Arrow Glacier on the Ethernet upgrade and difficulty Square bomb

Arrow Glacier on the Ethernet upgrade and difficulty Square bomb

  Ethernet Square team has been trying to make ETH 2.0 vision to become a reality, but things are a little delayed, you may want to complete by mid-2022 launch. In order to compensate for the delay and the migration from work to prove proof of interest, Ethernet Square on December 8, 2021 proposed Arrow Glacier network upgrade that will help them achieve their goals more difficult bomb to June 2022.

  So this new Glacie update is all about, this is what the controversial difficulty bomb, this is what we want to explore today.

  What is the Arrow Glacier network upgrade?

  Square Ethernet official blog mentioned:

  In other words, Frank Ethernet network will block numbered 13,773,000 block upgrade, upgrade on Wednesday, December 8, 2021. The exact date may change due to the different blocks time and time zone.

  Let’s take a look at the importance of this announcement.

  The upgrade is following the recent upgrade of 2021’s third upgrade

  Altair, October 27 to upgrade beacon chain.

  Muir Glacier upgrade occurred in January 2021

  The famous London hard bifurcation, occurred in August 2021, where the introduction of EIP-1559 agreement deflation

  Arrow Glacier latest network upgrades, such as the Muir Glacier, will modify the parameters of the Ice Age / difficulty bomb, so as to be postponed for several months. This change will upgrade the network in Byzantium, Constantinople and London. Arrow Glacier does not introduce other changes.

  The idea is to push the bomb difficult summer of next year, in order to prevent freezing of the chain, that is, "Ice Age."

  To further understand the role of delayed implantation, we need to understand the difficulty of the concept behind the bomb.

  What is the difficulty bomb?

  Difficulty bomb but a group is added to an Ethernet Square, the main chain of the block of code to exponentially increase the difficulty level of mining, which will be difficult to keep up with the miners. It is intended to increase the block of time, which will ultimately lead to freeze the block chain.

  Difficulty bomb is a very "steep" exponential curve; it is a very long period of time is flat, then quickly play a role in the bomb "explosion."

  The bombs will only affect proof network, and therefore exists only on an Ethernet network and Ropsten Square, the main test network.

  Why first of all to the difficulty of introducing the bomb?

  Work demonstrated the difficulty of introducing Ethernet Square, the main chain idea is to facilitate the transition to proof of interest over a period of time, it further adds an extra property to force the miners to upgrade their existing node.

  Therefore, the core goal is to make the existing miners stay on the old hard work to prove chain.

  Difficulty bomb Tour

  EIP 4345:

  The current Arrow Glacier upgrade further difficulty using a bomb, representatives EIP-4345:

  What is EIP 4345?

  Delay difficulty bomb to June 2022. The EIP proposal will be more difficult later than 10,700,000 bomb blocks actual number of blocks.

  Summed up the difficulty of bombs and Arrow Glacier upgrade:

  The upgrade aims to promote ETH miners plan to migrate to a new proof of interest chain, and the current ETH network will migrate to the ETH 2.0. Ethereum is being seriously challenge the existing L1 and hierarchical block chain platform, such as Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, BINANCE SMART CHAIN, these platforms should be much better in terms of speed and scalability, and also in terms of subscriber base quickly catch up.

  Ethernet Square 2.0 of the process is delayed, the harder it is to maintain its Ethernet Square existing dominance. Let us hope that by mid-2022, Ethernet Square completely shifted in favor of the interests proof network.

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