Bitcoin mining machine electricity consumption

“One” Bitcoin mining machine consumes so much power, what is it calculating?

It all starts with mining.

The concept of Bitcoin was put forward by a network geek named “Satoshi Nakamoto” in 2009. It is a decentralized system that does not rely on a specific currency institution to issue, and is generated by a large number of calculations according to a specific algorithm. digitized digital currency. “It can be understood in this way that the Bitcoin system is a huge, constantly updated ledger. Each page is called a block, and when connected in chronological order, it is called the Bitcoin blockchain. A new block is added every 10 minutes. , which contains some transactions that occurred in the system in the past 10 minutes. Every transaction will be completely recorded in this ledger, and Bitcoin is the money recorded in the ledger.” Sun Xiaoxiao explained, “Actually, our e-banking The system is also a ledger, and Alipay is also a ledger, which also records each person’s transaction records. But the difference between Bitcoin and banks and Alipay is that the transaction information of Bitcoin is not stored in the central server, but is stored in all connected to In the computer of the Bitcoin network.” Under the proof-of-work mechanism of Bitcoin, anyone in the Bitcoin network can fight for the right to keep accounts, and whoever solves a math problem related to bookkeeping first will keep the account. This kind of mathematical problem has a characteristic – it is difficult to solve and easy to verify.

“Assuming that the solution is to throw 3 dice, whoever throws the number is less than 5, it is more difficult to throw, but the verification is very simple,” Sun Xiaoxiao used an approximate example. But the real problem is not so simple. The difficulty is equivalent to throwing a number less than 100 million 50 from 100 million dice. Whoever throws it first will get the right of bookkeeping. At this point, 100 million and 50 is a hash value, the process of throwing dice is called hash collision, and the unit of mining computing power is how many hash collisions per second.

『II』 How much power is consumed by bitcoin mining machines

The power consumption of bitcoin mining machines depends on whether the power consumption of different machines the same. Taking the example of Whatsmina 68T, the fastest mining machine in the wet season, the electricity cost per kWh is 0.22 for half a year in the wet season and 0.34 per kilowatt-hour in the dry season. For a used Whatsmina 68T machine, the power consumption on the wall is 0.22. 3264w, the actual power consumption is calculated according to 3500w, then a Whatsminer M20S 68T machine, the daily power consumption: 3.524=84 kWh, the annual power consumption is 84*365=30660 kWh.

According to the latest mining difficulty, a Shenma 68T machine can mine 0.00064836 BTC a day, and 10 machines can mine 2.366514 coins in a year. The mining difficulty of the premise remains unchanged, but according to the current situation, it is assumed that the mining difficulty increases by 30% from now to June next year, and increases by 2.5% every month. It is estimated that the actual mined coins should be 85% of the original basis, which is 2.012 coins, and ten Whatsminer 68T machines can dig almost 2 coins a year.

To sum up, the power consumption of ten Shenma 68T machines for a year is 306,600 kWh, which can dig almost 2 coins.

(2) Extended reading of Bitcoin mining machine power consumption

Mining machine risks

1. Hardware expenditure

Mining is actually a competition of performance and equipment. Some mining machines are composed of more such graphics card arrays, dozens or even hundreds of graphics cards together, hardware prices and other costs themselves It is very high, and there is a considerable payout for mining.

In addition to the machines that burn graphics cards, some ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) professional mining machines are also being put into the battlefield. ASICs are specially designed for hash operations, and their computing power is also quite strong. The power consumption is much lower than that of graphics cards, so it is easier to scale, and the electricity bill is lower. It is difficult for a single graphics card to compete with these mining machines, but at the same time, such machines are more expensive.

2. Currency security

Bitcoin withdrawal requires up to hundreds of keys, and most people will record this long string of numbers on the computer, but often Problems, such as hard drive damage, can cause the key to be permanently lost, which also leads to the loss of bitcoins.

3. System risk

System risk is very common in Bitcoin, and the most common one is fork. The fork will cause the price of the currency to drop, and the mining revenue will drop sharply. However, many situations show that the fork actually benefits the miners. The forked altcoin also needs the miners’ computing power to complete the process of minting and trading. In order to win more miners, the altcoin will provide more block rewards and Fees to attract miners. Risk instead makes miners.

“Three” How much electricity can a bitcoin machine consume a day? The electricity cost of a bitcoin mining machine a day

Hello, according to the power of your mining machine, Power consumption and electricity charges are also different
Take an Antminer S9-13.5T mining machine as an example, the power is 1.35KW
The power consumption for 24 hours a day is: 1.35KW*24h=32.4KW/day
According to your local electricity bill� Assuming that the electricity cost is 0.5 yuan/kWh, 32.4*0.5=16.2 yuan/day

Then an Antminer S9-13.5T consumes 32.4 kWh of electricity a day, and the electricity cost is 16.2 yuan a day
/>If you have any other questions, you can consult me, I hope I can help you, thank you!

『4』 How much electricity a bitcoin machine can consume in a day

For example.

A 4 R9 280X graphics card mining machine. The computing power is about 2.9M.
Power consumption:

Each graphics card has a rated power of about 250W, and a slight overclocking of about 300W. 4 graphics cards 1200W.
Platform: motherboard, CPU, hard disk, etc., these add up to no more than 200w
Display, the miner basically does not need a display.

The total power is about 1400w. 33.6 degrees a day.
If the caption only asks about ordinary household desktop computers, this is not easy to calculate, because the key is the power consumption of the graphics card. Ordinary graphics card power consumption is about 150w. Then add the others or count at 200w, for a total of 350w. 4.2 degrees a day.

