Adventure and mining without knife

(1) How to choose the main lineup for adventure and mining

The main lineup can be replaced, but it has not been replaced for the time being, and the contract level is not high, but this lineup is actually not difficult to set up, there are many It was given by the event, and only part of it was taken out of the guarantee. For example, Centaurs, Xiaobei, Fire Fist, Straw Hat, and Xiaodouding can all be obtained through activities. Snake Princess, Xiaohei, Ice Girl, and some Xiaobei are guaranteed and secretly drawn. Everyone has a pile in their hands. Santa Claus, Hideyoshi, Putin and the extra knight king are the first choices to be replaced in the next stage.
Breakthrough attribute full king>full defense>full first attack>full dodge>four defense>other
Breakthrough of course 2 kings is the best, one king is not as good as four defenses, and then give priority to defense, when the defense reaches 240 or more It’s time to go first attack>defense. It’s best to keep 60+ dodge, and 50 is the lowest, because too low dodge means you have to buy more in the combined battle.
There are a few points that need to be explained. Xiaobei will be completely eliminated from the local tyrant lineup after the new krypton gold will be released, but since a lot of gifts are given in the event, I believe that many people have already gathered the four Xiaobei. , it is impossible to guarantee that there will be no similar activities in the future, and there is still a chance to draw the pirate secret technique, so Ba Xiaobei is not so out of reach, and Ba Xiaobei always has a breakthrough, isn’t it?
Sixiaobei is still the most stable four-dimensional improvement except for krypton gold. It can be used by both the main team and the mining team. The price/performance ratio is indeed not low. The possibility of war and the temple is still very high, so Si Xiaobei can start with a comprehensive consideration.
In the combination, in addition to the four small north, there are the three basic friends of the Three Kingdoms, the three basic friends of the dota and the straw hat fire fist as a must-have combination, providing a large number of kings and good defense and first attack.
Knight King is the most basic probability filling card. It is not recommended to replace it with more than two fire fists. The main reason is that the cost is too high. For example, the next replacement order of the landlord’s lineup will be Santa, Hideyoshi, Putin, and the King of Knights.
I believe that cards like Xiaodouding will appear in the future, and the Biochemical Demon King is a good choice at this stage. The event will continue until October. impossible.

㈡ Adventure and mining 25 doomsday messengers,,, exploded the table.

Adventure and mining 25 doomsday messengers that must be powerful

(iii) How to get the fragments of adventure and mining

How to get the fragments of adventure and mining , Fragments are very important in mobile adventure and mining games, but how to obtain fragments, today I will introduce you how to obtain fragments, let’s take a look!

How to get it:

Not counting the decomposition, a JJC 9 win is 26 fragments, and it resets a round in 2 hours, so if you don’t fall in one round, you will only have 312 fragments , Ordinary people can’t sleep all the time, and there are still more that can’t be beaten, so it’s not bad to get 200 shards a day. Now you know how much labor can be saved by 200 shards in the monthly card?

A month of JJC’s stable income is 6,000 pieces, but basically after you play for a month, you won’t appreciate the ones that can be exchanged for 6,000 pieces, so those new cuties have just entered the pit with a little piece of debris Come out and follow the trend and buy the saber of the gun sister, then congratulations, you will not be able to buy some multi-purpose combinations that will be released next. Then you will find that you have too many combinations to make up. So that you have to kick out some flash gold from your main battle team in the early stage.

So, without spending money, counting the efficiency of fragment acquisition, plus luck, the cards sent every day, we If you can open 1 purple per day, that is 500 pieces per day, so I suggest that newcomers should focus on the combination cards that can quickly complete sets of 6000-12000. High-intensity single cards are not suitable for quick take-off in the early stage, but will drag them down. Your rhythm in the early stage is typically low-probability like Laozi Hideyoshi Cannon. Don’t agree? You can post your own lineup with at least 2 Hideyoshi to slap me in the face, and single Hideyoshi and single cannon will not come, Let’s first calculate whether your skill coverage is passable or not. Don’t use the god general to attack the basic attack. At this point, the witty friends should be able to guess the method. If you need to give gifts 240 times, you can get 400 friendship points in one day. Therefore, don’t take any points from others, just send them yourself. , if you can’t add it, send a message to let others take the initiative to add you, you can send it 40 times a day, and you can get it in 6 days.

In fact, the third fastest weapon of fate may not be able to start before the second, just a little bit A face and a blood diamond will do.

