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①How about Anhui Jilian Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd.

Anhui Jilian Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (natural person) registered in Bengbu City, Anhui Province on 2018-04-25 Investment or holding), its registered address is located in Carlson International Innovation and Technology Park, No. 589 Nanhu Road, Bengbu City, Anhui Province.

The unified social credit code/registration number of Anhui Jilian Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. is 91340300MA2RN7F48N, the corporate legal person is Zhao Benchang, and the company is currently in business.

Anhui Jilian Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., within the scope of this province, the current registered capital of the enterprise is general.

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②Is the diploma obtained after graduating from a full-time self-examination college recognized by the state?

The Anhui Guohua Education College you mentioned is only a training institution in the process of obtaining your degree Whether it is formal or not is another matter, that is, for the purpose of earning student training fees, the key is to pass the national unified self-examination after training. You must pass each subject before you can graduate. If you pass the test, the specialized training college will not participate, and the graduation certificate is the graduation certificate of the self-examination degree, which is issued by the main examination institution. Although the diploma is issued by the Bengbu Medical College, it is only a self-examination degree, which does not mean that you have graduated from the Bengbu Medical College. , Do you know, but the self-taught diploma is recognized nationwide, and its gold content is also high.

③ What are the origins of the top ten Internet terms in 2021?

2021 will end in less than a month, and it is time to summarize, and we summarize one every year. There must be “Top Ten Internet Terms” in the topic. The author will summarize the top ten Internet terms in 2021 and their sources.

1. Social bullshit

When a person is socializing with strangers, ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌without any pressure and completely free themselves . It comes from the Internet celebrity “Double Happiness”. He often calls himself Ma Niuqiu, Zhang Niuqiu, etc. in his videos, and then makes some things that make netizens looking at the screen feel embarrassed! Just like him, the social behavior of losing face and not caring about the opinions of others is called social bullshit, which is relative to social phobia, and by 2021, it will become popular on the Internet again.


This is the Chinese pinyin abbreviation of “Eternal God”, which is to praise someone for being very powerful. In the live broadcast, he praised the e-sports player Uzi (Uzi) and said: “Uzi! Always drop God. During the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Yang Qian won the first gold medal, and the all-hongchan final jumped out of three perfect points.” Su Shen “Breaking the record in the 100m final, they all shouted “YYDS” in unison, and instantly refreshed the screen.

3. Double reduction

From the relevant departments in July The document promulgated on the 24th is mainly to prevent the phenomenon of increasing the burden outside the school while reducing the burden on campus, so as to better enable the school to play the main role of education, allow students to develop in an all-round way, return students to school for learning, and regulate off-campus training. Organization.

4. The word breaking defense

comes from fighting games. In order to prevent a player from defending all the time, a guard gauge is set. Continuously being attacked, this value keeps accumulating, and when it reaches a certain limit, it will “guard crush”, which is what everyone hears as “guard crush”. In current network terms, it mainly refers to a certain A person is emotionally broken because of a sudden event.

5. Metaverse

From the American science fiction novel “Avalanche”, and later extended to reality, it became a digital twin, district It is an Internet application form of virtual and real collections formed by technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. At this stage, the metaverse is still a new concept, and is constantly evolving and developing.

6. br />

Originated in 2018, it is the mantra of a certain bar owner. He once used the identity of the bar owner to cheat, and the deceived used “Muyuzi” for irony. Later, “Jejuezi” was introduced into the fan circle. , In 2020, it will be widely disseminated in some variety shows. In 2021, a comment will start to become popular. Then the word “jeer” will reach a climax on a certain video website.

7. Lying down

Lying flat comes from the post “Lying flat is justice”, in this post, the user “good traveler” combines his own experience with the story of the Greek philosopher to tell a story. The monthly living expenses are only 200 yuan, two meals a day, and no work experience for two years. Now it mainly refers to young people who choose to give up their hard work in the face of 996, consumption and housing prices.

8��Not very harmful, but highly insulting

From an online video, in the video, two men are eating each other’s food, while the other woman at the same table looks very lonely. After the video became popular, a large number of netizens ridiculed that “it is not very harmful, but it is extremely insulting”. Later, it was mainly used to ridicule that something was not harmful, but it was embarrassing.

9. I don’t understand, but I’m shocked

This internet term comes from Ang Lee’s film review in the documentary “Disturbing Bergman” (20‌‌‌‌‌‌‌13): I watch it continuously After watching it twice, I couldn’t move, as if my virginity was taken away by the director. I didn’t understand it, but I was blown away. Because the remarks were very shocking, they later became various emojis. Even if there was no picture, it could be expressed with “But I was shocked.jpg”. It is now often used to express that one is very confused and shocked by something.

