Alpha Droids Alpha droids NFT collections

5,555 Alpha Droids uniquely generated characters who are living simultaneously between the real World and the Metaverse. Their creation is a result of an unforeseen evolution of Humans and Artificial Intelligence.

Alpha Droids is backed by a community driven team who have banded together through a number of successful NFT projects. Together they combine their aspirations to create the ultimate community focused NFT project, which will bring great benefits to it’s holders.

Every Alpha Droid you own will give you a great chance to get exclusive and amazing benefits. Read on to learn about the 5 huge benefits we can offer you.

Alpha Droids Mission

Here at Alpha Droids our Mission is to build a strong community to join us on our journey into the Metaverse. Our team is made of NFT enthusiasts who all have prior experience of working for successful NFT projects. The team all share the same vision to bring value and utility to all of our holders. This is why we are re-investing 35% of our total revenue back into the community. Through this re-investment, we plan to bring you the following benefits.

Benefit #1: 70 ETH worth of NFT giveaways to our loyal community!

Yes you read correctly! Many lucky Alpha Droid holders will have the opportunity to win 70 ETH worth of awesome NFTs! Some of these NFTs that will be given away will be life changing. We are thinking NFTs such a MAYC BAKC and others! If you would like to see how awesome it would be, to be part of the BAYC community you can have a look here.

A large portion of the money we are re-investing, will go towards the purchase of these NFTs to give back to our amazing community. These NFTs will then be raffled to lucky Alpha Droids holders.

For the raffle, every Alpha Droids NFT you own will act as 1 raffle ticket for this incredible opportunity. Therefore if you hold 5 Alpha Droid NFTs, then you get 5 entries into this competition! With a collection of only 5,555, this gives you FANTASTIC odds.

We are so excited to have the opportunity to change so many lives in this process!

Benefit #2: Additional NFT raffles for our holders

Depending how much is leftover from the initial amount to be held for raffles, this Ethereum will be used to purchase additional NFT’s, which we will raffle off in the same fashion as benefit #1.

The full details for the additional prizes will be announced in due course. Naturally, the giveaways are subject to change based upon market conditions at the time. Due to the high value of our prizes, each Alpha Droid holder will need to be verified and will need to adhere to the giveaway rules set for each competition. Full details will be announced ahead of each competition in our Discord. These prizes will be exclusive for our “diamond hands” holders to encourage our family to stick together to “help us all get there” #WAGMI

Benefit #3: Expansion into Sandbox Metaverse

Our expansion into the Sandbox Metaverse will be our main focus at Alpha Droids. We will develop a Play 2 Earn (P2E) game that will reward the Alpha Droids community and players with $SAND. We will purchase land in the Sandbox Metaverse at set points through our Roadmap. After 100% sell out, we will expand our game development team to start the creation of our own Sandbox environment, Voxel assets & P2E game.

Benefit #4: FREE Alpha Droids Voxel Avatars

All Alpha Droid NFT holders will receive 1 FREE Alpha Droid Voxel avatar. There will be 5 different VX avatars available for our members. Depending on what criteria you meet, will determine which of the 5 VX avatars you will receive. More to follow on this later.

Each VX avatar can either be used within the Sandbox Metaverse and Alpha Droids P2E game, or sold within the Sandbox Marketplace for $SAND.

Benefit #5: Earn $SAND

Our vision is for the whole Alpha Droids community to have access to the huge benefits that Sandbox has to offer, both in the form of P2E gaming and access to the Sandbox marketplace. More to follow on this later.

Alpha Droids Value

Alpha Droids is all about bringing value to our members. To achieve this we have set a low collection quantity to ensure exclusivity and set a lower than average mint price at 0.055ETH. In addition to this, we have assigned a larger than average project stake directly back into a project wallet. Our project wallet stake is set at 35% (bringing in 106ETH upon 100% sell out), these funds will be used to purchase the Sandbox lands, compensate our early Sandbox creators and to purchase some incredible NFTs to raffle to the lucky members of our community.

How to get your Alpha Droid NFT

You will soon be able to mint your Alpha Droid from our official Alpha Droid mint site. The site is currently under construction, so please wait for the official link to be posted on our Twitter profile and within the #Links channel in Discord.

After mint, the Alpha Droid collection will be listed on OpenSea. Here, you will be able to purchase Alpha Droid NFTs that are listed for sale on the secondary market. Once again, please only use our official links to our OpenSea collection. The links will be included in our Twitter profile and within the #Links channel in Discord.

Custom merch

We already have an agreement in place to offer all Alpha Droids holders with custom merch. You can have your Alpha Droid on a wide range of goodies from, stickers, to hoodies and sweaters. This will all be offered to you at cost! See below for some cool examples of how to showcase your Alpha Droid.

Alpha Droids Future

Alpha Droids future plans will include building a number of attractive and well situated Sandbox environments along with a variety of unique VX content. This will bring opportunities for our members to gain VX content, which can be traded for $SAND within the Sandbox marketplace. Our holders will also have access to Play2Earn, whereby they can win more $SAND. $SAND can also be staked, to earn more $SAND! Our project will also gain revenue from the public playing and using our Sandbox environments. And on top of all this, Alpha Droids will be in a great position to attract partnerships from well known brands from all over the globe, who are looking to get into the Metaverse.

Roadmap 2022

25% — Purchase 1×1 Sandbox land

50% — Purchase remaining Sandbox land (Up to a 10ETH allocation)

75% — Introduce custom merch line-up, start BAYC bids

100% — Purchase NFTs used for holder raffles

Shortly after 100% Mint sales

Start to run our raffles (1x Alpha Droids NFT = 1x Raffle Ticket)

Airdrop Alpha Droids VX avatars to all holders

Compensate our early VX creators

Expand Sandbox development team

Meet The Team

Feel free to follow the team on Twitter. Reach out and say hello — we’re a friendly bunch. In addition to these people below, our team also consists of a concept artist, front end dev (Anon) and marketing advisor (Anon). You can read our Meet the Team here.

Founder: Sir Markalot (Mark)

Lead Community Manager: Doony25 (Dany)

Digital Artist: Kimmy

ACT NOW: Follow Alpha Droids on Twitter NOW!



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