Apple mobile phone download cold wallet video

① How to download the video in the video account on the iPhone

  • One step is to search for the file Almighty King app on the app store, and download it after finding it.

② How to download a cold wallet on an iPhone

Go to Apple’s Appstore to download it! Enter your username and your password to download! Then log in to the new wallet.

③ How to download and save the video in the iPhone

How to download the official account video on the iPhone? Want to save the video in the official account to your phone, but don’t know how to do it? This article brings you a detailed introduction to the method of saving the official account video on the Apple mobile phone to the mobile phone. Interested friends come and learn about it.
How to save the official account video to the mobile phone of Apple mobile phone
1. The first step is to search for the file Almighty King app on the app store, and download it after finding it.

2. Open the app after the download is complete, and then there is a browser button below it, remember it well.

3. Open WeChat, and then enter a WeChat official account, which is the WeChat official account article of the audio or video you want to download. Take the lazy person listening to the book public account as a demonstration.

4. After entering, you can see that there is an audio in this article. To download this as an example, first click the three dots in the upper right corner and click the copy link.

5. After copying the link, open the downloaded file Almighty King app, and then click the browser button below. After entering, you can see the address bar above, and paste the link you just copied (press and hold the address) The paste button appears in the bar) and then open it, you will see the WeChat article of the voice we just want to download.

6. You can see that there is a download button below, but it cannot be clicked when it is not on, so you want to play the voice, and you find that after you click to play, the download button below keeps fluctuating, which means that you can download This voice, click the download icon.

7. After clicking, there will be a prompt to enter a new file name. You can name the file arbitrarily. After the naming is completed, click OK to start the download. Return to the home page, there is a download folder, and you can see it when you open it. The downloaded voice and video, so that you can download the video and voice you like on WeChat to here in the future, and you can use it at any time without consuming data.

The above is the method shared by Scripting House for you to save the official account video to the mobile phone on the Apple mobile phone, I hope it can help you,

④ Apple How to download wemix wallet on mobile phones

Apple download software directly go to the app store to search and download, if not, you can go to a third-party assistant, such as Aisi Assistant, or go to the official software platform, find the Apple download channel, and use the description File download this software, I hope it can help you.

⑤ How to download video to iPhone

The easiest way to add a recording pill or other screen recording software.

⑥ How to download videos for iPhone for free

You can download videos on some free websites. Generally, many websites can download videos.

⑦ iPhone how to download video to local

tools/raw materials

iPhone model iPhone8

iPhone system Version ios11.4.1

The specific steps for downloading videos to the local Apple mobile phone:

1. Open the [Documents] application

⑧ How to save the video downloaded by Apple mobile phone to the mobile phone album

Required tools: iphone6s mobile phone

Specific operation steps:

1. Unlock iphone6s After the phone goes to the home screen page, find and open the application [QQ].

⑨ Where can I view the videos cached on the iPhone

in the Photos app. Taking Apple X as an example, and iOS12.1 as the system, the way to view is as follows:

1. Open the mobile phone desktop directly, and click the object to enter.

⑩ The detailed process of how to download videos on iPhone

Itunes has to be turned over every time it is synchronized because you have not set it up. Things The original is better. It is better not to download the third-party software from the mobile phone itself, and use the apple on the mobile phone directly.
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