b85btc install 3240T

A. How much memory can the Meijie b85btc board use

b85 can use 16g of memory, according to the chipset theory, b85 can support up to 32g of memory, but b85 usually only has two memory Slots, ddr3 memory sticks are currently only 8g at home, so only two 8g memory can be used with a total of 16g.

B. Can Mingxuan b85btc install e301230v3?

In fact, you can see if its size is suitable, if it is suitable, it should be fine.

C. Can Mingxuan b85 btc motherboard support 6 cards by changing the driver?

Supporting 6 cards requires the support of the motherboard hardware. In other words, there must be more than 6 pcie interfaces on the motherboard. If the motherboard is used for mining, it must support multiple graphics cards without changing the settings.

D. Can the i74790k be used with the Mejie b85btc? How about the stability of the power supply? Have you used this motherboard?

There is no problem with the i7 4790k, and there is no problem with the power supply, but this motherboard is not It is not possible to overclock, and the fourth-generation i7 is not cost-effective. It is better to replace the Intel E3-1230V3. It has the performance of the i7 4770, and the price is more than 300 cheaper than the i7.

E. How can the i74790k not be overclocked on the Majestic b85btc, how can the power supply be able to exert the full performance of this processor?

The power supply is sufficient, but since the B85 motherboard cannot be overclocked, the full performance can be exerted It is unrealistic. Either change the motherboard or not use it for overclocking. CPUs with K are generally used with motherboards that can be overclocked.

F. How to set Mingxuan B85-BTC when the discrete graphics card is plugged in and can’t light up

This is the BIOS of the mine board generally uses the integrated graphics by default, you have to change it to the discrete graphics

G. B85 motherboard wiring diagram

1. The front interface list of the chassis, Powersw = power button, powerled = power on indicator (note the positive and negative poles), resetsw = restart button, h. d. sled=disk indicator (note the positive and negative poles), hdaudio=audio interface, USB=USB interface.

H. Can Majie b85btc motherboard run on i74790k, how much better than 4790 without overclocking

The pins are the same, it can be used, and it is similar to the 4790 without overclocking. However, the power supply of this board is general, and it may not be able to fully utilize the CPU performance. If overclocking, the motherboard should be replaced, and the radiator, power supply, etc. should also be considered.

I. My computer’s mainboard is Megier b85-btc, with three single-sided 4g1333 rams installed, plus a double-sided 4g1333 ram can be used?

Hello! In theory, four 4G memory can be used at the same time, as long as they are compatible.

J. Is there a bottleneck with the i74790 for the Majestic b85btc motherboard? What processor is suitable for this motherboard?

This is not a bottleneck.
b85 motherboard can support 4th generation processors, including Celeron series.
i3 i5 i7 and e3 1230 v3, 1231v3 are all supported.

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