10. Bengbu stopped

Bengbu stopped is a homonym that can’t hold back. This word originated from Tieba. At the beginning, it was described as unable to hold back laughter, with a sense of sarcasm. With the development of time, the word has gradually been accepted by the public, and now it mainly refers to the meaning that the heart can no longer be held or sustained because of a huge impact due to something.

④ Is the main road from Taixing to Jiangyan, Rugao, Hai’an open?

Heavy news!

“Taizhou City’s “14th Five-Year Plan” Comprehensive Transportation System Planning” is exposed
Currently soliciting opinions!
Three railways are involved in Xinghua:
Yan-Tai-Xi-Changyi Railway
Huai’an via Taizhou to Suzhou Intercity Railway
Bengbu via Xinghua to Dafeng Port Railway
《 “Planning” mentioned Taizhou South Station, Huangqiao Station, Taixing Station, Jingjiang Station, Xinghua Station, Beiyanjiang High-speed Railway, Yantaixi-Changyi Railway, Changzhou-Taizhou Railway, Huai’an-Taizhou Railway, Yangtai Airport Phase II Expansion Project and a batch of blockbuster projects!
Also Huaian-Taizhou Railway, Taizhou-Haian Railway, Yangzhou-Taizhou Railway (Taizhou Section) via Yangtai Airport, etc. have been listed as reserve projects.
“Planning” mentioned that during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, Taizhou Transportation completed infrastructure investment of about 52.19 billion yuan! Significant development has been achieved in the passage across the river, the early stage of high-speed rail, roads, water transportation, and aviation.
However, there are still problems of imbalance and insufficient transportation in Taizhou at present, mainly manifested in: high-speed railway is still a shortcoming of development, the spatial distribution of river crossing channels is not balanced, the structure of trunk roads is not perfect, and the comprehensive competitiveness of ports is not good. Strong, the transportation structure needs to be adjusted.
The goal of the “14th Five-Year Plan” is: by 2025, to build a regional transportation hub with north-south linkage, coordinating road, rail, water and air, and facing the Yangtze River Delta, basically forming a modern comprehensive transportation that is safe, convenient, efficient, green and economical The transportation system, the regional influence of transportation has been significantly improved, and the transformation from strong self to strong support has been realized.
Basically, it takes 0.5 hours from the central city to reach each county-level node, 1 hour commute from the city, 2 hours to all districts and cities in the province, 3 hours to major cities in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, and half a day to major cities across the country.
Key tasks of the “14th Five-Year Plan”:
1. Speed ​​up railway construction and integrate into Jiangsu on the track:
A regional transportation hub city “facing the Yangtze River Delta and connecting Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou” Development orientation, to speed up the construction of the Beiyanjiang high-speed railway and the Yantaixi Changyi railway.
In close combination with the construction progress of Changtai Yangtze River Bridge, accelerate the preliminary work of Changzhou-Taizhou railway, strive to start construction as soon as possible, and effectively promote the integration of Xi, Chang and Tai across the river.
Pay close attention to the relevant national policy trends, increase the planning of the Huai’an-Taizhou railway, and create favorable conditions for the early implementation of the project.
Accelerate the development of Taizhou-Haian Railway, Yangzhou-Taizhou Intercity Railway via Yangtai Airport, Jingjiang-Nantong Intercity Railway, Taizhen-Ningtong Intercity Railway, Bengbu-Xinghua-Dafeng Port Railway, Jingjiang-Jiangyin Intercity Railway Preliminary studies on railways and extension lines, Huai’an via Taizhou to Suzhou intercity railway, etc.
It is worth noting that it is clearly mentioned in the task table:
North Yanjiang High-speed Railway (Taizhou Section), with a design speed of 350 km/h, a total length of about 51.2 kilometers in Taizhou, and a construction period of 2021-2027 In 2018, the total investment was 12.3 billion yuan;
On June 8, the “First Information Announcement on Environmental Impact Assessment of the Shanghai-Nanjing-Hefei Section of the New Shanghai-Chongqing High-speed Railway Project” was released.
Yan-Tai-Xi-Changyi Railway (Taizhou section), with a design speed of 350km/h, a total length of about 145.0 kilometers in Taizhou, a construction period of 2022-2028, and a total investment of 33.4 billion yuan;
September 7 , the Yanyi Railway Project has released the first public announcement of the environmental impact assessment.
The Changzhou-Taizhou railway has a design speed of 350km/h, a total length of about 23.7 kilometers in Taizhou, a construction period of 2023-2028, and a total investment of 4.74 billion yuan.
On September 14, the pre-qualification, feasibility study and survey and design projects of the Changzhou-Taizhou railway are being tendered.
2. Encrypt the cross-river channel and support the cross-river fusion.��Development
Efforts should be made to promote the merger of railways, highways and urban transportation across the river.
Accelerate the construction of the Changtai Yangtze River Bridge and the Jingjiang Jiangyin Yangtze River Tunnel, start the construction of the Jiangyin Third River Crossing Channel and the Zhangjinggao River Crossing Channel, accelerate the implementation of the Jingcheng River Crossing Channel Project, and strive to form a “four connections and three constructions” by 2025 “The layout of the seven river crossing channels.
Promoting and deepening the preliminary research on the Zhangjing River Crossing Channel, the Jingcheng River Crossing Channel, the Runtai River Crossing Channel, and the Taixing-Yangzhong River Crossing Channel, and further do a good job in the planning and reserve work of the river crossing channels.
