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⑴Blockchain technology is developing well, which team does it well

Blockchain is a new type of computer technology born in Bitcoin established by Satoshi Nakamoto. The overall development prospects of this industry are good. Everyone must pay attention to the strength and effectiveness of the team before cooperation. Baker Chain has done a good job in blockchain. The industry’s evaluation is quite high

2 How does Beijing choose a blockchain team

In Beijing, choose a blockchain team, if you choose to exercise the team, the general situation If it is down, it should be checked according to its own, and some of the blockchains, etc., should be selected according to the advantageous size of his team.

⑶ What team is better for the development of blockchain now

The huge application of blockchain has attracted companies from all over the world to integrate certain aspects of blockchain technology. These versions are integrated into their institutions. At present, there are many well-known companies in China. In general, Baker Chain is good. It has a good evaluation in the industry, a good reputation and professional technology. Good service.

⑷ If you want to know about blockchain services, which team is specialized

Now all walks of life are suitable for such services. However, there are differences in the specific needs of cooperation. When cooperating, you should pay attention to the strength and effect of the team. You can use the Baker Chain blockchain products to achieve good results. At the same time, they provide technical and project after-sales service

⑸ Which team is specialized in blockchain

Many companies can develop corresponding software, depending on what you want. I know that Baker Chain has done a good job in this industry, with strong resource background and strong technical ability. Be sure to check on the spot before cooperating.

⑹ Which blockchain team is more reliable

Now this type of project has a good development prospect, pay attention to the team when cooperating The strength and effect can be achieved through the Baker Chain blockchain products, and they provide technical and project after-sales service

⑺ Which team does the blockchain work well with?

At present, everyone is paying more attention to it. Before cooperation, we must compare many aspects. First, we must choose according to the demand situation, and we must also pay attention to the strength of the team. The Baker Chain blockchain has done a good job. You can ask first

⑻ Which blockchain teams are relatively good in China?

As the underlying technology of Bitcoin, the blockchain investment is very hot, and many financial giants around the world, Both IT giants and Internet giants are deploying in this market, and the acquisitions and financing events related to blockchain are increasing day by day.

Today’s blockchain is like a swaddling baby. Bitcoin was born in 2009. As an emerging digital currency, Bitcoin has experienced several “deaths” and “rebirths”. Even in the turbulent development of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has shown infinite vitality and gradually penetrated into other industries. So, is blockchain really as “cow” as we think? Will blockchain disrupt finance and other traditional industries?

Although there is still debate on the definition of blockchain in the industry, the decentralization and immutability of blockchain has been basically recognized. It is also based on these characteristics of the blockchain that many views believe that the blockchain will have the power to subvert the tradition. In traditional transactions, a centralized institution is often needed to solve the fundamental trust problem and settle accordingly. As a distributed ledger, the blockchain means that a public ledger that everyone can view and cannot be tampered with will be generated. This method of creating a consensus network without trusting a single node is considered to be expected to be applied to industries including finance and transportation. , collection, credit investigation and other fields.

However, what needs to be seen is that although there is a lot of news about blockchain and major financial institutions are also actively deploying, today’s blockchain is still in its “starting stage”, and the global implementation of the blockchain Blockchain applications are few and far between, and fields with a certain scale are even harder to find.

How to speed up the implementation of blockchain? This is the most important research direction of Puyin Blockchain Group. Puyin blockchain solves the problem of the application of blockchain and how to connect with the real world, which greatly improves the circulation efficiency of digital assets. From the perspective of the development law of technology, any disruptive technology needs to move from a lively concept period to a challenging implementation period, followed by multiple rounds of shuffling of the entire market structure. The Puyin blockchain is a tough and testable force, changing the world in the form of asset digitization.

⑼ The layout and ambitions of Baidu Finance in the blockchain

But having these professional abilities is not enough, Xiao Wei thinks it is necessary Also “3 conditions”.

“The first, your language must be C++ or GO; the second, �� Have an understanding of distributed computing, cryptography, and P2P network programming; third, we hope you have an understanding of economic principles. “

Why should there be economic principles?

“Because Bitcoin has an economic game theory problem in addition to technology. “Xiao Wei said that by continuously increasing the cost of doing evil and increasing the reward of workload, we can restrain evil and motivate good through economics.

This is probably a classic case in game theory.

“Therefore, in addition to technology, blockchain network design also includes understanding of economic principles, which we call ecological construction. “Xiao Wei said.

03 Blockchain Faith

In 2017, Xiao Wei officially contacted the blockchain and immediately became a belief.

