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❶ Which bitcoin mining machine is good in China

The American Butterfly Lab is from the United States. He prefers to evade fares, and he seems to have been prosecuted recently. As we all know, the garden mining machine is not good in overall performance. The energy consumption of the ant mining machine is relatively small, but the chip uses a 55nm process technology. According to the development of the current technology, it will soon be eliminated. The Roast Cat mining machine was once brilliant, but with the technological progress of other mining machine manufacturers, it gradually went downhill. In contrast, Avalon has been at the forefront of innovation. Avalon delivered the world’s first asic mining machine. Avalon1 once went from 8,000 to more than 300,000. The computing power contributed by Avalon’s second-generation chips to the entire network accounted for about one-third of the entire network’s computing power in January. one. At present, Avalon has delivered the first orders of three generations of chips using the 40nm process technology.

❷ In addition to Bitcoin mining, what are the digital currencies that are easy to mine?

The price of newly issued digital currencies is generally very low, a few cents or even a few cents. There are all kinds of things. You can buy it directly for the time you dig, and now you can mine Bitcoin because its encryption algorithm is public. You can’t mine all kinds of digital currencies on the market without public algorithms.

❸ Which Bitcoin mining machine is fast for mining

The mining speed with high computing power is fast. If you only consider the size of the computing power and do not consider the electricity bill, then it is estimated that you can easily buy a pile of scrap iron. Of course, if the electricity bill for mining is free, then the mining machine with higher computing power is more beneficial to you.
The purchase of a Bitcoin mining machine depends not only on the size of the computing power, but also on the efficacy of some mining machines, as well as the price of the mining machine, the increase in the difficulty of Bitcoin mining and other factors.
At present, the mainstream mining machines on the market include Avalon 3rd generation mining machines and ant mining machines.

❹ Which bitcoin mining machine is the best?

The update of the mining machine is very fast. At present, Bitmain’s Antminer S9I T9 L3++ Cost-effective,

❺ the most advanced bitcoin mining machine, can dig out a bitcoin in a few days

the most advanced bitcoin mining machine, It takes one to two years to mine a bitcoin, and bitcoin mining is now too difficult. If you want to dig, you can dig ether. Now the value is steadily rising every day. According to the current development situation, it will be able to return to the capital in about 7 months, and then it will be profitable.

❻ Which bitcoin mining software is better

Mining with super absenteeism

❼ What The best mining machine to mine Bitcoin

Ant mining machine

❽ Which mining machines can mine Bitcoin BTC

Shenma mining machine, ant mining machine, there are many models.
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❾ If you want to mine Bitcoin, what is the best mining machine?

According to the current data, Antminer should be the first choice. Personal opinion is for reference only:

Ant S3 was originally scheduled to have a computing power of 478G and a power consumption of 366W. In order to make the mining machine run more stably, the computing power of the S3 was adjusted to 440G and the power consumption was 332W. Most of the tuned machines are still capable of overclocking to 478G. 800W power supply can bring 2 units. In this test, the computing power of the Antminer is 440g, two 880g, and the power consumption of the two is 674 watts.
As for the price, it will follow the market

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