Angrymals: Aim, Smash, and Repeat with this PvP Video Game

Love Angry Birds and Worms? Then the Angrymals video game is right up your alley! A free-to-play, PvP tactical video game, Angrymals follows a simple concept—throw junk, wreck things, and repeat. In development since 2015, the game is available on both Google Play and App Store. 

The Angrymals video game will soon drop its first NFT collection.

Sionera Entertainment, a boutique Italian game studio, is developing the game. After blockchain game publisher, Catheon Gaming acquired the studio in January 2022, the team is now focusing on turning the game into a blockchain-based, play-to-earn game. 

Angrymals: The gameplay explained

Essentially, Angrymals is a turn-based action game where two players go head-to-head. As it takes inspiration from angry Birds, the gameplay is quite simple and easy to learn. Basically, every team gets three animals. Your aim is to bring down the other team’s animals’ HP to zero. 

You can build your own fortresses to keep the animals in and then shoot when it’s your turn. Just as in Angry Birds, you can drag and release to aim and shoot weapons. The weapons will first destroy the fortress and then the animals. The weapons range from bizarre items like exploding rubber chickens to sperm whales!

Prior to the match, you can assign a weapon of choice to each of your Angrymals. Although the game is easy to play, skill and strategy are important to master the game. Therefore, you must carefully pick the weapons based on the four damages they can inflict—Impact, Fire, Electricity, and Explosion.

The NFTs in the collection feature creative artworks.

P2E ecosystem: NFTs and tokens

As the Angrymals video game works on its P2E integration, the game is all set to drop its first NFT collection. The Banner NFT collection will include a total of 8,888 NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The NFTs will drop mid this month at a mint price of 1 SOL each. These NFTs are crucial to the game as only holders will gain access to the P2E mechanics. You’ll only be able to exchange your in-game rewards for tokens if you have the NFTs. 

Then, the Angrymals team will hold a major IDO (Initial DEX Offering) early next month. This is when they will launch the Chaos Orbs token, the game’s main currency. You can buy the token in the market or earn it as a reward by topping leaderboards, through events and giveaways, and staking. You can use the token to buy NFTs, Chaos Chests, merge NFTs, staking, and more.

Chaos Shards are the second currency (off-chain) of the game, mainly important for accessing the game’s P2E capabilities. In other words, you can bet a particular amount of Chaos Shards in PvP games, where the winner takes it all. You can also use them to pay fees for tournament entry, among other uses. You can earn the Shards by participating in a slew of in-game activities. This includes login streaks, activity bonuses, winning PvP matches, participating in competitive tournaments, promotional events, and more. Besides, only Angrymals NFT holders can convert their Chaos Shards into Chaos Orbs.

All in all, Angrymals is an exciting game. With P2E integration, the game is only bound to get better! To learn more about the game, head over to its website. You can also follow the game on Twitter and join its Discord server for more updates!

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