The third fastest weapon is forging points. This weapon is a bit special. I don’t know how his points are calculated. Anyway, my strong 20 will basically have 1W. , 2 strong level 20 reinforcements will do, specificIt’s up to you whether to use blood diamonds or face brushing. Depending on the rewards of activities and levels, it is not difficult to gather 2 strong 20 materials. My own strengthening method is to brush face in the early stage, brush face with 2 diamonds, etc. If there is too much demand for diamonds, just add blood diamonds to make them stronger, and the probability will be adjusted to 7.80. The probability of not adding blood diamonds is likely to be a fool. I have failed four or five times in a row at 70, and four or five times when the probability is 60. , With the addition of blood diamonds, the probability is basically real. I believe that the operator still has this morality, so if you have to fail N times with a 60 probability, adding a few blood diamonds is also an option to stabilize the probability.

㈣ Which levels of adventure and mining give blood diamond rewards to adventure and mining map levels

You can get blood diamond reward levels
2 levels, 60
3 levels, 50
6 off, 100
7 off, 300
10 off, 200
12 off, 500
16 off, 450
17 off, 400
19 off, 400
21 off, 200
22 off, 1190
25 off, 750
27 off, 800
28 off, 150
>29 level, 1000
33 level, 1800
38 level, 900
40 level, 1050
41 level, 2500
45 level, 900
48 level Off, 600
50 off, 3000
A total of 17300 blood diamonds can be taken

㈤ Adventure and mining unlimited blood diamonds

Adventure and mining unlimited Blood Diamond is still pretty good, and it’s fun to play
From 23:30 on October 14th to 06:00 on October 15th, we will shut down the game to update and maintain [the version number is upgraded to V0.64.3]. After the update, 300 blood diamonds will be distributed to all servers
And a new round of events will also be launched after the update, click me to go to
Update area: Apple whole area, Android whole area
http:/ /, this one can have unlimited HP and unlimited diamonds, I tried it, it’s very good.
Update content:
1. Player-created mercenaries added
7 new player-created mercenaries have been added, you can view w in the game manual;
Player-created mercenaries The soldier version can only be obtained through activities

㈥ “Adventure and Mining” pure flow analysis of several advantages

[skill advantage]

pure skill is a kind of Ignore defense and evasion skills, and the only factors that affect skill damage are combat power and king level. In the later stage, facing various lineups with high defense and high evasion, it has a great advantage.

[School advantage]

1. Restrained recovery flow: There is a disgusting recovery flow in the arena or level. As long as this genre does not kill him in seconds, the blood volume will be reduced. It will continue to increase, and when it is strong, it will be strong, but pure flow can be well restrained, using the difference in the king’s level to deal a large amount of damage.

2. Application on the mining team: In the later mining area, whether it is a magic iron soldier or a high-level BOSS, all have very high defense attributes, evasion attributes and recovery skills, as long as the pure flow On the basis of adding some recovery flow mercenaries and defense levels, it is easy to build a mining team.

3. Combat: In the later stage of the battle, the requirements for the level of the king are relatively high. Except for the first attack of the king, it is difficult for other schools to meet this requirement, and the high king is pure. One of the advantages, so it is easy to get excellent results in the combined battle.

4. Core mercenary: The most core hero of the pure stream is the King of Knights. This is a hero that can be exchanged through the arena, which is easier to obtain than the various powerful mercenaries of the initiative stream.

㈦ Heroes of Adventure and Mining

As long as you enter the level, you can automatically gain experience and gold coins, and calculate the income every second. The higher it is, the more experience and gold coins you get per second. After a period of time, you can get the unique rewards of the map and the qualification to challenge the level. After the level challenge is successful, you can get level rewards and the permission to enter the next level. When you have challenged the last level of each map, reached a certain combat power, and met the limit on the number of people, you can enter the next map. In the final stage of each map, there is a chance to get the special mercenary reward of this map.

