Bitcoin 188 Court also


Ⅰ Is it true that Bitcoin mining machine software is charged to 188 members?

Can this be believed? This version is a pyramid scheme, the same as MMM.
The China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People’s Bank of China, and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce reminded:
Recently, in the name of “financial mutual assistance”, there have been many behaviors in China that promise high returns and lure the public to invest funds. Its main features include;
First, a wide range of names. Common ones are: “XX Financial Mutual Aid Community”, “XX Financial Mutual Aid Platform”, “XX Financial Mutual Aid Wealth”, “XX Charity Financial Mutual Aid Platform”, “XX Financial Mutual Aid Investment”, “XX Mutual Aid Community”, “XX Wealth Mutual Aid” platform” etc.
Second, the rapid development. Relying on the Internet, publicity through websites, blogs, WeChat, QQ and other platforms has spread to a wide range.
Third, it is highly confusing. Some, under the banner of “foreign celebrities”, claim that their goal is to “destroy the unjust world financial system, break the control of financiers, and create a community of ordinary people”. platform”, allowing the public to get help from more people by subsidizing others. At the same time, it falsely claimed that “it has been tested by the market, has been operating in many countries for many years, and has hundreds of millions of members around the world” and so on.
Fourth, strong inducement. Claims that the investment threshold is low, the cycle is short, and the return is high. For example, after free registration, the investment of 60-60,000 yuan can be withdrawn within 15 days, the daily income is 1%, the monthly income is 30%, the annual income is 23 times, and there is no handling fee. In addition, participants who develop others to join can also receive additional benefits such as referral rewards (10% of the downline investment), management rewards (the corresponding proportion is determined according to the membership level), and there is no upper limit for development personnel and unlimited rebates.
5. Strong concealment. Most of them are controlled remotely by overseas personnel, and investment funds are often transferred through personal bank account online banking or through third-party payment platforms.
This kind of operation mode violates the law of value, and capital operation is difficult to maintain for a long time. Once the capital chain breaks, investors will face serious losses. The general public is requested to earnestly raise awareness of risks, invest rationally and prudently, and prevent damage to interests. At the same time, we can actively report to the relevant departments the clues of illegal and criminal crimes. and many mainstream media have reported similar virtual currency pyramid schemes.

Ⅱ How the court pronounced the case of the husband and wife who failed to invest in Bitcoin and then killed the woman and jumped into the sea It has always attracted the attention of many people. Many people want to know how the court pronounced the verdict after half a year. Does the husband need to bear the corresponding legal responsibility? On December 16, 2020, the case of killing a woman and jumping into the sea after a husband and wife failed to invest in Bitcoin officially opened. However, the court did not directly issue the verdict on that day. The court said that the final verdict will be announced on another day. After all, the man’s behavior has been suspected of breaking the law, and he must bear the consequences for his behavior. I feel that no matter how the court decides the final verdict, the crime committed by the man will make him feel deeply guilty. I also hope that this kind of thing will not happen again in the future. The most pitiful thing is the child.

Ⅲ Bitcoin mining hang up and pay 188 yuan to open the monthly fee VIP is a scam

I also think that the whole family of liars is dead, but unfortunately I didn’t see it sooner.

Ⅳ Is the bitcoin mining machine real? It has to pay 188 yuan. It is said that the VIP can only be withdrawn.

Hello. First of all this is definitely fake. It’s really a hundred times more expensive than this, don’t believe it easily, so as not to be deceived.

Ⅳ Has anyone played Bitcoin on-hook? A lot of money per hour is real and fake, and you have to pay 188 to withdraw it.

It is fake, once the money is paid, there will be other fees , when you wake up, the money will have nothing to do with you.
I know it on the Internet and I often see it on small forums, but this thing has nothing to do with Bitcoin. Their publicity and promotion model is suspected of pyramid schemes. They told me they were mining, using thousands of computers across the country. If you are in the currency mixing circle, you will understand that ordinary computers are basically unable to mine bitcoins now, let alone thousands, even tens of thousands of ordinary computers can hardly mine one bitcoin a year. In addition to wasting electricity bills, there is no profit at all. How can you share the money without profit. Today, thousands of professional mining machines can mine one coin a day, which is not bad. Now the cost of mining is basically higher than the cost, of course, except that the electricity fee is free, and now the more well-known mining farms in the world have stopped mining because of the sharp drop in the currency price.
This scam is not very clever, but I don’t know why so many people believe it. Of course, someone told me that I can make a lot of money every day. I want to say, will you do it if there is no sweetness, will you go to pull people, will you invest more? Bitcoin House some time agoOne of the MLM coins reported, an aunt was overwhelmed by the huge benefits, and finally was deceived by more than 20,000.

Ⅵ The bitcoin software is 10 yuan per hour is true or false, and you have to pay a 188 membership fee to withdraw it.

Don’t believe it, these are basically tricks, but the bitcoin In the past few years, the development has indeed been rapid, and many scammers have taken the opportunity to trick people.

VII Has Bitcoin been seized?

Bitcoin has not been seized, and Bitcoin exists legally in my country. The five ministries and commissions notices at the end of 2013 clearly defined Bitcoin as a special Internet commodity that people can freely buy and sell at their own risk. But it denied its monetary properties. Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the central bank, compared bitcoin to a tradable asset like postage stamps, and the central bank has no right to ban it.

VIII What are the classic cases of bitcoin becoming a new means of money laundering crime?

The search for bitcoin on the Internet has been going on continuously, and its price has been fluctuating and rising, and has Breaking multiple barriers such as $30,000, $40,000, and $50,000. It has become the most popular investment contract in virtual currency circles, but due to market volatility, liquidations occur almost every trading day for larger reasons. The sheer amount of money involved has left some investors completely uneasy. Of course, for those traders who have made profits many times, they will naturally make a lot of money and their personal wealth will grow. So, when investing in virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, there is some happiness and sadness when the market fluctuates sharply.

In addition, although the current price of Bitcoin has been rising, there is still a lot of controversy in the market. Many financial institutions have a negative attitude, seeing it as a speculative asset rather than a currency due to its lack of utility. Value support, with some caveats at the same time. In addition, India is about to implement a cryptocurrency ban, other countries are not very optimistic about the prospects of virtual cryptocurrencies, and some criminals use their hidden money laundering crimes, so there are many uncertainties about future market trends.

Ⅸ To download a bitcoin, you have to pay 188 members to become a member, so that the money can be withdrawn if it is true or false.

It is false, mine does not need to be a member, just withdraw cash directly That’s it.


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