“Wu” Bitcoin’s annual power consumption was announced for the first time, how much power consumption has been reached

Bitcoin is one of the more popular virtual currencies now , is currently very hot on the Internet.

Recently, the Bitcoin electricity consumption index released by Cambridge researchers shows that if Bitcoin is regarded as a country, it will rank among the top 30 countries with the largest electricity consumption in the world. The annual power consumption is about 121.36 terawatt-hours (TWh, 1 terawatt-hour is 1 billion kWh).

A few days ago, Bill Gates made it clear that he is not a fan of Bitcoin.

Bill Gates said: “Bitcoin uses more electricity per transaction than anything else known to man, so it’s definitely a very important climate issue. But if it uses a Green electricity, then it may not be a problem in the end.

I don’t think these topics are deeply relevant, although you might label me a bitcoin skeptic.


In other words, instead of investing in bitcoin, I put my money to buy a malaria vaccine. I invest in companies that make real products. But if anyone else invests in bitcoin and makes a fortune, I congratulate them .”

『Lu』 How much power does a bitcoin mining machine consume in a day

One hour power consumption per 100 S4 bitcoin mining machines 900W.

『柒』 How much is the electricity bill of a bitcoin mining machine per day

Take the mining machine T2T-30T as an example, the mining machine operates T2T-30T The computing power is 30T, and the power consumption is 2200 watts, that is, 2.2 kW. The power consumption of a single mining machine in 24-hour operation is: 2.2 kW * 24 = 52.8 kWh, and the electricity cost is calculated at 0.56RMB once. The power consumption cost of the mining machine for one day is: 52.8*0.56=29.57rmb.

Mining with a Bitcoin mining machine requires the graphics card to be fully loaded for a long time, the power consumption will be quite high, and the electricity bill will be higher and higher. There are many professional mines at home and abroad in areas with extremely low electricity costs, such as hydropower stations, while more users can only mine at home or in ordinary mines. A case of a large area of ​​the community tripping and the transformer being burned.

(7) Extended reading of Bitcoin mining machine power consumption

The principle of Bitcoin mining machine mining:

Bitcoin’s mining and node software mainly initiates zero-knowledge proof and verification transactions through peer-to-peer networks, digital signatures, and interactive proof systems. Each network node broadcasts transactions to the network. After these broadcasted transactions are verified by miners (computers on the network), miners can use their own work proof results to express confirmation, and the confirmed transactions will be packaged into data blocks , the data blocks are strung together to form a continuous chain of data blocks.

Each Bitcoin node will collect all unconfirmed transactions and collect them into a data block. The miner node will attach a random adjustment number and calculate the SHA256 hash of the previous data block. Column operation value. The mining node keeps repeating attempts until it finds a random adjustment that results in a hash below a certain target

『渌』 Bitcoin mining How amazing is the power consumption of mines

Bitcoin mining machines are computers used to earn bitcoins. Such computers generally have professional mining chips, and they mostly work by installing a large number of graphics cards. Power consumption is large. The computer downloads the mining software and then runs a specific algorithm. After communicating with the remote server, the corresponding bitcoins can be obtained, which is one of the ways to obtain bitcoins. If the graphics card “mining” needs to be fully loaded for a long time, the power consumption will be quite high, and the electricity bill will be higher and higher. There are many professional mines at home and abroad in areas with extremely low electricity costs, such as hydropower stations, while more users can only mine at home or in ordinary mines, and electricity costs are naturally not cheap.

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2. Before investing, it is recommended that you first understand the risks of the project, and have a clear understanding of the project’s investors, investment institutions, on-chain activity and other information, rather than blindly investing or mistakenly investing in funds. Investment is risky, and you must be cautious when entering the market.
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『玖』一 An advanced bitcoin mining machine. How much electricity is used every day

1. Bitcoin mining is a computer used to earn Bitcoin. Such computers generally have professional mining chips, and most use graphics cards

work in a way that consumes a lot of power.

Users download software with a personal computer and then run a specific algorithm. After communicating with a remote server, they can get corresponding bitcoins, which is one of the ways to obtain bitcoins.

In simple terms, it is a box like a computer host, plug in the Internet cable and power supply, and configure the account information.

You can automatically “mine” – generate bitcoins.

2. Popular digital currencies in 2013 include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zeta Coin, Penny Coin (external network), Invisible Gold Bar, Red Coin, Extreme Coin

, barbecue coins, prime coins. At present, there are hundreds of digital currencies issued around the world.

The price of a bitcoin mining machine ranges from two to three hundred yuan to 200,000 yuan.

3. From 2011 to 2013, the high-profile bitcoin “mining machine” increased from 10,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan, but the performance was better than before

Not a lot.

4. According to industry insiders, it took 100 days for old machines to mine 1 bitcoin, but today’s (2013) machines can mine 3.5 bitcoins in 100 days.

According to the mining machine information released by the domestic assembly team, a minimum configuration mining machine with a price of 3,000 yuan, according to the Bitcoin mining speed

speed, can be completed in more than 30 days Back to this.

A machine with a mining speed of 10G/s can mine about 0.03 bitcoins 24 hours a day, while a machine with a 13G/s mining speed is based on the 2013 full

network computing power and difficulty. About 0.035 bitcoins can be mined 24 hours a day.

Bitcoin mining machine power consumption:

According to Digiconomist’s Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, as of this Monday (November 20), the current global use of

The annual electricity consumption generated by Bitcoin “mining” is estimated to be 29.05TWh. TWh is too kilowatt-hours, which is equivalent to 1 billion.

One hundred S4 Bitcoin mining machines consume 900W of power for one hour, and each S4 Bitcoin mining machine consumes 90W of power for one hour.


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