Astral Boundary Quick Mining

『One』Where is the best place to mine astral borders

The planet on the desert surface, this planet is super easy to dig for everything, especially after digging into quicksand, because it is a funnel-shaped drop, nearby All the mines are on you. After digging in the desert for half an hour, I dug up platinum drafts, a full set of silver mines, and hundreds of iron ores. 20 diamond mines.

『崴』 Starbound mining is the easiest way to mine fast.

First open the door, lead the monster to the corner, then seal it with soil, and then You can have this “small factory with assembly line operations”. The small factory mainly produces monster claws, monster meat, and pixels. There is very little chance of dropping technology items. Raw meat can only be eaten by roasting it on the side. If you are tired of waiting, you can sleep on the bed next to you, while you are sleeping.

『三』Astral Frontier Mining Guide How to Mining Guide

Astral Frontier Mining Guide How to Mining Guide

Astral Frontier Starbound Want to get The fastest route to resources is mining. The main tool for mining is the manipulator (used by pressing the R key). There are also a number of pickaxes and drills available to harvest blocks faster with limited durability.

Players need to have basic mining skills in order to keep the mines in order. While surface caves can provide access to the depths of a planet, they are likely to quickly turn into mind-bending labyrinths.


Dig a central mine that allows the player to quickly descend from the ground. After descending a certain height, players need to lay a platform to facilitate jumping, so that it is more convenient to jump back to the surface. In addition to this, if kept at a distance, these platforms also prevent the player from falling damage when falling in the mine.

Navigation Aid

Place markers in mines or other special locations so players can find their way back. The markup can be anything as long as it is visible enough to convey the information that needs to be expressed. Some good ideas:

Arrows with colored blocks

Pixel-printed arrow logos

Animated logos

Physical Affected Blocks

Some block types are affected by gravity and will fall if not supported. Identifying these blocks and planning their collapse can effectively prevent them. On the other hand, their actions can also be exploited, since once these blocks are dropped, all the ore in the blocks can be harvested. Planning a collapse can quickly harvest a lot of ingredients.

Water Planets

Mining is more of a challenge on planets like oceans, icy oceans, toxins, and magma. Any open space below sea level without background blocks will be flooded with liquid, so think twice before harvesting background layer blocks or removing background walls. Completely enclose the entire space before removing the walls to ensure that the liquid is fully contained. Replace the wall when finished and drain the liquid before breaking the envelope.

How to improve the mining speed of “4” Star Frontier

As a sandbox game, this game provides a wealth of mod functions, as long as you modify the parameters a little, you can change the properties of the props Attributes are very convenient; as a hard-working miner, the dream of instantly having a magical mining can be realized in minutes

(Special reminder: changing the attributes of props will seriously reduce the fun of the game, please operate with caution)

Find the Starbound\\assets\\items\\tools folder in the directory, where all the tools are placed, and then find stonepickaxe.miningtool (Chinese name: Shihao), use Notepad After opening, you can find that there are attributes such as itemname, image, rability, tileDamage, etc., which are “item name”, “resource image”, “durability”, “mining ability”

Finally, there is a tileDamage, This is the mining power we are looking for. The default value is 0.6. With a flick of the mouse, it is changed to 3.6, and we have a stone pickaxe with 6 times the mining power. After saving, you can enter the game. (Remember to make a backup before modifying). . Then you will find that your stone pickaxe is simply a bunker, one pickaxe digs up dirt, two pickaxes dig out iron ore, and ten pickaxes dig through the earth. . . Hahaha

For the same reason, you can modify any item in the game, such as bows and arrows with super powerful attacks, and clothes that are invincible defense. Harmonious props can only lose the fun of the game prematurely.

In addition, when modifying, be careful not to bring Chinese files, and do not add or delete files in the folder, otherwise it will be impossible. Start the game

“Wu” How to quickly mine the material gun in the official version of “Astral Frontier” and how to upgrade the gun

Go to the desert planet, it’s all sand, go down with a pickaxe, and the sand will move ,
The ore will fly into your pocket like a fly

『Lu』 Can you find a place directly on the star boundary to mine?

It depends on what you want to dig, Some minerals areThere are all planets, such as copper, gold, silver, etc. Some are only available on specific planets. Various advanced minerals need to see the basic information of the planet, and some minerals only appear in specific places.

『柒』 Astral Frontier Silver Mining Method

Astral Frontier Silver Mining Method Raiders:
Astral Frontier is a Terraria-like game In the sandbox game, silver mine is a very rare mineral resource in the game. The following game castle will bring you a guide on mining silver mine. I hope it will be helpful to you. More exciting guides are available in the game castle.
The distribution of silver mines in the astral border game is very scattered, and every time the silver mines of the first planet are discovered a little bit, it will not become a piece! Look carefully!
In fact, there are also on the surface, often in the rocks by the water, but the color is too close, sometimes you may not notice it when you pass by.
Different planets have different ore distributions! Personally, I think frozen planets and desertified planets are the best to dig!
A lot of silver ore is stored in the fossil layer, that is, the layer of skeletons and laterite, and you can dig a lot!
Sometimes it also depends on luck. If you are lucky, you will encounter that kind of mine with lights everywhere. If you follow the lights inside, you will find that there are rich mines!
The more you go to the center of the earth, the more common it is. If you fill the magma in the center of the earth with other soil and sand, you will find that silver, iron, and gold often appear in it.
The above is the introduction to the location of the silver mines in the astral border brought by the game castle. I wish you good luck, the more you dig, the more you dig!
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『渌』 “Astral Frontier” Best Mining Planet Raiders Sharing

For the Protoss who like “Astral Frontier”, this time I bring to share the best mining location to answer Players have some doubts, I hope this article can help everyone, I hope everyone has a good game!

The best place for mining:
The planet on the surface of the desert, this planet is super easy to dig for everything, Especially after digging quicksand, because of the drop in the form of a funnel, all the nearby mines will be on you. After half an hour of digging in the desert, I dug up platinum drafts, a full set of silver mines, and hundreds of iron ores. 20 diamond mines.

『玖』 How to get rid of the chrysanthemum monster by mining on the moon at the star boundary There will be no danger if the fuel is dug several times. Also, try to keep the depth as far as possible, not too deep to reach the surface


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