For example, you have 1 Sanye and 2 Allen, but only one fusion will be triggered. The other two Ellens are just increasing the probability.

⑤ Adventure and Mining have both used the combination skills and have not started.

Adventure and mining new lineup development Many people on the Raiders Internet say that Noble Phantasms without a king are scum, but that’s not the case. …The level of power will also affect the output of skills to some extent,

⑥ Is it useful to repeat the heroes in adventure and mining in the later stage?

It depends on the hero. Skills and attributes, not all repetitions are useful, such as Sir Kai, Ryoma, and King of Knights are useful in the later stages.

⑦ Adventure and mining personal skills overlap

Hello, landlord, adventure and mining personal skills overlap, but they have little impact

⑧ Can the combined attack count of adventure and mining be accumulated?

The combined attack skill cannot be accumulated.
If you have any necessary strategies, you can go online [k73 Video Game Home Adventure and Mining Game Library]

⑨ Do adventure and mining skills of the same character take effect at the same time?

For example, Pizza Witch has two combo skills, one Demon King and Witch, which is a 5% trigger condition for recovery skills. There is a chance to trigger every round, and the combo skills of 4 Moe Wars add four dimensions and are always activated. The effective state is so effective at the same time

⑩ Can the same skill probability of adventure and mining strategy be superimposed?

Because many have been decomposed, so there are The hero I will put on the picture book for the time being _(:з)∠)_.
First of all, let’s talk about a hero we will definitely have, well, that’s right, customer service =. =
This guy is most of the first golden generals, but his skills are really a bit tricky = =, it seems to be a little useful when doing high evasion in the back, but in fact… .. not.
If you are a novice, here is a detailed guide, suitable for novice players.
But! ! ! It is recommended not to disassemble it. I accidentally disassembled it, and it hurts now, because its combat power growth is very good! !
Really very good, it is relatively high in gold, it is a very good choice for stacking combat power, but here is a mention, if you accidentally decompose it wrong, it can be re-summoned, as shown in the picture above, there are Recall option.
But there is nothing about the level. It is recommended to put it in the last position of the team.

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