Apple version blockchain app download ranking

❶ What blockchain apps are there

Blockchain apps include: NetEase Planet Base, Digital Chain App, Lianxiang Finance, Time Forest Blockchain Trading Platform, Blockchain Electronic Wallet, Ostrich Blockchain, GXS Wallet, Coin Wallet, Youling Wallet.

V. Youling Wallet

Youling App, to create a personal-centered value exchange network and ecology, and create a decentralized interactive entertainment and district for the whole people Blockchain new economic platform.

Youling App adopts a decentralized and open model, allowing individuals (third-party developers) to develop various applications based on the Youling open platform. Each user can freely choose an application to build his own homepage, including but not limited to: Not limited to: souvenirs, live broadcast, sharing, community, service sales, commodity sales.

❷ What are some of the more famous blockchain apps? I heard that blockchain is very popular recently, can anyone help answer the questions?

A few famous blockchain apps are listed:
Network Leitz Dog, Network Totem, Network Degree Universe, 360 Graphics, NetEase Planet, Xiaomi Crypto Rabbit, Virtual Earth, Brock City DreamWorld…
Of course, this is only a part, many interested can go by themselves Search

❸ What are the blockchain software apps

ChainStore blockchain application store, it is a professional application that integrates all mainstream applications of blockchain and currency circles shop. It integrates exchanges, wallets, market software, tool software, blockchain information, blockchain games, industry applications, etc.

❹ What are the blockchain and digital currency application apps

ChainStore is a professional application store that integrates all mainstream applications of blockchain and currency circles. It integrates exchanges, wallets, market software, tool software, blockchain information, blockchain games, industry applications, etc.
Compared with other application stores, ChainStore can not only download blockchain industry applications, but also browse the latest airdrop candy information and high-quality blockchain projects. Integrated service app.

❺ Blockchain public chain ranking (public chain speed ranking)

Before October 2018, the fastest seems to be Ripple, second only to EOS, After October, these public chains were basically silent in terms of speed, because Bitconch, based on many technical advantages, reached 120,000 TPS, which made the application possible. Therefore, the fastest public chain in the world is the fastest public chain in the world, and it can be said to be the leader.

❻ What are the blockchain information apps

98 Finance is a one-stop service app focusing on blockchain industry information, real-time market viewing, and project value analysis. Adhering to the principle of objectivity/neutrality, help more users enter/understand the blockchain industry!

❼ What blockchain apps are there

What blockchain apps are there? I know the following:

NetEase Planet

The blockchain APP launched by NetEase is one of the few blockchains that can be traded on digital currency exchange platforms. Log in every day to receive the force value, and NetEase will also regularly release some additional tasks, and you can also get the force value by completing these tasks.


Singapore’s insurance blockchain APP, this application is simpler than Laizdog and Netease Planet, InsurWallet will mine every day, and then generate corresponding Insur coins, At present, the new version has added a sign-in function, which can increase the computing power. At the same time, inviting friends to participate can also increase the computing power.

Online Lacigo

Lacigo does not have an independent APP, it is directly embedded in the web wallet. If you want to play, you need to download the web wallet . Each user can receive two Lace Dogs for free in the online wallet, and at the same time log in and sign in every day to get calculus points, which can be used to buy Lace Dogs.

Gongxinbao Brock City APP

This requires a mobile phone number and ID card. If you want to dig more mines, you also need to bind Taobao account, Alipay, Jingdong account and so on. It is really troublesome to use!

Of course there are many other blockchain APPs, which will not be introduced here. You can find a lot of them on the Internet!

❽ What are the current blockchain projects or APPs

I now have a new project, which is safe and stable, and needs a private area

❾ Top 10 Blockchain Apps

①Cellular Mining Assistant
②FAF Blockchain
③Moro Mining
④Blockchain Diary
⑤GNC Block Chain
⑥Beishu Blockchain
⑦ Heard about Blockchain
⑧Blockchain Mining Community
⑨ A Blockchain
⑩ECDM Mining
Extension Information: Blockchain is a term in the field of information technology. It is essentially a shared database, and the data or information stored in it has the characteristics of “non-forgery”, “full traces”, “traceability”, “openness and transparency”, and “collective maintenance”. Based on these characteristics, blockchain technology has laid a solid “trust” foundation, creating a possible��’s “cooperation” mechanism has broad application prospects.
Advantages of blockchain: 1. Decentralization The blockchain uses peer-to-peer network technology to store data, uses distributed accounting and storage, and has no centralized hardware or management organization. The rights and obligations of all nodes are equal, so the downtime of any node will not affect the operation of the entire system.
2. The collective maintenance system is open, except that the private information of the transaction parties is encrypted, the system is jointly maintained by all nodes with maintenance functions, and anyone can query the blockchain data through the open interface and develop related application. Therefore, the information of the whole system is highly transparent.
3. Information cannot be tampered with. Once the information is verified and added to the blockchain, it is stored permanently. Generate an immutable, trustworthy database of chronological records to limit relevant violations. Therefore, the data stability and reliability of the blockchain are extremely high.
4. No need to trust the system Since the exchange between nodes follows a fixed algorithm, the participants do not need to trust anyone. As the number of participating nodes increases, the security of the system also increases. Therefore, the counterparty does not need to carry out their own trust through public identity, which is very helpful for the accumulation of credit.
Disadvantages of blockchain: 1. No privacy In the blockchain public chain, each participant can obtain a complete backup of the data, and all transaction data are open and transparent. If you want to know the account and transaction information of some commercial institutions, you can know all his wealth, as well as important assets and business secrets, there is no privacy at all.
2. Security Issues A major feature of blockchain technology is irreversibility and unforgeability, but only if the private key is secure. The private key is generated and saved by the user without the involvement of a third party. Once the private key is lost, nothing can be done with the account’s assets. With the development of new computing technologies such as quantum computers, asymmetric encryption algorithms may be cracked in the future, which is also a potential security threat to blockchain technology.

❿ Which blockchain apps are good

The currency circle has been in use for 3 years, Xiaolian Finance, Star Media, Mars are all in use, see more The information on several platforms is relatively reliable.


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