According to the task table:
Changtai Yangtze River Bridge (Taizhou Section) is a river crossing channel merged by Ruchang Expressway and Changtai Intercity Railway. The construction period is 2019-2025, with a total investment of 7.23 billion yuan;
The project adopts the double-layer layout of highway and railway to cross the river:
A two-way six-lane expressway is arranged on the upper deck, with a design speed of 100 km/h and a subgrade width of 33 meters;
The lower deck is arranged separately Two-line intercity railway (implemented only to the ballast part) and four-lane highway, of which the design speed of the lower part of the road is 80 km/h, the width of the roadbed is 19 meters, the design speed of the lower part of the intercity railway is 200 km/h, and 250 km is reserved. /hour driving conditions.
The Changtai Yangtze River Bridge is 10.03 kilometers long, of which the highway-railway joint construction section is 5299.2 meters long, and the lower road connection is 4730.8 meters long.
Jingjiang Jiangyin Yangtze River Tunnel (Taizhou Section) is a river crossing channel of Jingjiang-Jiangyin intercity railway and expressway. The construction period is 2020-2025, with a total investment of 6.26 billion yuan; The river crossing channel (Taizhou section) is a river crossing channel combining the Yantaixi-Changyi Railway, the Xinchang Railway and the expressway. The construction period is 2022-2028, with a total investment of 12.8 billion yuan; It is a river crossing channel of Provincial Highway 603 and Provincial Highway 259. The construction period is 2021-2027, with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan.
At present, the Zhangjinggao River Crossing Channel has been approved by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission.
3. Improve the highway network and enhance regional service capabilities
Accelerate the construction of Jianxing Expressway, the north-south highway connection project of Changtai Yangtze River Bridge, and the expansion project of Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway from Pingchao to Guangling;
Start construction of the Jingjiang Jiangyin Yangtze River Tunnel North Connection, Ningyan Expressway, Ruchang Expressway, Jiangyin Third River Crossing Channel North Connection, Dongxing Expressway;
Expand Yanjing Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway Guangling Hub to Jingjiang South Interconnection Section Expansion Project .
Preliminary studies on plans such as the Taixi-Changzhou Expressway (Jingcheng River Crossing Passage North Extension Expressway) and Jiangyin Third River Crossing Passage North Extension Expressway (Taizhou Eastern Expressway) were carried out in an orderly manner.
Improve the urban expressway network, completed the rapid reconstruction project of Jiangyan South Ring of National Highway 328, started the construction of the south extension of the East Ring Viaduct, and the rapid reconstruction of the second phase of Jianggao Road, and accelerated the early stage of projects such as the rapid reconstruction of the 229 provincial highway. Research, promote the interconnection of urban expressways, and strongly support the “Three-Thai Integration”.
Completed projects such as Taizhou section of Provincial Highway 353, Taixing section and Jingjiang section of Provincial Highway 232, Jianggao Highway reconstruction and expansion, and Taixing section of Provincial Highway 504; Hexinghua section, 125 provincial highway Xinghua section, 465 provincial highway Xinghua section, 344 national highway Xinghua Zhongbao to Zhoufen section reconstruction and expansion projects; Reconstruction and expansion of Daogaogang section, Hailing section of Provincial Highway 506 in the north and other projects;
Accelerate the promotion of Taizhou section of Provincial Highway 436, east extension of Xinghua section of Provincial Highway 333, west extension of Xinghua section of Provincial Highway 351, and eastern Taizhou trunk line , the east extension of Taizhou section of Provincial Highway 354, the east-west trunk line in the south of Taixing and other projects are included in the provincial planning.
4. Build important rivers and give full play to the advantages of water transportation resources.
Accelerate the reconstruction of Yongan Phase I and Phase II, the upgrading of Jingjiang New Port Phase II to Phase VI, Taixing Qixu Hongqiao Wharf, and Jingjiang Baxu Bolian Reconstruction and expansion of the terminal, reconstruction and expansion of Yongyi Huayuan terminal, Daming logistics terminal project and other projects;
Promote the planning and construction of the port-shuttle railway, the port railway loading and unloading station and supporting facilities, and promote the collection and distribution port railway and trunk line The connection between the railway and the terminal yard will open up the “last mile” of the railway entering the port.
Orderly advance the preliminary research on the waterway improvement project of the Jiang 10th Line, build an important port dredging waterway in the Tongnan area, and improve the convenience of connecting the Tongyang Line with the Yangtze River.
5. Strengthen the supporting facilities of the airport and integrate into the world-class airport group.
Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport Phase II project has released the second environmental impact assessment announcement.
The project includes airport engineering construction and oil supply engineering construction, with an estimated total investment of 5,575,081,800 yuan;
The airport engineering part is invested and constructed by Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport Investment and Construction Co., Ltd., with a total investment of about 5,415,758,100 yuan;
br />The oil supply project is invested and constructed by China Aviation Oil Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 159.3237 million yuan.
