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❶ What are the top ten virtual currency rankings in the world

Virtual currency refers to non-real currency. Well-known virtual currencies such as Internet coins of Internet companies, Q coins of Tencent companies, Q points, coupons of Shanda companies, micro coins launched by Sina (used in micro games, Sina reading, etc.), chivalrous ingots (used in chivalrous Taoist games, etc.) ), silver pattern (used in Bixue Qingtian game), popular digital currencies in 2013 include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Unlimited Coin, Quark Coin, Zeta Coin, BBQ Coin, Penny Coin (external network), Invisible Gold Bar, Red coins, prime coins. At present, there are hundreds of digital currencies issued around the world. The legend of “bit gold, Wright silver, infinite copper, penny aluminum” is popular in the circle.
According to the notices and announcements issued by the People’s Bank of China and other departments, virtual currency is not issued by monetary authorities, does not have currency attributes such as legal compensation and mandatory, is not currency in the true sense, and does not have legal equivalent to currency. Status, can not and should not be used as currency in the market, citizen investment and trading virtual currency are not protected by law.
Response time: 2021-01-19, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank for the latest business changes.
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❷ Digital Currency Transaction Ranked

The ranking of digital currency exchanges from low to high includes Bithumb, OKXE, Binance Binance, BitMEX, and Biying National Station.

1. Bithumb

Bithumb is the largest digital currency exchange in South Korea and the top ten exchanges in the world in terms of transaction volume, with a daily transaction volume of more than 13,000 bitcoins, accounting for about 10,000 bitcoins in the world. 10% of coin trading volume. It promises to provide the lowest fees in the world, Bithumb owns 75.7% of the Korean Bitcoin market and 10% of the global Bitcoin market, and 50% of the Korean Ethereum market.


1. Asset security is very critical, you can distribute your bitcoins through exchanges, online wallets, hardware wallets and paper wallets Or other currencies so that in the event of a hack or loss, all assets are not lost. The key information should never be placed in mailboxes or other insecure online software.

2. Whether it is EOS, ETC, BTC, LTC, etc., or other platform currencies, in addition to bitcoin itself has been endowed with the properties of digital currency gold, other currencies are more related to The application of the blockchain industry is related to the implementation. Pay more attention to and analyze the trend of the blockchain industry and ecological construction, so as to return to the original intention of blockchain value investment, and it will also be a way to avoid risks.

❸ Global Existing Digital Currency Ranking List

It is not easy to post the ranking list. As of July 22, let me tell you about the top six .
1, Bitcoin 2, Onecoin 3, Ethereum 4, Steam Coin 5, Ripple 6, Litecoin
The first Bitcoin, just after almost nine years, has been popular The fried is too high, not suitable for the public.
The second place OneCoin has been running for a year and nine months, and it is still in the initial stage. I have been working on OneCoin. From the analysis of income and the company’s situation, OneCoin is more suitable for ordinary people to invest in. of.

❹ Top 10 Safest Blockchain Wallets

With the rise of blockchain technology, various digital currencies have sprung up like mushrooms after rain. After seeing the popularity of Bitcoin, many investors also turned to the currency circle from the stock market and the real estate market. Playing coins and speculating coins are inseparable from blockchain wallets. To evaluate the quality of a blockchain wallet, the first and foremost is security. Nothing is more important than account security. The products in the top 10 most secure blockchain wallets list do just that, and convenience and speed are meaningless without security.
The most secure blockchain wallet list
1.Bitcoin core
4.Bitcoin wallet
5.Quick wallet
6 .Sia UI
7.Ledger Nano S
8.IDC Wallet
Bitcoin core is one of the earliest wallets and is currently the most mainstream wallet. Almost everyone who plays Bitcoin uses it. It is very functional and can query information such as blocks, transactions, public and private keys, etc. Moreover, Bitcoin core can also encrypt the wallet, which is very secure. However, Bitcoin core only supports the PC side, and it is a full-node wallet with a node size of 150GB, which requires high computer hard disk space.
Blockchain is also a wallet dedicated to Bitcoin. Its size is only 50M. Although it is a light wallet, it has many functions. It not only supports the storage of Ethereum and Bitcoin, but also comes with a mnemonic. Even if you forget all the ID and password, you can restore funds and transaction information through the mnemonic. However, Blockchain only supports ios devices on the mobile side, users who use Android or PC.�� can log in to the web version.
SafeWallet is the latest wallet launched in 2018, from the domestic Internet company Cheetah Mobile. The features of SafeWallet are the same as its name, with a three-layer solid defense system to protect your digital currency assets at all times. SafeWallet supports a lot of currencies, and it can be used by both ios and android users. However, this is only released overseas, and domestic users need “micro-approval” to use it.
Although the interface of Bitai Wallet is a little simple and has less functions, it combines the characteristics of cold wallet and hot wallet. It can not only be isolated from the network, but also perfectly protect the security of the private key, and it takes up less space and can be operated on the mobile phone. The cold mode protects the private key, and the hot mode sends and receives transactions, taking into account both security and convenience. Moreover, the development team of BitWallet attaches great importance to the user experience. As long as you give them feedback, they will be answered and solved.

