Advertising in the currency circle

1. Friends in the currency circle, if you have any good projects, please send one.

People who enter the market before the digital currency is traded on the secondary market

2. I heard that the HiEX trading platform in the currency circle is very popular recently, I would like to know more about it. Do you have any friends who know about this platform, ask for answers

Currently, among domestic projects, HC, which has the potential to become a “Hundred Times Coin”, is the platform token that the HiEX exchange is currently promoting. As the right representative of HiEX, the total issuance of HC is constant at 2 billion and will never be issued additionally. And, HC will distribute most of the income to the holders of HC in a timely manner.
Its features can be summarized as:
1. Dividends from holding coins, trading mining, exclusive recharge mining and other gameplay!
2. Exclusive break guarantee fund.
3. HC protection system, the minimum daily decline cannot exceed 10%. Unlimited.
4. Investors’ rights and interests are permanently guaranteed.
5. The first TOKENHC with practical application scenarios.
6. The future thousand times coins.
7. Retail investors will never lock up their positions.
Recently official news said that HC will rise across the board before this weekend. After the increase, the price is about 0.55, compared with the current 0.25 yuan/piece. It can be said that it is a good time to officially fry the bottom, and start now. You can make a small profit before it even opens!

3. What are some good ways to market in the currency circle now?

Go directly to the blockchain start-up marketing website to see it

4. May I ask where those who buy and sell game coins from relatives and friends advertise and sell them? Where do they get a lot of game coins?

Game coins can be sold and purchased from 5173. Operation on Taobao. Advertising can also be played from there! There is a system for this on the website that needs to be promoted.

5. Does digital currency need to be advertised?

I need to advertise, there are many articles touting that investing in digital currency can make money, such as the currency on Toutiao today Circle articles are articles written by liars who paid people to write and published, otherwise how could leeks willingly pay for the virtual currency invented by these liars!

6. What is the most popular platform in the currency circle now? Binance, Huobi, Jinmao platform

Binance is the platform with the largest transaction volume, Huobi In fact, the trading depth is not comparable to that of Binance, but the skinny camel is bigger than Ma, and it is also a top ten platform
Others include Chinabinet and Biter.
Small platforms should be touched as little as possible.

7. In addition to advertising in currency circles, what other promotion methods are there for blockchain projects? They are all fighting for the three million people, and few people see the other billion people. It is far from enough to only promote it on the media in the circle such as Golden Finance, Babbitt, and Coin World! Jump out of the currency circle and set your sights on the billions of potential customers, and there may be surprises. The Chain Leader Club is a vertical industry service platform for blockchain. It has rich practical experience in blockchain promotion. You can try it!

8. I am a virtual currency, who will do copywriting advertisements, with pictures and content

I have been in the currency circle for nearly three years. There is still a certain understanding of the circle, and of course there is a certain popularity. Copywriting planning, corporate public relations, and brand planning are also a basic business of ours. If you need it, you can contact us!

Especially in the virtual currency circle, we have done many big companies in the currency circle.

9. I am in the business of ghost coins and yellow paper. I want to advertise in the circle of friends. What should I say is more attractive.

Personal suggestion , Avoid festive festivals and post on Moments. The content should not be too direct. For festivals like Qingming Festival, you can focus on publicity, because everyone has a good image, and the advertising content can take hints. The focus is on your product image, others Seeing the picture, you can understand that if you are doing online, you can emphasize your logistics speed or your price. If you are offline, you can emphasize your price. You can also try to do cross-border e-commerce. This product has been popular abroad before. You have to say that advertising words and attractiveness are really too difficult to say. This thing is a necessary consumable in a specific situation, not a rigid need. You should focus on the product map and find the points that buyers care about. The same is true for copywriting.

10. About the community promotion of the blockchain currency circle

CoinCoCo has cooperated with the blockchain community service, you can read it

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