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① Find a bitcoin picture on your phone, who knows where it came from

Don’t play it. Well-known digital currencies include Bitcoin and Litecoin. Stay away from virtual currency, real-name authentication, go to a domestic bitcoin exchange to register an account, there is no limit on ups and downs, it is a high-risk and high-yield investment and wealth management product. Investing in bitcoin does not require any channels. If you have a strong heart It is recommended that you invest, earn the difference, bind your bank card and mobile phone number, and then recharge RMB for transactions and Fuyuan coins. If someone promises that there is a virtual currency that can only be earned but not lost, it must be a pyramid scheme, but there is no such thing. The price of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin fluctuates greatly, Dogecoin, Ripple, etc.

② What does it mean that the chips are dense on the top of the Bitcoin disk

The chips are divided into two types: buyer and Sellers’ chips constitute the liquidity of the market. Put the seller’s chip more than the buyer’s chip, the market generally rises, and vice versa generally falls. And the roles of both long and short sides can change at any time. Of course, these are not absolute, and specific market analysis is required.

③ How Bitcoin was mined

Find the code on the Bitcoin system, and find the code to calculate the mining of Bitcoin

Every time point, The Bitcoin system will generate a random code on the system node. All computers in the Internet can look for this code. Whoever finds this code will generate a block and then get a Bitcoin. This process is what people often say Mining. Calculating this random code requires a lot of GPU operations, so miners purchase a large number of graphics cards to obtain bitcoin profits more quickly, which is also an important reason for the recent shortage of graphics cards.

(3) Extended reading of Bitcoin chips pictures:

Features of Bitcoin.

1. The total amount is limited, only 21000000BTC.

2. Anyone can issue bitcoin, but it is getting more and more difficult to issue.

3. Compared with central bank currency, it is safer and almost impossible to be stolen.

4. The transaction process is completely anonymous and cannot be traced.

④ Is Bitcoin a big scam?

Bitcoin is a scam, so you must be cautious when investing and managing your finances.

Even if it is gold, which is called “hard currency”, the price of gold will not only go up and down. Gold itself does not have a bubble, but if the price is too high, there will be a bubble, and the bubble will eventually burst, and the same is true of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. The more common virtual currencies, the closer the value of Bitcoin is to zero.

This kind of currency with purely digital symbols has no asset backing, no financial receipts and payments, no cash reserves, and no use value. It is only a circulation symbol. Once it loses its credit guarantee, it is A pile of beautifully printed waste paper. Investors should be vigilant that there is no so-called safe investment in this world, and all investments are risky.

The People’s Bank of China and other departments have issued documents to strictly rectify the above-mentioned behaviors, clarifying that token transactions are not protected by law. In the face of continuous innovation, government departments should continue to upgrade their supervision methods and capabilities on the basis of continued strict supervision, and continue to increase publicity and crackdown efforts to prevent the masses from being deceived.

(4) Extended reading of bitcoin chips picture:

Investing in virtual currency is more of a speculative behavior, and investors should strengthen their awareness of risk prevention and recognition ability, do not involve money transactions without confirming the identity of the other party, do not believe in low-risk, high-return investment products, especially do not join unverified investment and wealth management groups at will, these are often carefully designed by telecommunications network fraudsters Good snare.

It is best to buy investment and financial management accompanied by children, and to learn from official and authoritative channels, and report to the police in time when you find that you have been deceived. Properly protect various account passwords, identity information, etc., and do not easily tell others. Anyone who mentions the need to transfer or remit money should be highly vigilant and consult with trusted acquaintances.

Reference source: People’s Daily Online – Demystifying Crazy Bitcoin: 800 Yuan each New Ponzi Scheme?

People’s Daily Online-Three men who set up a bitcoin scam to make more than 150 thousand yuan sentenced “Third: How to Avoid Deviating from Reality to Virtuality

⑤ Bitcoin Price on June 2, 2019

Hello Today on June 3rd
Bitcoin RMB The price is 61784 pcs

⑥ Besides Bitcoin (BTC), what other virtual currencies

1, Q coins

Q coins, referred to as QB, Also known as QQ coins, Tencent Q coins, etc. Usually its exchange rate is 1Q currency = 1 RMB, and it is generally 10% off for transactions on Tencent Paipai.