The project plans to build a new parallel taxiway with the same length as the existing runway, 3200m×23m and the corresponding taxiway system.2 The terminal area is about 97,000 square meters, with 40 new seats;
It is planned to build three 5,000m³ and four 10,000m³ jet fuel storage tanks (long-term), as well as airport-related supporting facilities.
The newly built T2 terminal building has a main floor width of 260m, a depth of about 110m, and a corridor width of about 35m.
The terminal building is mainly set up with 4 floors, from top to bottom are the commercial mezzanine, the departure floor, the arrival floor, and the underground communication channel floor.
By 2030, the annual passenger throughput of Yangtai Airport will be 10 million, and it is expected that the staffing will increase to about 1,500. , 500 cargo planes take off and land each year.
Actively build the Jiangsu Airlines tourism distribution center, further demonstrate the characteristic airport brand integrating business, business and tourism, and support the integration of tourism products into the air travel service platform. Improve the layout of the city terminal.
In the framework of urban (suburban) railway planning, strengthen the preliminary research on the railway from Yangzhou to Taizhou via Yangtai Airport, and strive to start construction as soon as possible.
Accelerate the rapid connection between Yongding West Road and the Jiangdu section of National Highway 328 to the west, and establish a fast channel from Taizhou to Yangtai Airport.
Accelerate the construction of general airports such as Xinghua.
6. Improve the hub layout and improve the efficiency of passenger and cargo turnover
Accelerate the construction of Taizhou South Station, Huangqiao Station, Taixing Station, Jingjiang Station, and Xinghua Station in conjunction with the high-speed rail construction process.
According to the task table, the comprehensive passenger transport hub of Jingjiang Station of Yantai-Xizhou-Changyi Railway, supporting the first-class bus terminal and other station facilities, has a design capacity of 10,000 per day, construction period: 2023-2028, total investment: 1.8 100 million, land use calculation: 150 mu.
The upgrade and upgrade project of the comprehensive passenger transport hub of Jiangyan Station of the Ningqi Railway was promoted in an orderly manner.
Accelerate the construction of Gaogang North Station and Quxia Bus Terminal, and improve the layout of highway passenger transport hubs.
Accelerate the construction of logistics hubs such as Gaogang (Suzhong) Smart Logistics Park, Taizhou (Chengbei) Railway Logistics Park, and Jiangyan Railway Logistics Park.
A number of logistics characteristic parks, such as coal logistics Jingjiang base in Jiangsu province, grain, oil and food industry park in core port area, and China imported timber industry base, will be built around the main types of transportation goods such as coal, grain and timber along the river.
7. Adjust the transportation structure and increase the proportion of iron and water freight
Accelerate the preliminary work of the expansion and reconstruction of the Xinchang Railway, and focus on promoting the upgrading and reconstruction of railway freight station facilities;
Accelerate the promotion of the early stage of the Taizhou Port Railway Branch Line Research and explore the use of Ningqi Railway to open sea-rail combined transportation.
Combined with the planning and construction of high-speed rail, carry out research on the development planning of high-speed rail express.
Strengthen the joint development of ports and comprehensive bonded port areas, export processing zones or bonded warehouses, and expand international logistics service functions such as bonded warehousing, international logistics distribution and distribution, and import and export trade.
8. Develop air cargo, lead the transformation and upgrading of the industry A specialized and specialized air express distribution center.
Actively expand local characteristic sources of goods and high value-added freight products, introduce cold chain logistics companies, cold chain food traders, fresh food e-commerce, etc., improve the medical freight function of Yangtai International Airport, expand the domestic departure cargo area, and provide services Specialty industries such as medicine.
9. Promote modern logistics and strengthen the construction of distribution network
Actively guide the construction of three-level distribution nodes in logistics parks, urban common distribution centers and terminal distribution outlets, improve the construction of supporting facilities for parking and loading and unloading of distribution vehicles, and promote urban freight distribution Information management and service platform construction.
Accelerate the improvement of the three-level rural logistics node system of county-level logistics centers, township and rural distribution stations, and rural freight outlets.
10. Develop air-rail passenger transportation and build a regional connection network
Intensify efforts to develop routes to major cities at home and abroad, increase advantageous routes and flights, deepen cooperation with Spring Airlines, give full play to the advantages of base airlines, and focus on strengthening Development of low-cost airlines.
Expand and improve the service scope of urban terminals, and strengthen the connection of travel services at major airports in the Yangtze River Delta region.
Further optimize the basic functions of passenger waiting, boarding and arrival, strengthen the construction of on-site air ticket sales, check-in, information inquiry, baggage check and security check, etc., to achieve “one-stop” aviation services.
Encrypt the passenger dedicated lines to Yangtai Airport and other surrounding airports, promote the specialization of the “Airbus” passenger dedicated line for airport shuttles, and provide door-to-door airport travel services for passengers relying on customized passenger transport.