❺ What are the 2016 global virtual currency rankings or the top ten coins!

The global rankings of virtual coins in 2016 are:

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ecuador, Ripple, BitShares, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, Futurecoin, Peercoin , Stellar

Number 1: Bitcoin

Since its release in 2009, Bitcoin has become the most well-known virtual currency. This virtual currency was developed by a person or organization under the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto” (whose real identity has been unknown) and is mainly used by online merchants. However, in recent years, some small brick-and-mortar merchants have also begun to accept bitcoin payments. Through complex algorithms and massive computing resources, users can obtain bitcoins through “mining”, and of course they can also buy bitcoins through exchanges or services like BitInstagnt and Coinbase. The total amount of Bitcoins that can be mined is about 21 million, and the current mining volume has exceeded 11 million. Bitcoin has caught the attention of companies such as Western Union, MoneyGram and PayPal. Sources say these services are evaluating whether to allow users to spend bitcoin on their respective platforms.

Second Place: Litecoin

Litecoin is inspired by Bitcoin (BTC) and technically has the same realization principle, the creation and transfer of Litecoin is based on a An open-source encryption protocol that is not governed by any central authority. Compared to Litecoin, which was designed to improve Bitcoin, Litecoin has three notable differences. First, the Litecoin network can process a block every 2.5 minutes (instead of 10 minutes), thus providing faster transaction confirmations. Second, the Litecoin network is expected to produce 84 million Litecoins, more than four times the amount issued by the Bitcoin network. Third, Litecoin uses the scrypt encryption algorithm first proposed by Colin Percival in its proof-of-work algorithm, which makes it easier to mine Litecoin on ordinary computers than Bitcoin. Each Litecoin is divided into 100,000,000 smaller units, defined by eight decimal places

Third Place: Ecuadorian Coins

Ecuador launched the “Electronic Currency System” in December 2014 ”

Ecuadorian currency, referred to as -EDC, it is a digital currency issued by the central bank of the Ecuadorian government. In December 2014, the Ecuadorian market was launched. In 2015, the number of members using Ecuadorian currency reached 500,000. After launching the European market and the Asian market, it has been recognized and sought after by investors and achieved a complete success. It will launch the Chinese market strongly at the end of September 2016, and will be limited to 50 million pieces in China, with a strong scarcity! This is an international hot topic with a wide following around the world. The historical Ecuadorian currency is a P2P form of digital code. The Ecuadorian currency is not issued by a specific currency institution. It is generated through a large number of calculations according to a specific algorithm. The Ecuadorian currency economy uses a distributed database composed of many nodes in the entire P2P network to confirm and record all transaction behaviors!

Decentralized encrypted digital currency has no issuer. It does not belong to any individual, institution, bank, or country, so it cannot be closed. Ecuadorian coin miners are mining 24 hours a day. Coins can be earned by completing transactions on the trading platform. Ecuador coin mining refers to the collection and sorting of transaction information that has not been recognized by the Ecuador Coin network in the past period of time through the SCRYPT algorithm, and broadcast to all nodes in the entire network. The process by which nodes recognize and receive Ecuadorian coins. Mining is the only way to issue new coins, which has a pivotal impact on issuing new coins, maintaining Ecuadorian coin payment functions, and ensuring system security.