[Small level 1]
The drop item of any major level’s small level 1 is only the same, that is the experience book, but the experience provided by the experience book dropped according to the region will vary and is not a fixed value.
[Mini-level 2]
The item dropped in mini-level 2 is an unknown purse. The player’s main money income is obtained from this unknown purse. Like the experience book, this purse is based on Depending on the level, the amount of money offered will be different.
[Mini-level 3]
The items dropped in mini-level 3 are very miscellaneous. It may be a waste product that can only sell for 1 gold coin. If it is good, you can get items that permanently enhance the combat power, but you can only use them every day. Once, if you are lucky, you can draw props for strengthening or use props.
【Mini-level 4】
Mini-level 4 can drop mercenary packs, it is best to be able to open the specific generals of this big level, but �� Soldier packs need to be based on the difficulty of the big level to open a specific role, that is, the higher the difficulty, the better the role. Generally speaking, easy difficulty drops white mercenary bags, normal difficulty drops green mercenary bags, and hard difficulty drops blue mercenary bags. The higher the difficulty, the more likely you will get better quality mercenaries.
[Mini level 5]
Mini level 5 is also known as the BOSS level. This level can drop experience books or unknown wallets or mercenary bags. The things that drop are exactly the same as the mini-level 1,2,4, and the color of the mercenary bag is the same as that of the mini-level 4. The sandbox-style random map, even mining is full of uncertain randomness. Mining is an important auxiliary line of the game. It can not only mine treasures, but also help heroes grow well. When mining, players can only dig the area adjacent to the open space. After mining to pick up ores and gems, new open space and vision around the open space will be generated, so that more mineral resources can be mined. Each mining will consume 1 mining point and recover one mining point every 2 minutes. Ordinary ore mining takes a short time, while gems are relatively long. Of course, players can use a detonator to complete the mining immediately. There is also the undigable purple gold rock, players can only obtain its resources by blasting it with a detonator. During the mining process, there is a chance to encounter the unique monster “troll statue” in the mining area. As the number of kills by the player increases, the troll statue will also become stronger. After killing the troll statue, the player can obtain the item “troll statue” “. Players can reset the mining area by using the item “Mysterious Stone”. In addition, players can also consume a certain number of mining times through the “mining team” function, and automatically hang up to mine.

1. The pickaxe is an item needed for mining, but this item has durability, so it is not possible to dig all the time. Every time you dig a unit, it takes 1 point of durability, but the durability will be reduced. With time recovery, specifically 2 minutes can recover a little durability.
2. In addition to durability, some ores also have requirements for the quality of the pickaxe. Players need to increase the level of the pickaxe during the adventure, so that they can continue to dig deeper. Raising the pickaxe level will also increase the maximum durability of the manuscript.
3. In addition to restoring through time, players can also use mineral packs to restore durability. One mineral pack can restore 5 points of durability.
4. Mineral workshop, mining workshop is a system that players can place, and the accumulated durability points of pickaxes can be used for this system. According to the depth and time of mining, the durability points of pickaxes consumed will also be different. The PVP system is divided into ranked matches, arenas and combined battles.
In the ranking game, players can challenge the players around them, and improve their rankings by constantly beating the top players. Different amounts of “Chapter of Kings” rewards will be automatically sent every day according to different rankings. The higher the ranking, the more rewards.
In the arena, the system will automatically match other players with similar combat power for players to challenge. The system refreshes a batch of challengeable players every 2 hours, a total of 9 players. In the limited number of challenges, players can get corresponding rewards for every 1, 4, and 9 wins, 2 honor shards for 1 win, 1 King’s Chapter (only once a day) and 8 honor shards for 9 wins. Get 2 King Chapters (only once a day) and 16 Honor Shards.
In the combined battle, the combat power of any lineup is 999999. Each combined battle has different privileged mercenaries. These privileged mercenaries can increase the combat power and part of the 4D for your lineup according to different rules. . The combined battle usually lasts for 5 to 7 days, and there are four opportunities to attack different mini-levels every day, with a total of 30 mini-levels. The 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th levels are BOSS levels, which can only be successfully attacked once; the other levels are ordinary levels, which can be repeatedly attacked after success. The later the level, you can get more match points and experience , the experience can be used to improve the combat power and four-dimensionality of this joint battle, and can also be exchanged for match points; and the match points can be used to exchange different props and mercenaries in the “joint battle reward” after the battle is over. The most important of them is the contract stone, which can be exchanged for 1500 match points and can be used for the second stage contract.
The summoning system is a system for players to recruit mercenaries. There are mainly five summoning methods.
Secret Summoning: Summons mercenaries by consuming blood diamonds. There is an opening time and an ending time, and some privileged new mercenaries can be summoned.
Blood Diamond Summon: Summon mercenaries by consuming blood diamonds, and obtain mercenaries with a rarity above blue. The gold and flash gold mercenaries summoned by this method have the highest chance, and the purple mercenaries are guaranteed to be summoned by ten consecutive blood diamonds.
Gold Summoning: Summoning mercenaries by consuming game gold coins can obtain mercenaries with rarity ranging from white to gold.
Friendship Summons: Recruit mercenaries by consuming friendship points from friends to send gifts to each other, you can get green to gold.� A well-rounded mercenary.
Sky Summoning: refreshed once a day at 0:00, each time there will be 4 blue, 4 purple, 4 gold and above mercenaries for players to summon, and only one of them can be summoned at a time . Different mercenaries require different amounts of honor shards to revive. Soul Fragments can be obtained by dismissing mercenaries, winning arenas, and trading on the black market. Players can also refresh Sky Summons by using the “Sky Idol” item.
In addition to the strength of the player team, there are many other factors that affect it. The first is the team attribute, there are four attributes in total, first attack (determining who shoots first, and increasing the critical strike damage), defense (reducing the damage received), dodge (increasing the dodge chance, improving the healing effect), king (increasing the final attack harm). At the same time, each mercenary has its own skills, including crit, pure attack, percentage attack, healing, and sealing skills. Players can use different mercenary and destiny weapons to deal with different lineups. For example, enemies with high defense can be dealt with pure attacks, enemies with high dodge can be dealt with must-hit attacks, and enemies with high damage can be dealt with with high defense and high dodge. Wait.

