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1. How about Saizhi Blockchain (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

Introduction: Saizhi Blockchain (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Saizhi Blockchain, English: sageledger ), is a high-tech company focusing on enterprise-level blockchain products and services. Its business covers industry blockchain solutions, blockchain cloud services, data blockchain services, etc., and is committed to serving government and financial industry customers Provide blockchain products and services, as well as services such as notarization, confirmation of rights, on-chain transactions and analysis, and data security protection of important data assets. Saizhi Blockchain Co., Ltd. is the initiator of the Big Data Blockchain Laboratory and the China Blockchain Application Alliance (in preparation), and is contributing to the popularization of the application of blockchain technology.
Legal representative: Zhao Gang
Establishment time: 2016-06-13
Registered capital: RMB 1 million
Business registration number: 110108021410023
Enterprise type: limited liability company (Investment or holding by a natural person)
Company address: 01-84, 8th Floor, No. 18, Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing

2. Is there a place to talk about blockchain in Beijing? /h2>

With the heated discussion of the concept of “blockchain” around the world, related blockchain technology applications have also been quietly added to daily life scenarios such as finance, logistics, credit reporting, manufacturing, and retail. Some experts have indicated that the blockchain will be closely related to people’s lives in the future, and the integration of blockchain technology with the daily life of the public is the general trend.
There are many places to talk about blockchain. My colleague told me about the Puhua Business School that he introduced. His family’s courses are good, and they are very careful. His family has a class in Beijing in May this year.

3. Where can Beijing professional blockchain services cooperate with

There are many such companies. If you consider cooperation, you must pay attention to the strength and effect of the team. Well done on the blockchain side. Industry evaluation is quite high.

4. Will the Beijing Blockchain Conference be held on October 27?

There should be no large-scale blockchain conference in Beijing on October 27. However, on October 27th and October 28th, there will be a tech finance conference on blockchain in Shanghai.

Participating companies or teams include Wanda, DECENT, Sesame Credit, Latte Finance, Bitcoin China, etc.

5. Companies in Beijing that can provide blockchain services

There are companies like Beijing, but there are not many at present, because the blockchain is relatively special, and there are only individual ones in China. Companies can do it, not necessarily big companies, but only those who have really done blockchain landing projects, such as Renren Chain.

6. Where is the blockchain training class in Beijing?

Blockchain training technology is a major subject of dark horse programmer training, and intelligent IoT + blockchain has been established The two disciplines of Go language + blockchain have already started enrollment. If you want to learn, you can register directly!

7. How about Leitze (Beijing) Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd.

Introduction: Leitze is a blockchain technology company whose main projects are blockchain Talent training, blockchain technology development and transfer, blockchain technology consultation and model design; and based on the core technology of blockchain to provide technical support for “Blue Ocean Network”, affiliated to Letzgo (Beijing) Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. .
Legal representative: Sun Hao
Establishment time: 2018-04-13
Registered capital: 66 million RMB
Enterprise type: limited liability company (sole proprietorship by natural person)
Company address: Room 1707, 14th Floor, Building 2, Yard 5, Jinghui East Road, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing

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