Bitcoin contract agency investment

❶ How to trade Bitcoin contracts

Similar to futures contracts, it is a trading method proposed by BitStar.
The leverage of the Bitcoin virtual contract is represented by the stable leverage at the level of fiat currency income: investing $100, the income you can get = $100 * Bitcoin’s rise and fall * fixed leverage multiple.
Assuming that the current price is 500USD/BTC, an investor buys one BTC at the current price, and the principal is 500USD. At this time, the investor can buy 50 BTC virtual contracts. At this time, if the BTC price rises to US$750, an increase of 50%, the investor’s contract income is 3.3333 BTC, and after selling at the current price, he can obtain US$2,500, and the income is 5 times the principal investment. If the price rises to $1,000, the contract income is 5BTC, and the dollar income after selling is $5,000, which is 10 times its dollar income. No matter how the price fluctuates, the leverage of the contract is very stable, which makes it convenient for merchants to hedge with the contract and for ordinary investors to manage their positions.

❷ How to make stable profits with bitcoin contracts

I think too much, let alone individual investors, even large institutional investors will still be cut off!
The digital currency market is simply a financial market, and it also has the rule that big fish eat small fish.

❸ How to play bitcoin contracts

The contract can be completed directly on the bitcoin trading platform, and the leverage is the contract. However, the trading platform must be selected well, such as Huobi, Canadian currency station, etc. are more suitable, mainly because the main platform of the platform is the Bitcoin contract, in this way, many times the platform does activities about the contract users, and if you are in In the above, you can enjoy the corresponding benefits.

❹ What does Bitcoin contract trading mean

Contract trading is a general term for Bitcoin Litecoin futures contract trading.
In June 2013, 796 Exchange was the first in the bitcoin industry to develop bitcoin weekly delivery standard futures—T+0 two-way trading virtual commodities as collateral barter contracts (contract transactions).
The emergence of contract trading ended the previous history that Bitcoin could not be shorted, and opened the prelude to the development and prosperity of the Bitcoin derivatives market.

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❺ Bitcoin Numbers Currency investment or digital currency contract platform which is better to attract investment

There are Binance, Huobi, and CellETF, why should you ask other exchanges? There is a central bank, there is an industry and commerce, why do you still ask how to put the money in the hands of the neighbor’s second uncle? You can go to

❻ How to join a bitcoin agent

You need to search for a bitcoin agent online, you can see some advertisements, click Just go in and add people.

❼ What is bitcoin contract trading

1. Definition of contract
A futures contract is a contract that the buyer agrees to trade for a specified period of time An agreement in which an asset is subsequently received at a specific price and the seller agrees to deliver an asset at a specific price after a specified period of time.
The price that both parties agree to use in future transactions is called the futures price. The specified date on which the two parties must transact in the future is called the settlement date or delivery date. The assets that both parties agree to exchange are called “underlyings”.
If an investor takes a position in the market by buying a futures contract (that is, agreeing to buy at a future date), it is called a long position or a long position in futures. Conversely, if an investor takes a position by selling a futures contract (that is, taking responsibility for the contract to be sold in the future), it is called a short position or short on futures.

2. Origin of the contract
A futures contract refers to a standardized contract formulated by a futures exchange that stipulates the delivery of a certain quantity and quality of commodities at a specific time and place in the future. It is the object of futures trading, and the participants of futures trading transfer price risk and obtain risk-return by buying and selling futures contracts on the futures exchange.
Futures contracts are developed on the basis of spot contracts and spot forward contracts, but the most essential difference between them is the standardization of the terms of futures contracts. For futures contracts traded in the futures market, the quantity, quality grade and delivery grade of the subject matter, as well as the premiums and discounts of substitutes, delivery locations, delivery months and other terms are standardized, making futures contracts universal.
In the futures contract, only the futures price is the only variable, which is generated by open auction on the exchange.

3. Classification of contracts
Digital currency contracts can be divided into: delivery contracts and perpetual contracts.
(1) Delivery contract: futures delivery refers to futuresWhen the futures contract expires, the two parties to the transaction settle the process of the expired open contract through the transfer of the ownership of the commodity contained in the futures contract.
(2) Perpetual contract: It is a derivative similar to leveraged spot trading, and is a digital currency contract product settled in BTC, USDT and other currencies. Investors can obtain the benefits of rising digital currency prices by buying long, or obtain benefits from falling digital currency prices by selling short.
Perpetual contracts are different from traditional futures: they have no expiry time, so there is no limit to the holding time. In order to ensure that the underlying price index is tracked, the perpetual contract ensures that its price closely follows the price of the underlying asset through the mechanism of funding fees.

❽ What does contract agent mean

Contract agent now mostly refers to the digital currency such as Bitcoin based on blockchain technology. traded. A few decades ago, contract agency did not specifically refer to digital currencies. With the increasing price of bitcoin and blockchain technology, more and more attention was paid to derivative products and industries such as digital currencies. Also affected began to become popular.
The contract in the contract agency refers to that the buyer and the seller cooperate with each other’s needs according to their own needs. The contract signed after negotiation is the contract. The contract agent was originally used to trade with physical objects, such as wheat, corn, etc. Later, after the emergence of securities, it became for securities trading, and then the rise of Bitcoin became a proxy for Bitcoin trading. . If you want to know more, you can go to Niucoin Plus to learn more. If you don’t understand yourself, go to the network.

❾ How to open an OKEX Bitcoin contract account

First of all, you must have an OKEX account, and then pass the contract test.


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