Scenario 1
Our combat power is 200W; the opponent’s combat power is 80W, and the king’s level is 0. Ask: How many kings do we need to defeat the opponent with pure attack on the first shot?
According to the pure damage formula and basic damage formula, pure damage = (maximum combat power * 0.2 + current combat power * 0.1) * (1 + king * 0.01). Since it is the first shot, the maximum combat power = current combat power.
Substitute the relevant data into the above formula, that is, 80w=(200w*0.2+200w*0.1)*(1+King*0.01).
Therefore, the required king level is 34.
Scenario 2
Our team’s combat power is 100W, and the opponent’s gunner’s skill is to cause damage equal to 200% of our total combat power, and the gunner is the first mover. Ask: How much defense do we need to resist the gunner’s one shot into the soul?
According to the defense formula, damage reduction = 1-(defense/(defense+100)). We can easily conclude that when our defense is 100, it can reduce half of the damage of the gunner. But because half of the damage is still 100%, there is no misuse.
Therefore, we need a defense rating of 101 to survive. Treasure chest keys are produced.
First, the treasure chests are graded, and the level of the treasure chest is linked to the level of the Minions. The higher the level, the easier it is to refresh the high-level treasure chest.
Second, except for the spicy chicken bag, all other treasure chests require keys to open. Depending on the rarity, 1 to 3 keys are required. Advanced chests can open rarer and larger materials.
In order to allow everyone to better experience the new mining area, the refresh rate of yellows and treasure chests has been increased, which makes it seem that the treasure chest keys are not enough, so finally let’s talk about the current keys 1. The Gospel of Local Tyrants: Keys have been added as additional rewards in the black market, and I feel that the black market is finally useful (40 blood diamonds are refreshed once in the black market, which is only the price of a detonator! Do you want a detonator? Crazy!).
2. Activities, such as the daily refreshed recharge this time, I feel that 30 yuan a day is not a loss, and a book of ten books a day (Voice of Mystery: Ou Huang ten consecutive laughs, non-chief ten consecutive washes sleep).
3. Boss drops, so far only 2 new bosses can be dropped.

㈧ What are the advantages and disadvantages of each genre of adventure and mining?

This is a big problem, because you don’t have any bounties so casual Attitude, I can only give you a casual answer.

Three main currents of adventure and mining:
The first king flow: high first attack, high king are the symbols; defense and evasion are very low, and crit skills are the main focus
Recovery flow : High defense and high evasion are the main features of this genre. The first attack is generally low, and the main skill is to increase blood.
Defense king style: high defense, high king, and the skills are basically pure attack.

There are also some unpopular genres represented by the Weak Stream, but this genre has low intensity and is easy to be taken away by the First King Stream, or by the Anti-Wang Stream, or dragged to death by the Restoration Stream, so Rare

㈨ Should the adventure and mining green card be kept or decomposed

Should the adventure and mining green card be kept or decomposed, in the adventure and mining mobile game green card There are those uses, should the green card be kept or disassembled, here are a few suggestions for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

What should I do if my green card is swollen

First of all I have to say something. . The white generals here are all rubbish. . All Whites can be broken down. It is recommended that if you have enough generals, it is recommended to wake up once and then decompose it to facilitate the subsequent tasks of awakening xx times. Will give blood diamonds and a golden bag.

The green generals are also all garbage. . . There is no doubt about this. . Except for a new bar. . His combination, the House of All Things, works wonders for certain cards.Recommend to stay. Another personal recommendation is to keep the cute chicks. . As for why. . Because he is cute. .


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