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A. Which bitcoin mining pool is better

It doesn’t matter, because the number of data blocks in all mining pools is globally uniform (each data block contains about 25 bitcoins). The only thing that matters is which mining pool is more stable and will not be disconnected due to a large number of visits. In fact, there are very few dropped calls.
The more established mining pools are very stable, such as and BTC

B. Which is the best Bitcoin mining pool

This is the share of mining pools in the past three months:

But in fact It is basically useless to see these, it is nothing more than the difference between 100 yuan and 100.5 yuan. If your computing power is really large, it may be much worse, but if you have ordinary computing power, there is not much difference. . It is more important to choose one with a low fee, or a fee-free one.

C. Global Ranking of Bitcoin Mining Pools

I. Ant Mining Pool
Ant Mining Pool is an efficient digital currency mining pool, dedicated to providing miners with more friendly services Under the perfect function, 67% more convenient to use and Douqiu, AntPool provides mining services for various digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litetowel, and Taigong Temple, and supports PPS, PPLNS, SOLO and other payment methods.
Second, Yuchi
Fuchi is the world’s largest comprehensive digital currency mining pool. Founded in Beijing in April 2013, it is the world’s leading and China’s earliest bitcoin mining pool; Yuchi has developed into a The world’s largest comprehensive digital currency mining pool for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Zerocoin; the mining pool technology continues to maintain its leading position, the revenue is open and transparent, and the original structure is used to effectively prevent DDoS attacks.
Three, BTC mining pool is the world’s leading Bitcoin data service provider, mining pool and wallet solution provider. Since 2015, the team has started with industry infrastructure such as block browsers and is committed to various segments. A new standard is established in the field, and the brand can be seen in wallets, mining pools, market quotations, information and other fields.
Fourth, ViaBTC
ViaBTC(Viabtc Technology Limited) was established in May 2016, is a company An innovative technology service company focusing on the field of digital currency. With strong technical strength, we have developed the world’s leading Bitcoin mining pool, and launched a number of altcoin mining pools and cloud mining contract products. ViaBTC means ” “Through Bitcoin”, our vision is “to make the world a better place through Bitcoin”.
5. Dragon Pool
Dragon Pool. Known as the mining pool that understands miners best, it provides mining of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Services.
6. Huobi Mining Pool
Huobi Mining Pool creates a new model of POW and POS mechanism in the blockchain field, and provides users with main chain voting, information, and point financing services.
7. Bixin Mining Pool
In Bixin Mining Pool, we achieve real-time data update, reasonable market rate, and convenient and fast payment, mining has never been easier.
VIII. BW Mining Pool
BW mining pool is an efficient digital currency mining pool, dedicated to providing miners with a more friendly interface, more complete functions, more convenient use and more abundant and transparent benefits. The mining pool provides bitcoin, litecoin, ether Mining services of various digital currencies such as Square, and supports various payment methods such as PPS and PPLNS.
Nine, Poolin Pool
Decentralization makes the world a better place, Poolin Pool team The technical output of the company serves more than 500,000 mining equipment and more than 100,000 independent miners around the world.
10. Xingzhong Mining Pool
Open and transparent, efficient income, stable and innovative comprehensive digital currency mining pool, Xingzhong Mining Pool – Bitcoin mining pool, Litecoin, Ethereum mining pool, the world’s largest comprehensive digital currency mining pool, High income, top technical support and services

D. Bitcoin mining pool: what is a Bitcoin mining pool

The mining pool is a virtual currency of P2P cryptography such as Bitcoin (digital currency) The infrastructure necessary for currency mining is generally a team mining server that is open to the outside world. The significance of its existence is to improve the stability of Bitcoin mining and stabilize the salary of miners. At present, the world’s largest mining pools include F2Pool, AntPool, BW Pool, BTCC Pool, and BitFury. Except for BitFury, the rest are from China.

As the number of people participating in mining increases, the computing power of the entire Bitcoin network continues to rise, and it is difficult for a single device or a small amount of computing power to mine Bitcoin. At this time, the mining pool was born.

The working principle of the Bitcoin mining pool

The mining pool breaks through the limitation of geographical location, connects the computing power of the miners and mining farms scattered around the world, and mines together.

The mining pool is responsible for information packaging, and the incoming mining farm is responsible for competing for the right of bookkeeping.

