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(1) Is the daily mining revenue of the Gold Mining Institute fixed?

This is calculated based on the computing power held and the difficulty of the entire network. The output is consistent with the whole network, open and transparent

(2) Is it too risky to invest in computing power and mining machines in mining gold?

Investing in mining machine hosting Business, compared to self-built mines, still has certain advantages. First, the time cost is saved to a certain extent, and the mining business can be started immediately, and secondly, unnecessary expenses, such as labor costs, are saved, because the hosting business is to concentrate the mining machines of multiple investors in one mining farm , so the labor cost is shared by all investors.
Finally, there is a lower electricity price. The ultimate purpose of hosting companies to carry out the mining machine hosting business is to make profits. Of course, the price of electricity for investors will also be lower than the normal electricity price in the market. Another very important advantage is that some custodian companies can directly cash out the virtual coins mined by investors’ mining machines, which also relieves some investors from worrying about not being able to convert virtual coins into cash.
I thought hosting was expensive at first, but later I found it was still so convenient. I always bought mining machines, and the mining machine sales platform (Honeycomb) will transport them to the mine by themselves, and someone will manage and maintain them for you. I just look at how many coins I earn every day, which is much more worry-free, and newcomers recommend custody.

(iii) What are the risks of investing in computing power and mining machines purchased by mining gold? Is it risky?

There are risks, all investments have risks, Hundreds are just less risky. Because the cost is basically fixed, whether it is the input per kWh of T or the electricity bill generated every day, the daily income determines the final daily income. The total revenue is determined by the currency price and the computing power output of the Dao single T. Next year, when the production of bitcoin is reduced, the price of bitcoin will have a larger increase. Because there were at least dozens of times of increase before and after the previous two production cuts, the opportunity is relatively large.

㈣ What is computing power and how to make money with computing power? Have you heard of Gold Mining Institute?

Hashpower is an abbreviation that refers to the A professional computer that mines Bitcoin, this kind of professional computer is called a miner. The computing power of this computer is called computing power. For example, the computing power of a mining machine is 14T, which is the computing power of this computer. The result of the computing power operation is to calculate a series of special digital codes, which is Bitcoin! There is also a model called cloud computing power, which is derived from the computing power tower on the basis of traditional mining using mining machines. It is in Sichuan, Xinjiang, Tibet and other places where power resources such as wind power and hydropower are abundant and cheap, large-scale construction of mines and maintenance by professional personnel. Ordinary people participating in mining do not need to purchase mining machines in person, but only need to purchase the corresponding computing power value to obtain Bitcoin and Ethereum! This model is called cloud computing power! Mining Gold Exchange is a platform focusing on mining machine leasing and trading, dedicated to providing users with mining machine sharing leasing, computing power trading, and mining machine trading services.

(v) How safe is the Gold Mining Institute?

The Gold Mining Institute is a digital mining leasing service platform under Hong Kong Bit Cloud Mining Technology Co., Ltd. Provide mine operation and maintenance services, Liangjian Storage provides technical support, and Lianzheng Cloud Computing provides domestic technology and sales services. The global service user exceeds 250,000, the number of service customers exceeds 180,000 mining machines, and there are 15 global cooperative mines, with a total investment of over 2.2 billion yuan.
【Any investment, security is the first premise】
1. The subject matter is clear and unique – mining machines (not virtual, real mining machines);
2. Costs and benefits are clear —You can calculate it by yourself every day;
Daily income: BTC amount = my computing power/network computing power * 900 pieces * (1-6% management fee)
RMB income = BTC amount * coin price on the day
Cost of electricity = power consumption of leased machine * 0.3 yuan * time
Three, risk control and hematopoietic ability of the gold mine
The first layer of risk control: the mining gold mine itself has been mining Bitcoin , there is a steady stream of income, and mining gold needs to bear risk products – bidding (for example: rigid payment of 16% dividends for one year) A 16% dividend for the rigid payment of tenders.
A: Mining machine wholesale profit 15%-20%;
B: 6% management fee;
C: Electricity price difference more than 50%; (Example: Electricity selling price 0.3-Mining Gold Exchange Cost price 0.13=0.17, 0.17/0.3=56%)
D: The remaining value of the mining machine is 20%-30%, etc.
4. Authenticity, legitimacy and transparency of mines and mining machines
1. The construction of mines is completely legal and compliant;
2. Mining machines, computing power, and bidding products All correspond to real mining machines;
3. Each type of product purchasedAll products can sign legal contracts;
4. The mines and electricity contracts are open and transparent, and can be viewed at any time;
The cooperation contracts of mines and hydropower stations, electronic vouchers for electricity expenditures, etc. are open and transparent
5. The mine can be inspected at any time;
6, the mobile phone can check the working status of the rental equipment 24 hours a day.
5. Offline major customers—multiple guarantees
1. Funds enter the company’s corporate account;
2. Sign lease contracts;
3. Set up a special account to manage funds;
br />4. Mining machine purchase contracts and bills;
5. Participate in the whole process of the mining machine being put on the shelves
6. Send people to stay in the mine;
The entire network computing power of Bitcoin can be verified ,Open and transparent. The mining cycle is hematopoietic, and the allocation of the project is all based on the real computing power mining income.

㈥ Is the electricity fee of the gold mine expensive?

The electricity fee of the gold mine in the industry is really not expensive compared to other platforms, such as the electricity fee of the Bitcoin mining company Generally, it is between 0.21 yuan/degree and 0.38 yuan/degree, depending on whether it is a wet season or a dry season. For other mining machines, you can go to their app, which is all there. Thank you for accepting and approving my answer

㈦ What is the cloud computing power of Bitcoin cloud mining mining gold mine? Is the cloud computing power reliable?

Reliable, Buying cloud computing power for mining, the cost is lower, the income is stable, and the mining threshold is lower, and the mining risk is borne by the platform. It is particularly important to choose a reliable cloud computing platform. I personally think it is not bad.

㈧ What are the benefits for new users of the Gold Mining Institute

New users can mine bitcoins for one year for free after completing their real-name registration.

㈨ What is the impact of Bitcoin’s third halving on mining gold?

After the block mining reward is halved, mining gold will decide on the difficulty of computing power. The output is not adjusted before the adjustment, and the output before the halving is maintained, which is a good thing for users.


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