Ask the mining change 8 burst green

1. Ask how the success rate of changing the equipment is high, and there are equipments that are changed to 8.

After changing the equipment to 4 or more, it will not go backwards. If it fails, it will only increase the degree of modification, so If you have money, you can change it all the time, and if you have money, you can change it to 8!

2. Ask how to change the equipment to 8, the success rate is high

It is as difficult as the sky, according to the statistics of the gods, the average of 2000+RMB for changing the green set to 7, and changing to 8.. . . . .
However, the equipment of 50 is not a suit, it may be easier, but it is also very difficult.
LZ calm down, how much damage can be increased by changing 7 to 8? not worth.

3. How many stones will it take to change the equipment from 6 to 8 if it is fully stacked

The chance is very low… Be careful… The change to 6 is also very good

4. Ask how to change the weapon to 8. It needs to be solved urgently

It was piled up with money. Now it can’t be bound. You can keep changing it, provided you have money.


This question should cost more than 2,000 yuan if it is full of eight piles.

6. Ask the detailed process of changing from pink to green

First, use two citrines to turn pink clothes into gold in Tianyong City, Qiaoshoufang, and Jingjinger. There is a certain chance that it will fail. The equipment is there, the yellow water is not there.
After turning golden. Just go to Wuming Town, the weapon shop, and look for Jiannuxian. Click I want to practice a set. Materials are required. 8J golden flame stone 5 + 1 green water and 16W cost. There is a certain chance of failure. The equipment is there, the materials and green water are missing.

7. Ask if the green gun will explode

Of course it will explode
If it fails before changing 3, it will not explode after changing 3
Suggestion After you change to 3, use the super spirit stone to change
Otherwise, once it explodes, the loss will not be small. .

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