Build the high-speed railway along the river in the north and the Yantaixi-Changyi railway as the main means of connection between central cities in the Yangtze River Delta, and promote the effective connection of high-speed railways between cities.
Actively strive for the number of train lines of the Ningqi Railway EMU.
Improve the regional direct passenger transport network with small and medium-sized cities, and steadily expand the short-distance, diversified and personalized passenger transport market.
Vigorously develop new service formats such as urban commuter cars, customized shuttle buses, and connecting lines with air-rail hubs, so as to improve passenger satisfaction and business efficiency.
Promote the development of adjacent bus passenger transport services, intensify adjacent bus routes, and strengthen supporting facilities at stations.
11. Improve urban and rural passenger transport and promote coordinated urban and rural development
Explore and study the feasibility of integrating the main city and Jiangyan bus operators, break down the institutional barriers to the integrated development of the main city and Jiangyan public transport, and strive to achieve the same standard in the same city.
Promote the process of connecting the bus network, accelerate the construction of a bus network system with the “good bus” bus express system as the skeleton, bus trunk lines as the main body, and branch lines as supplements, so as to achieve direct access to townships and any township with one transfer. travel goals.
Set up bus-only passages on urban trunk roads where conditions are met, and implement bus-only entrance lanes and bus priority signal systems at major traffic congestion nodes in the city.
Install fixed capture equipment and mobile capture equipment in the main passenger flow corridors to improve the operation efficiency of the ground public transportation system.
Accelerate the construction and renovation of urban and rural bus platforms, first and last stations, hub stations, parking lots, gas (oil) stations, and charging (replacement) power stations with appropriate standards, complete functions, and safe and practical facilities.
Accelerate the replacement of public transport vehicles, increase investment in mid-to-high-end and environmentally friendly new energy buses, and improve ride comfort.
Accelerate the informatization construction of urban and rural public transportation, and realize the “one card” of urban and rural public transportation.
Improve the urban and rural public transport price mechanism, encourage the implementation of various forms of preferential policies such as tiered preferential fares, preferential transfers, and cumulative discounted fares, and continuously enhance the attractiveness of urban and rural public transport.
Explore and research the integrated development of the main city and the taxi industry in Jiangyan and Gaogang.
12. Innovate passenger transport services and improve the level of integration of transport and tourism
In accordance with local conditions, add service functions such as recreation and entertainment, ticketing, tourism information and special product sales in road service facilities, and guide urban and rural tourist bus routes and long-distance urban public transport. The line stops at highway service facilities.
Create characteristic water tourism projects, combine eco-tourism characteristics and overall tourism development planning, expand the tourism functions of low-level waterways, and create new highlights of tourism waterways.
13. Develop green transportation, promote sustainable development of transportation belt.
14. Develop safe transportation and build a solid foundation for safety and reliability
Accelerate the renovation of old vehicles and ships, standardize ship types, improve the safety and technical performance of key transportation ships, and promote their application in public transportation, general freight vehicles and other transportation equipment Active safety intelligent prevention and control system.
Promote the construction of an integrity system for transportation safety production, fully implement “one overrun and four penalties”, implement a “blacklist” management of illegal overruns and overloads of freight vehicles, and a joint punishment system for serious violations and dishonesty.
15. Develop smart transportation and improve service management.
Promote the construction of a number of smart highways, smart waterways, smart ports, and smart hubs.
Completed the Changtai Yangtze River Bridge Smart Highway Demonstration Project.
Accelerate the construction of a smart public transport system, develop passenger intermodal transportation, strengthen public information services for passenger intermodal transportation, and promote the innovative application of online intermodal ticketing services to realize travel as a service.
Strengthen the in-depth integration of new technologies such as 5G, Beidou, high-resolution remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain with the transportation industry, and take the in-depth integration of the new generation of information technology and the transportation industry as the starting point to improve transportation management efficiency and efficiency. development quality.
The content of the article is only an excerpt from the “Taizhou “14th Five-Year Plan” Comprehensive Transportation System Planning (Draft for Public Comments)”, which is currently being publicized. Citizens who have comments and suggestions can log in to the Taizhou Municipal People’s Government website to view and submit!
Source: Taizhou Municipal People’s Government Network, Property Market Taizhou
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⑤What are the OLED project concept stocks