“Just Just like you can’t ask Christians if God exists, it’s hard to answer why you believe in blockchain. Xiao Wei said, “My understanding of belief is that when you encounter setbacks and any challenges, you firmly believe that you can overcome them. “

Especially in the infancy of the blockchain, technological exploration will inevitably encounter many challenges. “There are difficulties in resources, implementation, technology and supervision, but as long as you firmly believe that ‘this is good’, You can just stick with it. “Xiao Wei said.

Xiao Wei firmly believes that blockchain technology is helpful to the future society.

He has a few judgments.

One Yes, the blockchain technology will not be yellowed immediately, it has “golden ten years and silver ten years”.

“2018~2028 is a good opportunity for the blockchain industry. “Xiao Wei believes that, like the Internet in 2000 and the mobile era in 2008, there may be a golden period of vigorous development: the level of talents will increase and the company’s market value will increase.

“So our suggestion is, If you miss mobile and AI, don’t miss blockchain. “Xiao Wei will suggest that programmers do blockchain work.” My positioning for the current team is that in three years, the minimum annual salary can reach one million. “

Secondly, there is indeed a serious bubble in the current blockchain field, just like the Internet back then.

In 1999, there was a very strange phenomenon, that is, changing the domain name, as long as the company domain name Change to “.COM” and “**Online”, and the stock will rise.

This wave of name changes has also been perfectly replicated in the blockchain field. A-share listed companies have established “blockchain” Chain Lab”, the stock price rose immediately; the US soft drink company “Long Island Iced Tea” announced its name change to “Long Blockchain”, and its stock price soared by 500%.

Therefore, there is a certain bubble in the blockchain industry. It is also understandable.

Third, blockchain technology and Internet technology are equivalent.

What will be the relationship between blockchain and the Internet?

“The Internet is a way to obtain information, and the blockchain is a way of value trust. “Xiao Wei believes that the biggest change in the blockchain is the improvement of efficiency.

This efficiency is not technical performance, but enterprise efficiency.

For example, the point-to-point Consumption, because the two parties cannot trust each other, so there are so many intermediate links, the purpose is to “enhance trust”.

If peer-to-peer trust can be directly trusted, the entire business model will undergo great changes.

“The biggest change of blockchain is to solve the problem of trust, making your trust very simple, and the entire intermediate link is constantly being compressed. “Xiao Wei believes.

And the subversive power of the blockchain is born here.

On the one hand, the blockchain brings efficiency improvements and promotes the development of the entire industry. Change.

For the entire enterprise, speeding up is very important. It may take ten days to standardize a line of business project, but with the addition of blockchain, the time for trust, communication and collaboration is greatly reduced.


Xiao Wei cited the example of high-speed rail: the speed of high-speed rail has increased from 80km/h to 300km/h, and Zhejiang Province has begun to establish a “one-hour economic circle”. “If it is faster, it can even affect housing prices. Isn’t this subversive?” .

On the other hand, in the new business ecology under the blockchain, the impact of the brand will be very large.

“The brand is largely an endorsement of quality,” Xiao Wei believes, “The emergence of the blockchain can be done, and the quality can still be guaranteed if the brand is removed. ”

This is also the core competitiveness of new retail and new manufacturing.

For example, when we buy a certain brand of gold jewelry, what we value is actually the craftsmanship behind the brand. To directly establish “trust” with the gold shop and craftsman behind it, this brand is no longer needed as an endorsement.

“After the entire trust is changed, the entire production relationship is changed. “Xiao Wei thinks.

“Marx said that the productive forces determine the production relations, but now that the productive forces are rich, what we need more is not the improvement of the productive forces, but the redistribution of the production relations. “Xiao Wei believes, “Only when the ceiling of production relations is ‘arched up’ can productivity continue to rush forward. ”

“And the reallocation of resources brought about by every change in production relations is a cause of wealth creation.”Some people will get up and some people will fall. “Xiao Wei said that this is also the fundamental reason why the currency circle is so crazy.

However, Xiao Wei also does not think that the blockchain can replace the “classical Internet”.

“Classical does not It must be worse than modern ones, as is the case with classical music and classical economics. In many fields of technology, classical, modern and postmodern are juxtaposed. “

“The reason why the word ‘classical Internet’ appears is that many people in the blockchain circle do not understand what a blockchain is, nor why it can change the world. “Xiao Wei thinks.

As a centralized “giant”, will the network be subverted by the blockchain?

Xiao Wei believes that the network will not be subverted.

“Search is not the same as business, and it is not the same as brand. The most important thing is that search is easy to use, and brands do not need to do credit endorsement. “

“In BATJ, the network is the least likely to be subverted by the blockchain. “Xiao Wei said.

⑽ Which team is better for the blockchain to cooperate with

Now this type of technology is the name for the technical solution of Bitcoin. Baker Chain’s blockchain products work well. He has a good reputation in the industry and has a good reputation. At the same time, they provide technical and project after-sales services


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