Bitcoin just collapsed in the contract

1 Many people who speculate in Bitcoin have liquidated their positions. What does liquidation mean?

The so-called liquidation means that investors use leverage to invest, when the commodity price of the investment is If there is a drop and the price falls below the agreed price, the fund side will sell the investor’s investment target according to the contract, so as to ensure the safety of the fund side’s funds. Investors themselves lost all their capital.

Bitcoin investment is much more risky than stock investment, and it is definitely a real meat grinder. There are no rules for Bitcoin transactions to follow. Maybe a rumor in the market will have a great impact on the price of Bitcoin. There are many rumors about Bitcoin in the market, and investors are very concerned about Bitcoin investment. Everyone wants to get a piece of the pie in bitcoin investing.

my country’s financial regulators have repeatedly warned investors about the risks of investing in virtual currencies, but there are always some people who continue to invest in virtual currencies, hoping to get higher returns from virtual currency investments. income. In any case, the investment risk of Bitcoin is still very large, and investors must pay attention to the investment risk.

(2) How does OKEX optimize the liquidation process of bitcoin futures transactions

When the user does not meet the margin requirements of the current level, it will first reduce the position and reduce the To a lower level of required margin, this rule of OKEX is very good and protects investors to the greatest extent.

⑶ Big sellout! Bitcoin’s 800 million funds were wiped out in 15 minutes, what should retail investors do

In such a situation, most retail investors must be able to make a move. Can hope to see if it can be slowed down.

Some platforms stipulate that the loss of the platform caused by the failure of the user to close the order in time is the loss of the platform. Part of the risk reserve will be used first to make up for its own losses, and the rest will need to be apportioned by all profitable users in the week to make up for the losses of the platform.

⑷ Why don’t bitcoin options liquidate like bitcoin contracts

The digital currency contract is the deformation of the traditional futures contract. There are unified risks, margins are required, and there is a risk of liquidation. And the worst thing about digital currency contracts than traditional futures is that digital currency contracts cannot be physically delivered, which means that once the direction of the order is opposite to that of the order, and the ratio of the minimum margin is broken, the position must be forcibly closed, and there is no other way. , resulting in greater risk. Now some exchanges, such as Bitoffer, have launched bitcoin options products, which can amplify returns without the risk of liquidation.

⑸ Why does the bitcoin skyrocket still liquidate the position

The liquidation here refers to contract trading, which is derivative futures. If you are short (bearish) If the price of Bitcoin keeps rising, you will of course be liquidated.

⑹ Why are Bitcoin futures liquidated and liquidated

You should be talking about forced liquidation and liquidation.
Because Bitcoin futures are margin trading, it is equivalent to taking a small amount of money to leverage a certain amount of Bitcoin that originally required a certain amount of funds to buy. If you buy or sell in the opposite direction to Bitcoin futures, you will lose money. If the loss reaches a certain level, for example, the available funds of your account except the part of the money occupied by the margin are lost or become negative, the futures company and the exchange will force the liquidation in order to avoid losses. At this time, the money occupied by the customer’s margin needs to first repay the loss of the available funds before returning to the customer. If the loss is large, then after the forced liquidation, the funds occupied by the margin are basically only enough to repay the loss, and the funds returned to the customer’s account are basically gone, which is equivalent to liquidation.

⑺ Is the Bitcoin liquidation a total loss?

Yes, it is true, if all the funds in our own hands are pressed in, once the market direction On the contrary, we have limited funds in our own hands, but in fact the positions we open are far greater than our personal ability to bear. There is only one result, that is, the liquidation. Liquidation means that all your floating and lost funds have been taken over by the secondary market platform

⑻ Do you have to pay off the money you owe after bitcoin liquidation?

to pay back. There are clear provisions in the laws and regulations. If it is malicious liquidation, the company has the right to apply for criminal responsibility. If you don’t pay back the money you owe, it will put you on the credit report, and it will be very troublesome once it is on the credit report.
Extended Information:
What should I do if my Bitcoin liquidation is over?
1. Open a perpetual contract! In this case, it will never be delivered. At 16:00 every day, the money you earn can be automatically delivered! And otherAll trading software, trading contracts, delivery is at least 7 days, and you can’t get money out. In this way, the money you earn can be withdrawn at 16:00 every day.
2.5 times to 50 times, preferably 6 times. There is double the handling fee. In this case, the volatility will be 20% before the position will be liquidated. Even if you make a mistake, you have a lot of time to correct it slowly! With perpetual contracts, as long as your life is long enough, there will always be a day to unwind! It will never be burst.
3. The amount of each order should not be too large, 5000 is appropriate. Too big and easy to get excited. It is also easy to be targeted by the dealer.
4. Under normal circumstances are short. Every night, the short order is about 5%! At night, there are very few orders in Bidecoin! The main players and dealers like to engage in waterfalls at night. For example, Bitcoin, eos, and L Ethereum are all shorted by 1 million contracts! At midnight, 100 Bitcoins were suddenly sold. Hit it down by 5%. In this case, the loss will be 5 coins, 350,000 yuan. And tens of millions of yuan are harvested on the contract!
The reasons for the loss of futures are as follows:
1. The position of take profit and stop loss will not be set
Futures fluctuate greatly, and their risk is high. When buying futures, you should set the take profit and stop loss position, which can reduce losses.
2. They will not reasonably control their positions
There is a margin system in futures, which amplifies investors’ profitability and also amplifies their risks. Forced liquidation, or liquidation.
3. Rising and falling are a matter of probability. Many investors operate in the same direction as the market, but they start selling when they make a little money, but once they lose, they will die. Unlike stocks, futures and stocks will die. Carrying it will only make more losses;
4. Since the futures market is a T+0 transaction, and my country’s market is heavily speculative, it will operate frequently, and frequent operations need to pay handling fees, so it may lead to short-term profits, but Always lose money over the course of a year.

⑼ How to avoid liquidation in BTC contracts

Set the stop loss. Generally, the platform will have corresponding stop-loss and stop-loss settings, and BTC stop-loss settings At around 3%, ETH is set at 5%. You can set your own acceptable take profit and stop loss.

The example is as follows (this is a picture specially taken in the simulated disk):

When setting, you need to tick the box corresponding to the take profit and stop loss first Select, and then set your own take profit and stop loss according to your needs.


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