QB is a virtual currency launched by Tencent, which can be used to pay for QQ’s QQ line number, QQ membership services and other services. Tencent Q coins, by purchasing QQ cards.��Telephone recharge, bank card recharge, network recharge, mobile phone recharge card, all-in-one card recharge card, etc.

The face value of the QQ card is 10 yuan, 15 yuan, 30 yuan, 60 yuan, 100 yuan and 200 yuan respectively.

There is another kind that exists in the electronic cryptocurrency circle, the name is QQCoin, and the two are not related.

2, Litecoin

Litecoin, abbreviation: LTC, currency symbol: Ł; is a network based on “peer-to-peer” technology Currency is also an open source software project under the MIT/X11 license. It helps users make instant payments to anyone in the world.

Litecoin is inspired by Bitcoin (BTC) and technically has the same realization principle, the creation and transfer of Litecoin is based on an open source encryption protocol that is not governed by any central authority .

3. Infinite Coin

Infinite Coin (IFC for short) is an emerging digital currency, which has more circulation advantages than Bitcoin, filling the role of Bitcoin in commercial circulation and promoting business Shortcomings in areas such as operation. The positioning of Unlimited Coin is to serve the small transaction payment in daily life.

Unlimited currency requires 3 confirmations per transaction, each confirmation takes 3 seconds, and the transaction confirmation speed is very fast. Since Bitcoin transactions require a total of 6 confirmations, which take about 1 hour, and Litecoin transaction confirmations take 15 minutes, unlimited coins are used for daily common transactions, which is more practical.

Infinite Coin was released on June 5, 2013. Based on Scrypt PoW algorithm. A block is generated in 30 seconds. The initial block contains 524,288 unlimited coins. After that, every 86,400 blocks are generated, the number of coins in the block is halved, with a total of about 90.6 billion coins. Mining difficulty is adjusted hourly.

4. Quark Coin

Quark Coin is not a currency in real life, it exists securely in the computers of the global network.

The Quark Network is protected by 6 state-of-the-art encryption algorithms to ensure that it can become a digital ledger, and the entire network generates a proof-of-work by utilizing each of the 6 functions. -work), and coin producers must “validate” these transactions to ensure that each coin addition is genuine and valid.

Only legitimate computers can participate in ensuring that it can maintain a highly secure peer-to-peer network, which makes it more decentralized.

Quark coins can only be mined through the CPU of a regular computer. In the first 36 weeks, a total of 247,605,120 quarks will be mined. Starting from March 30, 2014, the number of quarks is set to 1,050,000 every year. Coins can flow into the market through “mining”, and the block reward will never be lower than 1, currently 2.

5. Zetacoin

Zetacoin was released on August 3, 2013, with one confirmation every 30 seconds, and the transaction confirmation speed is very fast. Zetacoin is based on the SHA-256 algorithm An open source digital currency, the initial coin mining is 160 million coins, 1 million gold coins and subsequent annual inflation, this small inflation is a better incentive to keep the network hash not pure transaction fee.

The total amount of Zetacoin is 160 million, 1000 ZET per block, and halved every 80640 blocks.

⑦ What Bitcoin is like

Treat a new thing, there are only two results, accept or reject. There are only two endings to this new thing, to be accepted or rejected. The whole process is iterative and tortuous. Bitcoin is like this now. People who eat melons accept or reject it, and the state also supports and rejects it. But in the end, its ending depends on this repeated process to converge, seesaws and struggles in all aspects, if it survives, then it is real gold, if it is eliminated, then it is a false proposition . I can’t really see how it ends yet.

⑧ Bitcoin, do you want it?”: I don’t want you to give it to me

This sentence comes from the economist Lang Xianping, in a certain When discussing bitcoin on a TV show, he said bitcoin was worthless, and he didn’t want to give it to him.

Later, bitcoin rose all the way to more than $10,000 a piece, so many people I dug out an old picture to satirize him.

⑨ Who knows what this picture means? This is the trend chart of Bitcoin on the Biter trading platform. Who can understand and introduce it?

This picture is the price chart of Bitcoin on this day.


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