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(1) The currency circle is in chaos, with a maximum drop of 50% in one day. Can bitcoin still work?

If you decide to buy bitcoin, it is recommended that you buy it rationally and responsibly. Use no more than 1% of your net worth to buy bitcoin, and be honest with yourself: bitcoin is a gamble, not an investment. Investing in Bitcoin is very risky, and Bitcoin is not an investment that will ensure the safety of your funds, either from a long-term or short-term perspective.

(2) The currency circle has been in shock for 100 days, what happened to those who became rich, plummeted, and liquidated their positions

The currency circle has experienced a ten-day liquidation recently. , There has been a lot of turmoil in the currency market during the entire three months, which has really shocked the investors who have become rich and have collapsed for a long time. As the currency circle continues to decline, some investors have silently sold all cryptocurrencies and then exited the currency circle.

Third, the cryptocurrency plummets, where should investors go?

Cryptocurrencies began to plummet since May 19. At this time, many investors found that their accounts were instantly liquidated. Among them, Ethereum fell below the $2,000 mark, and Dogecoin was only $0.3 / For the first time, investors felt the cruelty of the currency market. As for this crash, there have been omens before. The market sentiment gradually declined after the price of bitcoin plummeted for a week. Investors quickly fell after a short-lived wealth spree. Where should investors go in the future, some investors said they would no longer touch virtual currency, and some took a wait-and-see attitude, but in any case, they must be fully prepared to withstand the repeated shocks of the currency circle.

(iii) Behind the crazy currency circle: 100,000 is instantly cleared, what is the real reason for the collapse of the currency circle

For the current entire virtual currency market, this There will be a large-scale slump at that time, because there are certain problems in the entire virtual currency market, and the governments of various countries have continued to strengthen the crackdown on the entire bitcoin market, so for the entire bitcoin market, its overall market size In the continuous reduction, the vast majority of institutional investors are cashing out at a high level, so for the entire virtual currency market, it is currently paying attention to a relatively low position.

More importantly, the crackdown on Bitcoin by various governments is also gradually increasing, especially for some developed economies, their attitude towards Bitcoin is 0 tolerance, Therefore, various policy measures have been taken to close the Bitcoin trading platform, so the price of Bitcoin has also dropped significantly.

㈣ What does the currency circle mean

The currency circle is a term or concept in the blockchain industry. Or a circle formed by people who issue their own digital currency to raise funds. The largest currency trading platform in China is OKEx.

㈤ The richest man in the currency circle invests 100 times in bitcoin. Bitcoin is like a stock. How does an ordinary person become a big man in the currency circle?

I think as an ordinary person, Don’t think about how to become a big boss in the currency circle, let alone invest in Bitcoin, because this is a very risky thing, and there is no need to put yourself into financial risks because of such a thing.

Many people will envy the skyrocketing rise of bitcoin, thinking that if they bought bitcoin, they would be a millionaire now, but there is no if in life, and there is no so-called regret medicine. The current price is very high, so just thinking about the future price of Bitcoin is a very immature investment concept.

Bitcoin down payment investment Bitcoin has benefited 100 times.

This news makes many people feel particularly excited. Many people will think that if they bought bitcoin at the beginning, they would have become a multi-millionaire now, but I think this kind of thinking is very naive, in other words , There are very few people who can achieve such achievements. What you don’t see are some very miserable people. They have failed to invest in Bitcoin and have caused financial crisis. At this time, you should also consider it.

㈥ The currency circle has been in shock for 100 days, and what is the reason for the collapse of the currency circle?

So now the price of virtual currency has begun to plunge. But this does not mean that the virtual currency is now on the brink of extinction, mainly because the global digital currency has not yet developed. To a certain extent last year, money could not be replaced in a short period of time. Under such circumstances, the skyrocketing and plummeting of virtual currency is of course also related to the personal property of many people, so today we will discuss whether virtual currency will perish.

Third, the root cause of the demise of virtual currency.

So many people say that virtual currency is a direction of future development, representing true digitization. But to a certain extent, in order to achieve true digitalization, on the one hand, technological innovation is required, and on the other hand, changes in economic rules are required? Obviously, such conditions are not yet available, so virtual currency is just a simple investment channel to a certain extent, and it is still difficult to replace the current economic rules.

㈦ What is the real reason for the recent plunge in the currency circle?

Recently, the attention of the emerging cryptocurrency – Dogecoin plunge has been high, here In the slump caused by the cryptocurrency “big market” Bitcoin, Dogecoin continued to tumble; it fell to a minimum of $0.4 a piece, almost being cut in half. Huichacha has some small insights into the reasons for the slump in the currency circle:

1, the demand for the currency circle has decreased.

Under the trend of the spread of the epidemic, the number of transactions in the world has decreased, people have become conservative, and the total social consumption has been greatly reduced. At this time, the transactions settled with Bitcoin and other settlements have been greatly reduced, the demand has decreased, and the price will increase. fall.

2. The risk of price crash is high.

Affected by capital speculation, virtual currency prices rose and fell sharply, making it difficult for ordinary investors to predict, and it is very easy to cause liquidation losses. Historically, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin suddenly fell sharply at the peak. It happened more than ten times. Behind the recent wild rise and then plunge of Dogecoin is a “leek cutting game” in which capital predators represented by “Musk” harvest ordinary investors.

3. Virtual currency has no intrinsic value and the risk is very high.

Virtual currency does not have the function of currency trading in essence, and it is not recognized by any country in the world. At present, the price of cryptocurrencies has risen sharply, mainly due to speculation caused by market speculation. Once all countries in the world explicitly deny these The value of virtual currency that is not controlled by the state, the virtual currency will become worthless in an instant, and the virtual currency held by the majority of investors will also be completely locked up.

