The Dope Heads Utility-based Metaverse NFT project

Nft’s for artists, musicians, and the creative mindset 

Are you a go getter, artist, musician, or create thinker? Have you pondered NFT’s and cryptocurrency, pushing your brain beyond the standard “inside the box” income earning mindset? If so, you’ve come to the right discord. Welcome to Dope Heads NFT, the DOPEST NFT’s in the metaverse . At Dope Heads NFT we are all about taking alternative income and art to the next level. In addition, we are proud to support the efforts to help free non-violent drug offenders. We believe in freedom for all and the pursuit of your artistic passions.

Our team of highly motivated and digitally talented artists have come together to create unique, one of kind NFT’s that reflect a new generation of critical thinking artists. We believe in expressing ones self through art, and what better way than with the acquisition of your own Dope Heads NFT. Have fun, learn more about NFT’s and Dope Heads designs, and enjoy your journey. Heck, you may even make some money along the way. A lot of money.

Nft Discords And Who To Follow In 2022- Why Dope Heads Nft May Be The Discord You’ve Been Searching For

New to NFT’s and crypto? Don’t know where to start or how this all works? You are not alone, even we at Dope Heads NFT began searching in the dark for new and alternative ways to express our art and make money while doing it. We watched the market, did our research, and followed some of the most well-known discords around. Discords such as Crypto BaristasMeta GenerationOpenSea, and NFT Hideout have been keeping the public in the know about NFT’s. Dope Heads came into the game to take NFT’s and art to the next level.

Dopeheads helping dopeheads

The team will donate one-quarter of the earnings from the sale of Dope Heads NFTs to organizations designed to help non-violent drug offenders and their families.

The first – the idea for The Dopey Foundation sprung from the Dopey Podcast. The podcast’s mission has been to create a space for addicts that deals with addiction and recovery in a non judgemental way that helps to end the stigma and develops community. Much of the community has had occasion in their lives to interact with the legal system. The 501C3 is currently being formed to support to addicts and alcoholics in their struggles.

Dope Heads’ partnership with Houston based non-profit, Legends and Legacies is unique and offers direct aid to his Houston community. “I have known Bryan for years and we are excited to be working with his team,” says Marilyn Gambrell, Founder of the organization. Legends and Legacies, supports children who have experienced parental addiction and incarceration. The money donated will be used to hire staff to do the training our organization provides – everything these kids miss out on. “We will hire some of our students who are now young adults and went through our program. That is the joy to see them running the classes. Money from the Dope Heads donations will support our infrastructure. We will also commit to college scholarships for our children. Due to the consequences of COVID and how it has impacted our community, we will continue to provide food drives, personal hygiene items, vaccines, testing and more,” adds Ms. Gambell.

The message is underlined by partners, Moon Harvest LLC. CEO Marco Parada (then known as rapper Merciless) was the leader of seminal Chicano rap group, FUNKY AZTECS. As with Bryan Theriot, Parada was a pioneer, not only in music, but also in Cannabis and was arrested in 2008, pre-legalization and decriminalization. He now processes Hemp and creates CBDA products that promise to aid in the fight against Covid-19. His participation in the DopeHeads project makes sense, “I am blessed and happy to be sharing those blessings with those in need,” he says about the project.


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