Fourth: Ripple

Ripple (XRP), like Bitcoin, is a digital currency based on mathematics and cryptography, but unlike Bitcoin, it has no real purpose. XRP has the main bridge currency and the function of ensuring security in the Ripple system, among which the function of guaranteeing security.�� Indispensable, which requires gateways participating in the protocol to hold a small amount of XRP.

Theoretically, gateways need to buy not much XRP, and its price is very cheap, 1 XRP is only 0.4 cents (as of March 14, 2015, its price has risen to 1 cent or so). Like Bitcoin, the amount of XRP cannot be “overissued” (100 billion in total), but since a small amount of XRP is destroyed with each transaction, this means that the amount of XRP will gradually decrease. If the Ripple protocol can become the mainstream payment protocol in the world, the demand for XRP by gateways will be more extensive – the demand is strong and the number is decreasing, which will lead to the appreciation of XRP.

Fifth: BitShares

BitShares uses an architecture similar to the Bitcoin blockchain. In the Bitcoin blockchain architecture, the writing of each transaction data must come from the previous transaction data, and almost simultaneously generate a new output for the writing of future transaction data. Each output action can only be used once under certain conditions. Each transaction output contains bitcoin balance information, which proves that it can be used for future transactions. In order not to produce bitcoins out of nothing, the write value of the transaction must be greater than the output value.

Bitcoin uses a simple scripting language to evaluate transaction outputs when the balance is insufficient; however, most transaction outputs require only the holder’s cryptographic signature.

Sixth: Dogecoin

Dogecoin, some people call it “Dogecoin”, was born on December 8, 2013. Based on the Scrypt algorithm, it is the largest number of users in the world. The second largest virtual currency after Bitcoin [1]. Digital currency is a global currency initiated by private people. It does not belong to a certain country, but belongs to all mankind. It has the advantages of fast global transfer speed. For example, money can be transferred from China to the United States within a few seconds, and the cost is low, and the total amount It will not be issued arbitrarily like fiat currency, and the total amount is relatively stable.

After the launch of the Dogecoin system, due to the help of reddit (the Doge content on this website is terrifyingly flooded), the traffic has developed explosively, but within two weeks, Dogecoin has launched a special Blogs, forums, as of June 9, 2015, the market value reached 100 million. Since there is no pre-mining, the distribution of Dogecoin is fair, the culture of charity and rewarding is very popular, and the user development is astonishingly fast. On June 9, 2015, the number of Dogecoin client addresses was 1.6 million, which was more than 5 times that of Litecoin; the number of active client addresses was 196,000 for Bitcoin, 83,000 for Dogecoin, and 11,000 for Litecoin [1]; foreign twitter attention There are more than 150,000 users, which is 1.7 times that of Bitcoin and 6 times that of Litecoin. The number of Facebook likes is the same as that of Bitcoin, far exceeding that of Litecoin [2]. The daily real transaction volume has long ranked among the top three virtual currencies, which is still not achieved before the big platform [3]. The greatest value of the enterprise Internet era is the huge number of users. It took a year for the user base of Dogecoin to reach one-third of the number of users of Bitcoin and four times that of Litecoin

Seventh place: Darkcoin

The essence of dark coins is actually a special solution generated by a bunch of complex algorithms. A particular solution refers to one of the infinite (in fact, Bitcoin is finite) solutions to the system of equations. Each particular solution solves the equation and is unique. [8] Taking the RMB as an analogy, the dark currency is the serial number of the RMB. If you know the serial number on a certain banknote, you have the banknote. The mining process is to continuously seek the special solution of this equation system through the huge amount of calculation. This equation system is designed to have only 22 million special solutions, so the upper limit of Bitcoin is 22 million. [8]

To mine dark coins, you can download special dark coins computing tools, then register various cooperative mining pool websites, fill in the registered user name and password (miner user) into the calculation program, and then Click the operation to officially start. After completing the installation of the Darkcoin client, you can directly obtain a Darkcoin address. When someone pays, you only need to paste the address to others, and you can pay through the same client. After installing the Darkcoin client, it will be assigned a private key and a public key. You need to back up your wallet data containing your private key to ensure that your property is not lost. If unfortunately the hard drive is completely formatted, personal dark coins will be completely lost.