    360 Privatized 3D Glass 3D Printing 3D Glasses 3G4G5G

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Homemade Aircraft Carrier Guangdong State-owned Assets Reform Nuclear Gaoji Gold Aviation Internet Finance Hainan Free Trade Zone Shanghai Enterprises Reform Shipping IP

Integrated Circuit Household Appliances Industry Military Industry Gold Change Beijing.��Hebei integrated backdoor listing Healthy China military-civilian integration Energy saving and environmental protection placards financial IC card financial software gene sequencing anti-cancer cross-border e-commerce combustible ice shell resources aluminum sapphire two-material merger Membrane Unicom mixed reform tourism naked-eye 3D quantum information

Beautiful civil aviation airports China coal tomorrow is Ant Financial Services private banks

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Shenzhen-Hong Kong Connect Shanghai Free Trade Zone Water Conservancy Project Graphene Food Safety Testing Food and Beverages Sansha 13th Five-Year Plan ST Shares Ecological Agriculture Ecological Gardens ST Caps Three Network Integration Mobile Games Waters Reform Shenzhen State-owned Assets Reform Digital Marketing Copper Titanium Dioxide Land Circulation UHV Tianjin Free Trade Zone Sugar Railway Infrastructure Natural Gas Soil Treatment Tes Sports in a characteristic town

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Mobile Healthcare One Belt One Road Mobile Payment Mobile Resale Gold, oil and gas reform, four reforms of central enterprises, non-ferrous metal, liquid metal, pharmaceutical and salt industry reform Pork renting and selling equal rights to revitalize Northeast Online Education and Online Travel Debt-to-equity swap

1 600460 Silan Micro 16.76 8.41% Silan Micro has successfully developed the first domestic OLED dedicated driver IC with independent intellectual property rights Chip integrated circuits, LED lighting, chip localization 613 times

2 600206 New research materials 11.58 7.92% Targets are the main raw materials for electronic thin film materials, and the demand for thin films of flexible OLEDs will greatly increase the target materials demand. Its subsidiary Youyan Yijin is the largest high-purity metal sputtering target manufacturing enterprise in China Film glass: In December 2010, the holding subsidiary Bengbu Huayi Conductive Film Glass Company invested 180 million yuan to build a 3D glass production line with an annual output of 1.3 million pieces of conductive film glass for capacitive touch screens. Reform 60 times

4 300327 Zhongying Electronics 30.27 6.10% The only OLED driver chip company in A shares; the company has obtained a mass production order to provide AMOLED driver chips of Hehui Optoelectronics, and Hehui Optoelectronics officially adopted the company’s developed The first high-definition AMOELD driver chip in China is used for mass production of 5.0-inch and 5.5-inch AMOLED displays. Integrated circuits, virtual reality, and chip localization 189 times

5 002643 Wanrun Co., Ltd. 9.78 5.96% Previously mainly engaged in LCD single crystal production, and now starting to supply downstream OLED intermediates and monomer crude products before sublimation Goods, the industry structure is good and the barriers are high, and it is expected to achieve corner overtaking. The company is currently one of the largest OLED intermediate manufacturers in China. It has entered the supply chain materials of Samsung and LG. It has been sent and transferred 182 times in four reforms of central enterprises.

6 002106 Leybold Hi-Tech 8.05 5.64% Main business In order to develop and produce flat panel display materials and touch devices, the leading products include ITO conductive glass, color filters, TFT-LCD display panels, and touch screens, of which touch screens include touch screen panels, touch screen modules, and integrated capacitive touch screens (OGS) , Full fit and other products. Electronic components, Apple, holographic mobile phone 237 times

7 300263 Longhua Energy Saving 6.50 5.18% Target is the main raw material for electronic thin film materials, and the demand for thin films of flexible OLEDs will greatly increase the demand for targets. Acquired Sifeng Electronics, a leader in the molybdenum target field, and is installing geothermal energy for OLED target production lines, saving energy and environmental protection 276 times

8 300346 NTU 28.21 4.99% OLED light-emitting material: the company’s trimethyl gallium It is an essential raw material for the production of LED and other related high-tech optoelectronic materials. Materials, LED lighting 92 times

9 300227 Guangyunda 21.02 4.37% On the investor relations interactive platform, FPC business can theoretically provide services for OLED production 3D printing 45 times