Although Dogecoin is currently the fourth largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of $68 billion; second only to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin. It may be the “asset” with the largest increase in “financial assets” in recent years. However, the reason why people can’t build their beliefs is because the market has not yet reached a certain consensus, and they don’t know what role this Dogecoin will play in the future. From an investment point of view, it is quite worrying to tell the truth about such cryptocurrencies that are not very practical and mainly rely on financial attributes to tell stories.

Cryptocurrencies are promising from an investment perspective, but please invest with caution. There will be no blind obedience or belief in Dogecoin; Dogecoin is, as Musk said, “it’s a fun collectible” or “joke”.

㈧ Introduction of Li Hailong in the currency circle

Li Hailong is really not a simple person. He is congenitally blind in both eyes, which means that he has not been able to see since birth. He has never been to school. Through his own efforts, he learns to type 120 times a minute on the computer. When the computer is broken, he repairs it himself. He can also program computer software. People who know him will ask him how to do it. He only answers in four words. The most surprising thing is that he used 700 Ethereum to become more than 60,000 Ethereum, and he occasionally helps others to publish articles.
Expansion information:
1. Before 2017, those who entered the currency circle basically made money and made a lot of money. Since 2017, the super traders of the capital market are also optimistic about the leeks in the currency circle and start to use the blockchain The name continues to be high-quality packaging to attract investment again. At this time, players in the capital disk also began to participate in various blockchain projects under the name of high-level blockchain. The word “blockchain” also makes People are very easy to remember in people’s brains. Players can say these terms, blockchain, decentralization, openness and transparency, and can’t be tampered with. It sounds very professional to people.
2. The currency circle is a term or concept in the blockchain industry. It is a circle formed by a group of people who pay attention to virtual encrypted digital currency or issue their own digital currency to raise funds. Among them, bitcoin is more important in the currency circle. a virtual encrypted digital currency. The currency circle is a field that lacks formal supervision. When contacting the currency circle, everyone needs to be alert to various scams, especially fake trading platforms, OTC fraud, phishing, counterfeit currency, etc. The currency circle is the natural circle formed by digital currency players. Digital currency is virtual currency, and the number one is Bitcoin.
3. Token is an encrypted virtual currency. It consists of a symbol that represents� role. In the currency circle, BTC and ETH are recognized and leading tokens. Airdrops are a very popular cryptocurrency marketing method right now. In order to allow potential investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to obtain information about tokens, the token team will regularly distribute unknown tokens to the accounts of participants in the currency circle, and the amount is proportional to the number of original tokens. If you want to get more airdrops, you must buy more tokens. This is a very effective way of publicity for currency marketing.

㈨ Top 20 exchanges in the currency circle

2017-2019 There are various kinds of exchanges, large and small exchanges like rain Banchunzhu was established. After two years of shuffling, the exchange is currently in three echelons;

The first echelon: BNB (Binance) OKB (OK) HT (Huobi)

Second tier: Bkex (currency guest) Biki MXC A-net Q-net Zhongbi K-net

Third tier: other various small exchanges

Currently No. 1 The exchanges in the echelon are booming, the second echelon is chasing after continuous innovation, and the third echelon is also seeking new development directions.

At present, the basic business of exchanges is similar, mainly looking at services, user experience, and innovation (new gameplay).

Personally, I am optimistic about the Bkex Global platform. Born in 2018, he is already growing up and will definitely be incorporated into the first echelon in the future. Let us wait and see! ! !

㈩ The next sentence in the currency circle is one day in the world and ten years in the world.

The next sentence in the currency circle is one day in the world and ten years in the world. The one is king.
1. The so-called currency circle is the natural circle formed by digital currency players. The currency circle is not large, but the number of people is not small, and it is basically a niche among the crowd, but it is finally a circle, there are not many people who make money, and all kinds of ways to make money are quickly copied over, ico, speculation coins, mining, etc.
2. There are many ways to make money in the currency circle, the most important ones are speculating coins, ICO crowdfunding, and moving bricks. The legal currency in the currency circle is legal currency, which is issued by the country and the government, and only government credit is guaranteed, such as RMB, US dollar and so on.
Digital currency is an unregulated, digital currency, usually issued and managed by developers, accepted and used by members of a specific virtual community. The European Banking Authority defines virtual currency as: a digital representation of value that is not issued by a central bank or authority, nor linked to fiat currency, but which, because it is accepted by the public, can be used as a means of payment and can also be transferred, stored or traded in electronic form . Features of digital currency:
1. Low transaction cost
Compared with traditional bank transfer, remittance and other methods, digital currency transaction does not require payment to a third party, and its transaction cost is lower, especially compared to Cross-border payments with high fees to payment service providers.
2. Fast transaction speed
The blockchain technology used in digital currency has the characteristics of decentralization. It does not require any centralized organization like a clearing center to process data, and the transaction processing speed is faster.
3. High anonymity
In addition to the physical form of currency that can realize peer-to-peer transactions without intermediary participation, one of the advantages of digital currency compared to other electronic payment methods is that it supports remote peer-to-peer payment, it does not require With any trusted third party acting as an intermediary, both parties of the transaction can complete the transaction in a completely unfamiliar situation without trusting each other, so it has higher anonymity and can protect the privacy of the trader, but it also creates convenience for cybercrime, Easily exploited for money laundering and other criminal activities


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