Because the computing power of many miners is gathered, the computing power of the mining pool accounts for a large proportion, and the probability of mining Bitcoin is higher.


Assuming that 1 million people participate in Bitcoin mining, the entire network has a computing power of 400P, and 90% of the miners have a computing power below 1P (1000T). 1T mining machine will account for 40% of the computing power of the entire network1 in 10,000, theoretically, one block can be dug every 400,000 10 minutes, that is, it takes 7.6 years to dug a block and then get 50 bitcoins at one time.

Then, if I find 9 more miners with 1T computing power mining machines, and reach an agreement, we have a total of 10 people, and any one of them digs a block, according to the proportion of each person’s computing power To divide equally, then we are a whole, with a total of 10T computing power, then an average of 0.76 years can be mined to a block, and then we have 0.76 years to mine 5 bitcoins, if we organize 100 people, What about 1,000, 10,000 or even 100,000 people?

If it is 100,000 people, then on average, 1 block can be mined in 100 minutes. As a part of the team, my income will be stable.

This is the basic principle of the mining pool, that is, if you form a team to mine Bitcoin, you can refer to the combined purchase in the lottery.

Of course, the above is just a brief description of the basic principles and properties of the mining pool, and the actual situation will be very complicated.

The mining pool is a fully automatic mining platform, that is, the mining machine accesses the mining pool—provides computing power—and obtains benefits.

The bitcoin rewards generated by mining pools will be distributed according to the proportion of computing power contributed by each miner.

Compared with solo mining, joining a mining pool can get more stable income.

I hope this answer is helpful to you

E. What is a bitcoin mining pool, and which mining pools are more powerful

mining, maybe bitcoin One of the most important components of an ecosystem. Miners need to solve complex mathematical calculations to ensure the smooth execution of transactions. These problems are so complex that they are difficult to solve even for extremely powerful computers. Computers need work and luck to solve these math problems, just like miners dig underground. The odds of getting it right are about one in 13 trillion.

Bitcoin mining serves two purposes. First, by solving mathematical problems, Bitcoin miners can verify transaction information, thus guaranteeing the security and reliability of the Bitcoin payment network. Miners are the ones who ensure that transactions are accurate and that there are no “double-spends”.

Secondly, when a computer solves these complex mathematical problems on the Bitcoin network, the system generates new Bitcoins, similar to the process of mining gold from the ground. This reward is called the “block reward”, and its amount is periodically cut in half after an event called the “halving”. The concept of newly mined bitcoins is an important part of the bitcoin protocol. The bitcoins miners acquire are brand new and have never been in circulation before.

This is also a great source of supply and liquidity since miners will eventually sell that bitcoin. As Chainalysis reported, many digital currency exchanges rely on miners to receive bitcoin and increase liquidity on the exchange. Typically, exchanges receive about 88% of their Bitcoin from other exchanges, with Bitcoin miners being the largest source of the remaining percentage. As you can imagine, there is intense competition among exchanges to receive bitcoins directly from miners.

Further zooming in on the map, the majority of mining activities take place in only 4 provinces, the first two being Xinjiang and Sichuan, which account for nearly 10% of all Bitcoin mining in China half. Electricity is cheap in these areas and the weather is cold. This helps keep mining profitable and equipment cool during Bitcoin mining’s 24/7 operations.

But this is nothing new for digital currency issuance. For years, China has been a major market for bitcoin miners due to its cheap electricity and abundant resources. Companies that account for a significant portion of the Bitcoin network’s computing power, such as Bitmain, f2pool, and Canaan, are all based in China.

Whether this is a negative or positive message depends on your point of view. But for a decentralized, distributed, permissionless network, a geographic area spanning multiple entities is healthier for the entire ecosystem.

F. How to join a bitcoin mining pool

Friends, this requires a lot of computers!

What does G. BTC mining pool mean

equal to one of the baskets containing btc🧺

Which is better for H. Bitcoin mining pool

This is the share of mining pools in the past three months:

I. What is a bitcoin mining pool

It is a fully automatic mining platform that enables miners to contribute their own computing power to mine together to create blocks, obtain block rewards, and distribute profits according to the proportion of computing power contribution (that is, the mining machine accesses the mining pool—provides computing power. power – gain).


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