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(1) Since the Ant Blockchain uses technology to solve the trust problem, I wonder if it is convenient to use

The Ant Blockchain application that is closest to the public is the product tracking and traceability plan. With the “ID card”, one item, one code to ensure that consumers have doubts when purchasing. This is how Ant Chain uses technology to solve the long-standing trust problem of merchants, users, regulatory authorities, etc., and the query is very simple. Ant Blockchain provides Alipay entrance, and sellers only need to use Alipay’s swipe function to view Official traceability information, it is simple and convenient to check whether the merchant is reliable or not.

㈡ Is it really authentic with this certification (ant blockchain traceability)?

No, it can only prove that the product has a traceable identification (ID), if it is assumed that all Counterfeit and shoddy goods cannot obtain this identification, so all genuine products have traceable IDs.

And the binding between a traceability identifier and a commodity is not unique and unbreakable! The key is that the logo is connected to the block, but the product is not! That is to say, a logo can also be used for counterfeiting. Increasing the difficulty of marking can raise the threshold for counterfeiting, but it cannot completely eliminate it!

Blockchain can only protect digital assets. If you want to protect commodities, the higher the social cost, the more difficult it will be to overcome. Because commodity protection requires socially relevant inputs. In fact, this matter is purely hype in the concept of block chain connection! Without block connection, the classic technology stack has many solutions for traceable identification!

Is blockchain + anti-counterfeiting traceability necessary?

Blockchain is a new type of application of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, etc. It is a series of data blocks associated with cryptographic methods. Each data block contains a change of hands. or transaction information.

It can be used in the food sector so that each party in the supply chain (producer, processor and distributor) can provide traceability information about their specific role (e.g. date, location, farm construction, distribution channels).

At present, among the many application fields of blockchain, blockchain food traceability and anti-counterfeiting is one of the most promising blockchain fields.

The reasons can be summarized in three aspects:

First, for consumers, the technology will meet the growing demand for transparency of food quality;

Secondly, for food suppliers (breeders), this is a means to demonstrate the high quality and professionalism of their products;

Third, the technology is easy to popularize and use, and the outer packaging of each product All will include a QR code that consumers can scan with their smartphones without the need to purchase additional equipment.

㈢ In which scenarios is the Ant Blockchain used?

Many companies, agencies, etc. have opaque and unsmooth information, which makes it difficult for consumers or brand companies to accurately understand relevant matters situation and existing problems, thus affecting the efficiency of the supply chain. Therefore, it is precisely with the help of the characteristics of ant blockchain that it cannot be tampered with, cannot be denied, and is easy to trace, it has helped industries such as logistics, justice, and finance to solve practical problems. To give a relatively common example, if someone’s work is stolen by others and wants to protect their copyright, they can use AntChain to intervene in a lawsuit, which saves time, effort and cost compared with the previous traditional methods, and creators can also have no worries and protect their rights. No longer afraid of bumping into walls.

㈣ The concept of Ant Blockchain is too abstract. I wonder what applications Ant Blockchain has in the financial field.

Take SME loans as an example. The collection of accounts and the lack of fixed assets lead to too narrow and single financing channels. This also happens to be in line with the characteristics of Ant Chain, such as non-tampering, non-repudiation, and easy traceability, so as to make use of the “credit circulation” platform built by the double chain. For example, Hello Travel and Bank of Shanghai have cooperated to access the “Dual Chain Link” of Ant Chain. Using the “credit circulation” platform built by Shuangliantong, small and medium-sized enterprises in the upstream and downstream of Hello Travel’s entire supply chain can rely on the credit circulation of the core enterprise Hello Travel to obtain financing support.

㈤How to look at the traceability of the ant blockchain

The traceability of the ant blockchain still has certain development prospects.

Blockchain traceability needs to anchor the relationship between the physical and the digital world, but each link can only operate on their own parallel lines, and it is difficult to achieve absolute traceability. Moreover, the corresponding nodes of the ant traceability blockchain solution can only be deployed on Alibaba Cloud.

It is fully managed by a third party of Ant Technology and cannot be deployed in upstream and downstream or industrial and commercial regulatory agencies, and the ability to decentralize and prevent tampering has degraded one step further. This solution should be a way of brand gain.

traceability service overview:

ant blockchain traceability service.The consortium blockchain technology for traceability scenarios developed by the Ant Blockchain BaaS platform. Ant blockchain traceability service uses blockchain and Internet of Things technology to track and record the circulation chain of tangible commodities or intangible information.

The data about product characteristics, such as product quality information, logistics information, quality inspection information, etc., can not be tampered with and registered on the blockchain, which solves the problem of information islands, poor information flow, and lack of information transparency. industry issues.

Ant blockchain traceability service establishes a special entrance for brand enterprise users and independent software manufacturers who have blockchain traceability requirements, providing simple operation procedures and convenient background management, and guiding them to quickly realize business Demand, to achieve brand credit enhancement through blockchain, and at the same time combine marketing to accurately reach end users.

㈥ The characteristics of the Ant Blockchain are obvious, so what are the outstanding advantages in copyright protection?

For example, for example, Ant Blockchain applies blockchain technology in the “Seller Show”. In terms of protection, it provides merchants with one-stop online self-service services such as image ownership confirmation, infringement evidence collection and evidence verification. Simply put, copyright protection information can be registered and uploaded to the chain within 1 second, forming reliable electronic data evidence. Other people’s affairs can no longer be covered up. If you still don’t understand, please feel free to ask questions.

㈦ What is the use of the ant blockchain, and what are the benefits for ordinary people?

After reading your question, I must I want to talk about one thing that almost everyone has experienced. In the past, if you wanted to go out to do errands, not only did you have a lot of documents, but if you brought one less, it would be a waste of time, and it was a waste of energy and time. So a company called Nanwei Software Electronic License Platform and Ant Blockchain Technology cooperated to create a license pass platform, so that people can complete related affairs through Alipay client applet or other online channels, and even complete the whole process online. The approval can be completed without meeting, which not only benefits the people, but also improves the service efficiency of government agencies, making it simpler and more efficient.

㈧ Can you give specific examples of how Ant Blockchain is applied to small and medium-sized enterprises?

Ant Blockchain is still very attentive to helping small and medium-sized enterprises go on the chain, so I will use them to launch The open alliance chain for small and medium-sized enterprises has lowered the threshold for the chain to several thousand yuan, which I think is really good. Dozens of solutions have been deposited on the open alliance chain, covering supply chain finance, logistics, public welfare and other fields. Developers can develop an application system like building blocks, and can quickly deploy only by selecting corresponding modules according to business characteristics. This brings a more timely, lower cost, and more efficient business network, and the operation is very simple, and it can be linked quickly. All these accurate coverage can only be achieved by the guaranteed and powerful Ali blockchain.

㈨ I have never understood the use of Ant Blockchain. How does it help in the financial field?

Take the dual-chain communication platform as an example, using the technical characteristics of Ant Blockchain, Supply chain finance can better cover the entire chain: after the chain is launched, the entire financing flow process will be clearly traced and cannot be tampered with, which also eliminates risks such as misappropriation of funds. Blockchain is the infrastructure of multi-party collaboration and consensus, and Shuangliantong is a supply chain collaboration network. Banks, credit enhancement agencies, core enterprises, suppliers, small and micro enterprises and other service providers can form a new contract mechanism based on trust. It can be said that in the field of supply chain, all parties in the entire chain, including banks, credit enhancement institutions, core enterprises, and ultimately small and micro businesses, are all beneficiaries.


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