10 300134 Dafu Technology 13.40 4.04% The company raised 1.565 billion yuan in 2015 and plans to use it for the industrialization project of flexible OLED display modules; the company’s joint-stock company, Dafu Optoelectronics, mainly has OLED metal mask related business 4G, 5G, industry 4.0, graphite ene, Tesla, smart wear 283 times

11 300088 Changxin Technology 6.96 3.88% On the investor relations interactive platform, the company is also optimistic about the OLED business and is actively deploying this business. OLED modules Business started in March�Shipment gradually, in April 258 shipments of 50K financial IC cards, lithium batteries, graphene, Tesla -Technical capabilities of LCD photomask substrates, a large number of applications of OLED are expected to drive the company’s product demand. The interactive platform stated that the company and CSOT are actively carrying out technology research and development of CF color resistance for OLED and TFT-LCD. The company’s CF photoresist products have successfully passed the verification of domestic target customers and completed the verification of small-scale mass production lines. Fluorochemical 435 times

14 300390 Tianhua Ultra-clean 10.25 2.30% Invest 100 million yuan to build a high-brightness and ultra-thin backlight project, and the final production scale will reach 36 million sets of high-brightness and ultra-thin backlights per year. The backlight products benefit from OLED demand Growth and widespread use of large touch screens such as smart phones, tablet computers, and automobiles 121 unicorns

15 300410 Zhengye Technology 30.54 2.14% The acquired Xuanshuo Optoelectronics is mainly engaged in LED packaging, LED placement machines As well as the R&D, design, production and sales of LED automation equipment and overall solutions such as intelligent lighting production lines, it ranks second in industry 4.0 among packaging equipment companies in mainland China, lithium batteries, LED lighting, Apple, and demon shares 151 times

16 000050 Shentianma A 15.29 2.07% Domestic small and medium-sized AMOLED LTPS dual-material leader, leading in yield and production capacity; around LTPS-TFT and AM-OLED display technologies, flexible/transparent/3D display and in-cell/on- Leading technologies such as cell integrated touch control have formed a comprehensive solution and product system that comprehensively meets the needs of mobile terminal consumer and industrial displays (vehicle/industrial control/medical, etc.). 3D glasses, electronic components, naked-eye 3D, Apple, holographic mobile phones, virtual reality 345 times

17 300481 Puyang Huicheng 21.88 1.67% Fluorene derivatives of OLED blue light functional materials have begun to contribute to performance in the past 15 years. Other functional materials will continue to be developed, including OLED hole transport materials, hole injection materials, hole blocking materials, electron transport materials, electron injection materials, electron blocking materials, etc. 233 times of new shares, annual report was sent and transferred 233 times

18 002341 Slen Technology 12.58 1.62% Sylun Technology stated on the investor relations interactive platform that it has carried out industrial layout and technical reserves for OLED and LED touch screen companies. COP film, touch screen film, SRF film and other companies have mature technical reserves. The company has a clear understanding and judgment on the development of technology trends in the display industry, so it has already carried out related product layout and planning. Materials, lithium batteries, aluminum-plastic films, beautiful China 281 times

19 000973 Fosu Technology 4.78 1.49% said on May 30 that OLED is one of the general directions for the future development of the display industry. At present, the company’s holding subsidiary Weida has mastered the relevant technology of polarizing film for OLED. The product is still under research and development, and some OLEDs use polarized light Membranes have been sent to customer samples. 3D glasses, materials, Guangdong state-owned capital reform, lithium battery, aluminum-plastic film 432 times

20 000536 Huaying Technology 3.80 1.33% On the investor relations interactive platform, the company’s investment in IGZO is closely related to the future development of OLED Related, IGZO is currently regarded as a relatively recognized technology choice by the market. The company has already started to deploy 3D glass, 3D glasses, electronic components for OLED products from the experimental line, with high delivery and transfer 127 times

21 002618 Danbang Technology 13.83 1.32% is converting from the production of flexible OLED substrates and cover window materials to PI films to meet its lightweight, thin and bendable requirements, and is expected to benefit from the OLED explosion. Materials, electronic components, flexible circuits 160 times

22 300296 Leyard 24.33 1.29% On the investor relations interactive platform, it said that Pingda, a wholly-owned holding company of Leyard, owns OLED products, and its product positioning Commercial applications such as advertising. LED lighting, naked eye 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality 103 times

23 601208 Dongcai Technology 5.50 1.29% Company product—optical grade polyester base film applied to OLED product manufacturing material 57 times

24 002308 Wetron 9.47 1.07% On May 9, Wetron stated on the investor interactive platform that the company has been paying attention to OLED technology for a long time, and the technology is still in the single-screen use stage, which is not applicable for the time being Large video wall system. Second child, 208 times in smart city

