Bitcoin contract 125 times leverage how many points to double

How to calculate the contract income of “One” Bitcoin

Twenty times the full position of the contract is equivalent to buying 2,000 yuan of bitcoin with 100 yuan, an increase of ten points Your income is 200 yuan (+100), the next day your account is 300 yuan, continue to fill the position 20 times and then increase ten points, your income is 600 yuan (+300), and so on,
But if it falls by 5 points, your principal will be gone, commonly known as liquidation.

『Ⅱ』How to calculate the leverage of digital currency futures contract and why it is easy to liquidate the position

Bitcoin of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the leverage is 20 times, calculated at the current price , 5320, it can be understood that you use $5320 to buy the value of 5320*20 times, but if you drop 1 point, you will lose $20. Then, 5320 / 20 = 266, if you drop 266 points, it will be 5054 Click, and all your capital will be gone. On Thursday, Bitcoin fell from 7840 to 5765 in one day, a drop of 26.8%, a drop of 2075 points, about 8 times of liquidation, ha, so be aware of risks.

“Three” Ways to Not Lose Money in Bitcoin Contracts

Any investment risk and return coexist. If you don’t want risk, naturally there is no return.

How many times can a bitcoin contract be done at the highest level

How many times can a bitcoin contract be done at the highest? In fact, Bitcoin is explicitly prohibited from trading in my country. Bitcoin is a virtual currency on the Internet. There are many buyers and sellers in the world hyping it. If you like to sell Bitcoin, it may cause your family to go bankrupt.

“Wu” Huobi futures trading, five times, ten times, what does it mean

Hello, five times and ten times mean leverage. For example, if you have 1,000 yuan of bitcoin, you can only do 70 when you double it, but by adding leverage, you can do 350 or 700. With leverage added, the more orders you place, the greater the risk and return.

What are the reasons for the liquidation of the “Lu” contract

Heavy position operation: Since the leverage of digital currency is as high as 125 times, high-leverage heavy position trading is difficult Relatively poor risk capability is also the main reason for liquidation. This is often due to investors who are eager for quick success. It is recommended that you choose an appropriate leverage when operating Bitcoin contracts, such as 1-50 times. Remember to choose 125 when the market is uncertain. Double leverage, at the same time, try to control the position in the 3-5 layer position operation, remember not to stud.

Frequent operation: Frequent operation is also one of the main factors of contract liquidation, mainly because investors want to earn more if they earn, and want to earn back if they lose, so they trade frequently. The reason is: from a psychological point of view, there is no plan, eager to turn over the book, placing an order at will, placing an emotional order, and finally the mentality of the single can not be controlled.

Characteristics of liquidation

A liquidation means that the account equity is negative, which means that the margin is not only lost but also owed. Under normal circumstances, liquidation will not occur under the daily liquidation system and forced liquidation system.

For example, since the launch of my country’s stock index futures, there has never been a trader’s liquidation accident. This is because the stock index futures have never experienced a price limit. Once the trader’s margin is insufficient and cannot be replenished in time, The futures company immediately took forced liquidation measures to prevent liquidation to the greatest extent possible.

『柒』What does Bitcoin 5x leverage mean

This is a trading method on the Bitcoin trading platform. It is simply that you can use 1 yuan to Use it as $5.

『渌』How many times is 2,000 BTC 20×500 points in a Bitcoin contract

Multiplying the increase by the leverage multiple is your rate of return, which is about 1.4 times, very rubbish Yes, I was playing options on bitoffer yesterday, and I got 25 times for a single order.

『玖』OKEX’s bitcoin perpetual contract is the maximum multiple times

You are I want to ask the leverage multiple, it is 1~40 times.

“pick up” how much is 20% of Bitcoin’s 10x leveraged income

Abstract Bitcoin 10x leverage trading means that investors use 10x leverage , If the investor makes a profit, the investor’s income is 10 times the original basis. On the contrary, if the investor loses, the loss is also 10 times the original basis. 20% is 0.2

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