❻ xcoin, a well-known website for virtual currency rankings

A foreign virtual currency market value ranking ranking query website, only supports English page query.

At present, the more popular virtual currencies in the market are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Fuyuancoin, Dogecoin, and Ripple.

Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables an entirely new payment system and a fully digital currency. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network controlled by its users without a central authority or intermediary. From a user’s point of view, Bitcoin is a lot like�� Cash on the Internet. Bitcoin can also be seen as the most prominent three-entry bookkeeping system out there.

Litecoin is an unsuccessful experiment of Bitcoin, the ancestor of altcoins; Fuyuancoin is a commercial point system for the jewelry industry, an applied digital currency; Dogecoin caters to Western The demand for small reward culture; Ripple is a payment gateway, and the founder has a lot of coins.

❼ China’s Bitcoin Big Ranking

1. Li Xiaolai. According to previous news reports, Li Xiaolai holds 600 million yuan in bitcoin on Binance exchange. According to the 15-fold increase in Li Xiaolai’s wealth, his wealth reached 9 billion yuan. Li Xiaolai used to be an ordinary teacher of New Oriental. He invested in Bitcoin in the early days and established China’s status as the richest person in Bitcoin in one breath.
2, Yang Yaorui. His way of making a fortune was selling mining machines, and later he formed the ASICME team. He also participated in mining. He started mining in 2013, when Bitcoin was still easy to mine. Right now, the exact wealth is unknown.
3, Pumpkin Zhang (nickname). The 3rd person is very mysterious and no one knows his name. He invented the mining machine exclusive chip Avalon. Its position in the field of Chinese mining machine chips is unparalleled.
4. Roast cat. It’s not someone’s name, it’s the mining team’s name. In fact, this is the largest mining farm in the world, with computing power reaching one-third of the world’s computing power. Roast Cat is now a group company. The largest shareholder is “Shenzhen Bit Spring Company”, and its information is also difficult to find on the Internet.
Expansion information:
1. Development purpose: During the war, the military expenditure was huge, and in the absence of other financing methods, it was to raise funds through the issuance of war treasury bonds. Issuing war national debt is a common method used by governments in wartime, and it is also the first origin of national debt. Generally speaking, balancing fiscal revenue and expenditure can be done by increasing taxes, issuing more currency or issuing government bonds. Comparing the above three methods, increasing tax is the practice of taking what is used by the people for the people. It is a good method, but there is a certain limit to increasing tax. If the tax is too heavy and exceeds the ability of enterprises and individuals, it will not be Conducive to the development of production, and will affect future tax revenue.
2. Method: It is the most convenient way to issue additional currency, but this method is the least desirable, because the use of additional currency issuance to make up for the fiscal deficit will lead to severe inflation, which has the most severe impact on the economy. Under the circumstance that it is difficult to raise taxes and cannot issue additional currency, it is still a feasible measure to use the method of issuing government bonds to make up for the fiscal deficit. By issuing bonds, the government can absorb the idle funds of units and individuals to help the country overcome financial difficulties. However, the issuance of deficit treasury bonds must be moderate, otherwise serious deflation will also occur.

❽ What are the top ten rankings of mining apps

as follows:


Pi coin mining public chain Pi (Mainnet Pi coin) is a free mining project in the United States, the pi coin mining app has 175+ countries participating in the world, and the mobile version of Bitcoin mode, more than 1 million foreign miners are mining Pi wildly, just now Introduced into the country! pi coin mining is about to open over-the-counter trading.