25 000012 CSG A 7.23 0.98% CSG A has undertaken the project of “Engineering Technology Development of Conductive Substrates for OLED” and has OLED related technologies and products; the company indirectly holds Yichang CSG Display Devices Co., Ltd. has a 44.70% stake. Yichang Display has been mass-producing conductive glass 3D glass for OLED, photovoltaic, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area 837 times

26 600064 Nanjing Hi-Tech 13.69 0.66% The joint venture company established has AMOLED display pilot line participation securities companies, Participated in banks, venture capital, phoenix tree, NEEQ 111 times

27 600707 Rainbow Shares 7.83 0.64% In December 2008, the company invested in the construction of an OLED production line in Foshan, with an initial investment of 255 million yuan. China Electronics Group 662 times

28 000990 Chengzhi Co., Ltd. 14.60 0.21% On May 24, it stated on the investor relations interactive platform that the company has developed holes, light-emitting and electronic materials for OLEDs. The relevant core technology has applied for patent protection. The R&D and industrialization of OLED materials has been regarded as the key pharmaceutical development for 128 times

29 000413 Dongxu Optoelectronics 7.37 0.14% Liquid crystal glass substrate is an indispensable base material for OLED display, and its production capacity is the sixth generation TFT- LCD glass substrate 5 million pieces/year; LTPS glass substrate technology electronic components required for OLED have been stored, sapphire, graphene, Zhengjin Huijin 1286 times

30 002450 Kangdexin — optical film –Water vapor barrier film and microstructure brightness enhancement film are two types of optical film products required by OLED technology in flexible display applications, both of which are produced by the company. Materials, placards, naked-eye 3D, quantum information, augmented reality 361 times

31 300128 Jinfu Technology 8.52 0.00% The inspection jig developed by the company’s holding subsidiary Maizhi Technology can be used for the inspection of OLED screens, etc. Increase in holdings, electronic components, high-speed transfer, apple, graphene 208 times

32 002600 Lingyizhi made 6.50 -0.15% Jiangfen Magnetics subsidiary has already mass-produced Amoled displays. Passive driving (PMOLED) and active driving (AMOLED) are two driving modes of OLED; the OLED technology and products of Dijing Optoelectronics, a wholly-owned subsidiary, are still in the research and development and sample stage, and have not been officially mass-produced and have not achieved high economic benefits. Send and transfer, P2P, rare earth permanent magnet 31 times

33 002102 Guanfu Co., Ltd. 4.55 -0.22% On the investor interactive platform, fluorinated products can be used in OLED, and the company produces according to market demand. — 318 times

34 603996 Zhongxin Technology 16.59 -0.48% Leading domestic flat-panel TV ODM company, the display business is expected to benefit from new shares, smart TV, smart home 251 times

35 000100 TCL Group 3.27 -2.39% OLED panel: China Star Optoelectronics, a subsidiary of TCL, also invested 16 billion yuan to build the 6th generation LTPS/AMOLED production line in Wuhan Optics Valley, aiming at the home appliance industry in the small and medium-sized OLED panel market. 295 times

36 002456 OFILM 19.97 -2.54% A leading company in thin-film touch control, expected to benefit from foldable OLED screen mobile phones is expected to promote the large-scale application of thin-film touch technology 3D glass, Internet of Vehicles, electronic components , Gaozhuanzhuan, Apple, holographic mobile phone, driverless, virtual reality, mobile payment, augmented reality 40 times

37 000725 BOE A 4.65 -4.91% BOE announced in March this year that it would increase its capital by 245 100 million yuan is used for the construction of the second phase of the 6th generation LTPS/AMOLED production line. The 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line in Chengdu is in full progress and is planned to be put into operation in 2017. Electronic components, naked eye 3D, smart city 1155 times

⑥ How to view the blockchain project that mines while environmental protection – OASES

The Oases ecosystem (called “Oases Network” or “OAS”) is the next generation of blockchain environmental protection and energy management Industry basic chains and protocols in the field. Oases was jointly released and established by the US EPC Foundation and Singapore’s OASES FOUNDATION. Based on the material dimension and the information dimension, the Oases ecosystem realizes the direct conversion of microscopic energy and macroscopic energy under the condition of energy conservation, and has formulated specific decentralized energy management technology solutions for this purpose, making the world more environmentally friendly and energy-saving . The Oases ecosystem will join hands with a number of well-known research institutions, aiming to use blockchain technology and combine the real economy industry to solve the problem of how to reduce environmental pollution, reduce energy consumption, monitor emissions, and collect and analyze environmental big data on a global scale. Provide a complete solution to the problem, promote the establishment of global environmental protection standards, and the formation of various energy asset trading markets to build a more environmentally friendly and energy-saving world. When the blockchain gradually becomes the key to the future world order, exploring the environmental protection and energy technologies in the future blockchain world has become the original intention of the Oases ecosystem construction.


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