Bitcoin contracts have been unstoppable

① The bitcoin contract currency on OKEX is incomplete.

It is definitely impossible to cover it all.

② Why is the bitcoin Currency options will not be liquidated like bitcoin contracts

Digital currency contracts are a deformation of traditional futures contracts. There are unified risks, margins are required, and there is a risk of liquidation. And the worst thing about digital currency contracts than traditional futures is that digital currency contracts cannot be physically delivered, which means that once the direction of the order is opposite to that of the order, and the ratio of the minimum margin is broken, the position must be forcibly closed, and there is no other way. , resulting in greater risk. Now some exchanges, such as Bitoffer, have launched bitcoin options products, which can amplify returns without the risk of liquidation.

③ How to understand OKEX’s bitcoin perpetual contract

I think it is a very good product, OKEX’s contract trading has always been at the forefront, and bitcoin is perpetual The contract is the first of its kind, far ahead of Huobi.

④ The way to not lose money in bitcoin contracts

Any investment risk and return coexist. If you don’t want the risk, there will be no return.

⑤ Is the bitcoin trading contract company a scam?

It should not be, but it is impossible for you to make money through bitcoin, because bitcoin is A transaction currency used on the Internet.

⑥ What if the bitcoin contract loses more than 300,000 yuan

It is normal for the bitcoin contract to lose more than 300,000 yuan. The risk of this leveraged transaction It is very big, and it is right to avoid risks.

⑦ What rules do you need to pay attention to for bitcoin delivery contracts

Sub-week contracts and quarterly contracts will be involved in settlement. After settlement, profit and loss will be recalculated at the settlement benchmark price. After settlement, the profit portion can be transferred out; if the user closes the position before settlement, all the margin and realized profit and loss required to open the position after settlement can be transferred out of the virtual contract account.

⑧ Can Bitcoin contracts only go to OKEX to play?

I have always played in OKEX, and I am very relieved. The depth of Huobi is too bad.

⑨ Can Bitcoin contracts really make money?

Bitcoin contracts can make money, but you have to be in the right direction. Once you do something wrong, you will be in debt very quickly Yes, it is recommended to invest prudently, and good luck.

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