❾ Anhui completely shut down virtual currency mining projects, Bitcoin is a Western financial routine

This estimate is illegal It

❿ Top 10 eth mining pools in China

1, Ethereum
It is the world’s leading bitcoin data service provider and mining pool and Wallet solution provider. Starting in 2015, the team started with industry infrastructure such as block explorers and worked to build new standards in various sub-fields. Brands can be seen in wallets, mining pools, market quotations, information and other fields.
2. F2Pool
F2Pool is one of the largest mining pools of Bitcoin and Litecoin mining systems in China. Data shows that Fishpond is currently the second largest mining pool in the world, second only to Ant Pool.
3. Qian Yin
Biyin was established in November 2017 by the original core team. The team’s products and technical output now serve most of the bitcoin computing power of the entire network; multiple products have been built within two years, spanning multiple vertical fields such as blockchain browsers, mining pools, and wallets. Biyin Mining Pool is a professional mining pool that supports mining of all mainstream currencies. Currently supported currencies include: BTC, BCH, BSV, ZEC, LTC, ETH, DCR, DASH, XMR.
4. Huobi Pool
Huobi Pool is the world’s first mining pool platform integrating digital asset mining and trading. It adopts a new distribution model FPPS based on the POW mining mechanism. Most mining pools in the market use the traditional PPS settlement and distribution model. In contrast, Huobi’s FPPS model reduces miners’ packaging fees, and each miner can increase profits by about 5%. Through this move, Huobi Mining Pool differentiates it from other mining pools and attracts miners to settle in.
5. Antminer Pool
Antminer Pool is an efficient digital currency mining pool developed by BitTaiwan using a large amount of resources. Committed to providing miners with a more friendly interface, more complete functions, more usage aspects, and more abundant and transparent benefits. Contribute more to the development of currency. Antminer Pool is an efficient digital currency mining pool, dedicated to providing miners with a more friendly interface, better functions, more convenient use and more abundant and transparent benefits. AntPool provides Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum mining services for a variety of digital currencies, and supports PPS, PPLNS, SOLO and other payment methods.
6. Microbit
Microbit is a professional digital currency technology service provider. Its services include digital currency trading platforms, digital currency mining pools, and cloud mining contracts. Founded in May 2016, the Bitcoin mining pool was launched in June of the same year, and cloud mining products were launched in November. In March 2017, Webit received 20 million yuan in Series A financing led by BitTaiwan to expand its exchange business. In June, Webit will launch a digital currency trading platform.
7. 58COIN&1THash
58COIN&1THash is a business under 58COIN. 58COIN relies on mining pools to build bit computing power. This is a new business jointly prepared by 58COIN and mining machine manufacturers, mining pools and miners. Users only need to pay mining machine fees, electricity fees, and management fees to enjoy stable mining services. Users can view it in the background at any time. The current business is mining machine sales and hosting, mining machine leasing and standard cloud computing services.
8. Binance Mining Pool
The current mining pool pattern is mainly divided into three categories. The first category is Bitcoin POW mining pools, including mining pools, Yinbi, and Bitmain’s ant mining pools; the second category is other mining pools, such as Ethereum mining pools and Spark mining pools; the third category is exchange mining pools Pools, such as Huobi Pool, OK Pool, Binance Pool. As the “digital economic operating system” of the new world, Binance is in the field of digital asset trading and circulation, in the field of blockchain market education, in the field of decentralized circulation exploration, the asset circulation platform in the field of cloud computing, in the field of market and digital assets. In the field of data, in the field of financial derivatives, and other ecosystems, they have achieved good results and created global influence. Of course, for the real economy in the field of blockchain and digital economy, the “cloud computing power platform”, that is, the mining pool, Binance has also created another “commercial connotation” in a very short period of time.
9. OKEXPool
In the published data, OKExPool has rapidly developed from a market share of about 0% in October 2019 to the sixth largest mining pool in terms of market share. However, on the hashrate trend curve, OKExPool saw a sharp decline in hashrate in January 2020. Some market participants told PANews that it is speculated that the reason for the rapid decline of OKExPool’s computing power may be the addition of more centralized small mining farms, and there is currently a lack of investors to join the computing power structure.
Although exchanges are generally newcomers to the mining pool field, the mining pool business held by exchanges still has certain natural advantages over traditional companies.
After years of stable operation, the Lybit mining pool was originally a private mining pool with the largest computing power in the entire network. Now for the market ether, all miners are sincerely invited to share the mining benefits brought by their technology. The newly upgraded Lebit mining pool system is more in line with customer needs, with richer content and easier operation.


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