Bitcoin Lockup Scam

1. Is Bitcoin a scam?

Following the ideas of Sister Bi, you can also judge whether Bitcoin is a scam

First of all, the entire Bitcoin system is due to the above mentioned The characteristics of openness, transparency and decentralization. There is no way for the inventor of Bitcoin to “snatch” Bitcoin from your wallet.
Secondly, as the price of Bitcoin rises, all users in the system will benefit, so for the entire Bitcoin system, this is obviously not a zero-sum game.
I hope you can keep independent thinking. Sister Coin is just stating her own logic, and in the end it is up to you to judge.

Search the Internet for “bi sister” to see more about Bitcoin~!

2. Is bitcoin a big scam?

Bitcoin is a scam, so you must be cautious when investing and managing your finances.

Even if it is gold, which is called “hard currency”, the price of gold will not only go up and down. Gold itself does not have a bubble, but if the price is too high, there will be a bubble, and the bubble will eventually burst, and the same is true of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. The more common virtual currencies, the closer the value of Bitcoin is to zero.

This kind of currency with purely digital symbols has no asset backing, no financial receipts and payments, no cash reserves, and no use value. It is only a circulation symbol. Once it loses its credit guarantee, it is A pile of beautifully printed waste paper. Investors should be vigilant that there is no so-called safe investment in this world, and all investments are risky.

The People’s Bank of China and other departments have issued documents to strictly rectify the above-mentioned behaviors, clarifying that token transactions are not protected by law. In the face of continuous innovation, government departments should continue to upgrade their supervision methods and capabilities on the basis of continued strict supervision, and continue to increase publicity and crackdown efforts to prevent the masses from being deceived.

(2) Bitcoin lock-up scam extended reading:

Investing in virtual currency is more of a speculative behavior, and investors should strengthen risk prevention Awareness and identification ability, do not involve money transactions without confirming the identity of the other party, do not believe in low-risk, high-return investment products, especially do not join unverified investment and wealth management groups at will, these are often carefully planned by telecommunication network fraudsters. Designed snares.

It is best to buy investment and financial management accompanied by children, and to learn from official and authoritative channels, and report to the police in time when you find that you have been deceived. Properly protect various account passwords, identity information, etc., and do not easily tell others. Anyone who mentions the need to transfer or remit money should be highly vigilant and consult with trusted acquaintances.

Reference source: People’s Daily Online – Demystifying Crazy Bitcoin: 800 Yuan each New Ponzi Scheme?

People’s Daily Online-Three men who set up a bitcoin scam to make more than 150 thousand yuan sentenced “Third: How to avoid deviating from reality to reality

3. Why don’t countries stop bitcoin scams

As long as bitcoin scams are not particularly bad, the government generally Take the public not to report, the official to blame, open one eye, close one eye. Because even if the government enters, it is difficult to catch the culprit. Some information about the operation and creation team is not public, and it is difficult to find it on the Internet. Some are still abroad, and it is more difficult to solve the case. became a victim. There is also a large part of the victims who participate in the bitcoin pyramid scheme, and a large number of victims are also the biggest accomplices.

4. Is the Bitcoin scam real?

I can’t say whether it’s a scam or not, it’s all a toy for the rich, and ordinary people can’t manipulate it. When the money is set up, others can collect the net and become the reaper.

5. What are the Bitcoin scams?

There are still quite a few scams around Bitcoin in the current market, mainly some pyramid schemes. If the income is too high, it is basically a scam.

6. What’s the matter with Bitcoin scams?

Bitcoin should not be rashly defined as a scam.
According to the current situation, Bitcoin has a sharp downward trend, but the creation of Bitcoin is definitely a great innovation that subverts the existing traditional financial tools!
Hope to adopt!

7. Is Bitcoin a scam?

Whether it is in the past or in the future, we have always advocated that individual interests should conform to collective interests, and we must first consider when facing social values ​​and economic interests Social value, how should we choose its social value and economic value when dealing with virtual currency in financial transactions?

There are thousands of virtual currencies circulating in the market, not every currency will follow the social value first criterion in transactions. Between December 2017 and January 2018, with ICO chaos.�There are many virtual currencies waiting to disrupt the trading market, which not only causes many investors to lose money, but also loses their hope of adding value to virtual currencies. This type of virtual currency not only has no social value, but also its own economic value. not realized.

Bitcoin, as the first virtual currency to appear in the public eye, I think it is a financial product with both social and economic values. The value of the received currency has risen to $10,000+ today, and it has also driven the development of the entire industry. Bitcoin is the leader of the emerging industry and the maintainer of the industry. Its contributions are multi-faceted, and its advantages are naturally incomparable.

Mmcoin is a newly emerging virtual currency. It may seem tepid now, but the soup made by slow fire is often different. The trend of Abi Mmcoin can be closer and closer to Bitcoin, and it will walk side by side with it in the near future.

8. Bitcoin Scam

Bitcoin is booming, rising from a few dollars to more than 4,000 a piece. Do you still say that Bitcoin is a scam? Bitcoin is the only decentralized virtual currency that is not controlled by any issuer. Although China has not yet recognized it, its development is obvious to all and is a future development trend. The choice of Bitcoin must be chosen. A reliable platform, such as the Haobtc platform, is good, you can experience it yourself.


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