Assume that the current conditions for Bitcoin mining are

❶ How to mine by yourself (into bitcoin)

The first step: prepare mining machines and mining pools

If you want to mine bitcoin, you must prepare a professional Equipment, there are already many professional mining machines on the market, and mining pools are also essential. When choosing a mining pool, you should also compare the output and income gaps of each mining pool, and then choose the most suitable one. kind of mining pool.

The electricity cost of mining bitcoin:

Mining bitcoin is mining through the specific encryption algorithm of Gao Li computer, so it is said that mining bitcoin The speed also depends on the computing power of your computer.

Since July 2018, the digital currency market has been sluggish. Bitcoin price fell from $9,000 to $6,000 in a row. It has dropped nearly 60% from the $19,000 mark at the beginning of the year. Affected by mainstream digital currencies such as Bitcoin, the bubble in the entire digital currency market was gradually burst. If each mining machine consumes 1,000 kWh of electricity per month, it is calculated at 0.35 yuan per kWh.

Every 100 mining machines need to pay 35,000 yuan per month for electricity, then the monthly profit of the miners is only 36,100 yuan, It will take 1 year to recover the cost of purchasing the mining machine. Affected by the downturn, the income of miners has also dropped sharply. According to the highest price of Bitcoin within 30 days of US$8,376, the mining revenue of every 100 mining machines has dropped sharply by about 42,300 yuan.

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❷ Bitcoin mining problems

Need to download suitable Graphics card driver and subsidy plug-in

❸ The current bitcoin mining output, how to calculate the computing power, urgently

This income is not fixed today is July 17th according to today’s In terms of difficulty, you can mine 0.019 BTC in one day. Today, the price of OKCoin exchange is 578, so your daily income in RMB is 10.982 yuan. The difficulty will increase day by day and your income will gradually decrease!

❹ The computer configuration requirements for bitcoin mining now

Brother, your laptop is also very good for mining, I am afraid that you will lose your pants.

Mining is like this.

❺ What configuration does a bitcoin mining machine need

  1. Mining requires a high-end graphics card, and mining equipment first That is to put an end to the NV graphics card. Mining is definitely mining with graphics cards. The difference between the overall structure of mining equipment and ordinary PC machines is the number of graphics cards. 4 or 8 can be installed via PIC expansion.

  2. After expansion, you need to make an expansion rack. To fix the graphics card and other equipment, get some fans on the shelf to cool the graphics card.

  3. CPU is not very important though. But don’t go lower than I5.

❻ What is the principle of Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is through mining node, and then the Bitcoin mining machine (computer) continuously consumes its own computing power in exchange for Bitcoin. In the Bitcoin system, the mining difficulty of nodes in the entire network can be dynamically adjusted through its own algorithm to ensure that every 10 minutes, a node will successfully mine, and the Bitcoin system will reward this person with a certain number of bits currency. Mining bitcoin is a relatively complicated process, but mining bitcoin generally goes through these steps, namely preparation, finding a mining pool, registering a mining pool account, setting a mining pool account, and downloading a bitcoin miner (software) , Bitcoin mining machine configuration; after the above steps, you can mine.
The content of this article comes from: China Law Publishing House “Financial Code of the People’s Republic of China: Application Edition”

❼ Requesting localities to shut down bitcoin mining projects, what kind of project is this?

Now all parts of the country are requesting to shut down related projects of bitcoin mining, because the energy consumption of bitcoin mining in the world is more than the energy consumption of Switzerland in a year, and mining is a very power-consuming activity , if it is monitored through big data, it can be monitored. In a certain residential area or a certain company, its electricity consumption is rising wildly. Normally, a company or a family uses 200 kWh of electricity a day. May use 2000 kWh of electricity.

According to the official website price of the 3060 graphics card market on the market today, the price of the graphics card should be more than 6000. This graphics card has a computing power of about 50. If this computing power is running normally, it can be used for about half a year. The price is recovered, and the rest is earned, but now the manufacturers of these graphics cards have appeared some graphics cards with locked computing power in order to limit the mining situation. If you keep the peak computing power, then it will It can be detected through big data. If you are mining, your graphics card cannot be used. Now there is already the first batch.

❽ What are the conditions for mining bitcoins

A computer is enough, the better the graphics card, the faster you can mine
Xiaobai? You can dig and play, and the investment will be waived

❾ It is reported that it takes about 12 months for bitcoin mining to pay off, and how long does it take to mine a bitcoin

It depends on your computer CPThe computation time of U, based on your internet speed. If you use an ordinary home computer, or a personal mobile phone. It is not always possible to mine a bitcoin in a year.

Unless there is a more powerful miner. Of course, this requires a higher cost investment. Unless you don’t invest in miners, but in some illegal software. Let these illegal software invade other people’s computers and mobile phones. Other people’s computers and mobile phones are used to perform a large number of Bitcoin calculations and mining. This saves the cost of mining machines, electricity and traffic costs, and heat dissipation costs. But we need to know that this is a violation of national laws. This will also make other people’s mobile phones perform a lot of calculations after they are turned on, occupying other people’s memory and making other people’s mobile phones scrapped earlier.

❿ What configuration does a bitcoin mining machine need

Many people have been delisted, tens of thousands.
The prospect is not good.
It is recommended not to go to this muddy water, the machine configuration is basically the best


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