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『One』Which Huo Chain is the Bitcoin blockchain media APP everyone uses

Note that there are many Bitcoin blockchain media, in comparison, Huo Chain is very good.

『細』Which financial media was the first to report on Bitcoin

Huo Chain Finance is the industry’s vane in Bitcoin news

『三』Bitcoin Is it because it is valuable as a medium of exchange, or because

Bitcoin has been in a state of hype because it cannot participate in circulation (that is, cannot buy any commodities). As long as there is no hype, it will plummet to the bottom. This is a hyped thing, don’t be deceived.

“4” 100 can be invested. With US dollar circulation, bitcoin as the medium

100 US dollars to open an account, and then a single transaction of 5 US dollars can be invested, and the real-time bitcoin exchange rate can be used as the standard medium. International supervision is more credible and secure. The following are the trading rules of Bitcoin binary options:

Different from other forms of trading, the Bitcoin binary options provided by the Fx77option binary options trading platform are more “simple” and “rough”. All you need to do is to determine an entry point based on the expiration time. As shown in the figure, if you think that the current price still has a chance to rise before 04:00 on December 12, then buy one at this price ($393.91). For a $100 call option contract, at expiration, as long as the price is higher than $393.91, a profit of 70% is $70!

『Wu』 What are the bitcoin industry APPs in addition to some large platform media

There are many bitcoin industry media, such as recently There is a new coin kachu, which contains information, market prices, data, etc. Now the platform has also issued BIKA, each user can receive 500 rewards, you remember to download it now, or it will be gone when it rises

『Lu』 The futures platform with bitcoin as the medium, where are the legal risks and how to avoid it

The central bank made it clear that bitcoin is not currency, let alone finance!
Therefore, it is obviously illegal to use Bitcoin as a medium for financial behaviors such as futures!

『柒』When will bitcoin become a medium of exchange instead of a speculative asset

It is hard to say, because the market is soaring and falling under artificial control, so merchants dare not accept it. The asset has the property of being a currency standard. The merchants control the ups and downs every day. I can consider it a little bit.

『渌』 Do you know what are the main risks of bitcoin as a currency medium at present?

The European Central Bank believes that Bitcoin is indeed a virtual asset, but it is far from being a currency for the following four reasons:
First, it is not endorsed by any real power organization;
Unlike real currency, Bitcoin Coins are not issued by the central bank. Correspondingly, each euro banknote has the signature of the President of the European Central Bank and is endorsed by the European Central Bank, which can be used for payment activities in the countries of the euro area. However, Bitcoin cannot be endorsed by any real-power organization, and its currency value itself has not been guaranteed by any institution, so it cannot be recognized by all parties in economic activities as a general equivalent.
Secondly, bitcoin is not widely recognized for payment;
Continuing from the previous point, if bitcoin is the same currency as the euro, then it should have unimpeded payment liquidity in the countries of the euro area, But in fact, places that can use bitcoin to buy goods and services are still few and far between. And even if both buyers and sellers accept bitcoin as a payment medium, the transaction itself can become quite time-consuming and expensive to close.
Thirdly, Bitcoin users lack the necessary protection;
Bitcoin is not protected by any government agency, and its use and storage must be carried out through the Internet, which gives hackers and criminals who steal Bitcoin a chance. Take the opportunity. And once a loss occurs, the victim may face the dilemma of no way to appeal.
Finally, the value of Bitcoin fluctuates too much;
The basic feature of currency is to have a stable value and a function of preserving value, so as to ensure that the price of the same commodity will not change too drastically in the short term, such as It is said that in euro terms, going to the store to buy a certain product this year will not be too different from buying it tomorrow or today next year, but Bitcoin is not the case, its price often rises and falls sharply, within a day. There are double-digit percentage gains and losses, in which market commodities cannot be anchored in stable pricing.
The initial acquisition channel of bitcoin is to obtain rewards through mining. With the development of blockchain technology, most people have already used bitcoin as an investment preservation option. If you also want to invest in digital currency, You can try to invest in some SECblock, because the price is relatively low and the risk is relatively small. However, the room for appreciation is relatively large.�Higher quality currency selection.

『9』When will bitcoin become a medium of exchange instead of speculation

The speculators will eventually buy the coins to those who want to exchange.


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