Another NFT Whale Gets Targeted By NFT Scam, This Time It’s A Cool Cat

Another NFT whale, this time, @hoffcolors on Twitter, has had their wallet hacked. This particular hack involved the stealing of a Cool Cats, an Azuki, and 2 BEANZ NFTs. Unfortunately, this is one of many hacks we’ve seen in recent times.

The NFT space has been filled with hacks, and many whales have fallen victim to them.

The Hack of this NFT Whale

The latest case of an NFT wallet hack sees NFT whale, @hoffcolors as the victim. He has admitted that “it seems to be GG” for him, meaning that he feels there is no way in receiving the stolen NFTs back. The stolen NFTs were an Azuki, Two BEANZ and his Cool Cats, #6480, which still remains his profile picture. This hack took place on a site called swaptic, but was in fact a fake link. After looking at the site, it “seemed legitimate”, said hoff. He hoped to trade a rare Acrocalypse for a Deadfellaz and 0.5 ETH, as part of his very first trade, however that did not go to plan. Despite being very careful in this case, and others, the victim claimed, his beloved NFTs were stolen shortly after the trade officially went through.

You can read the full thread with more details here. The thread ended in a nice way, with hoff saying: “I am healthy. My family is healthy. My girlfriend and friends are healthy, my cat is healthy. This is what I am grateful for at this moment.”


What to Learn from Hacks

Of course, the obvious message from hacks is to stay safe, and protect yourself. But sometimes these pieces of information are too broad, and won’t help at all. In this case, Swaptic wasn’t a scam site, and it was just a phishing link that was used.

What may be best, after seeing so many scams in a similar fashion with NFT whales and others as victims, is to not trade NFTs on any external platforms or sites. What is the safest thing to do is work trades into private sales on OpenSea, until a better solution comes around for trading valuable NFTs.

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