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⑴What is the Bitcoin mining farm that is popular all over the world How to build a Bitcoin mining farm to mine

First of all, you have to understand what Bitcoin is and how it is generated. Bitcoin is a virtual currency, which is composed of code The programming is randomly generated, and the number is limited. Second, the Bitcoin mining machine is a well-programmed computer. h2>2 When Bitcoin mining comes to the Arctic Circle, is there still a market for mining?

I think there is still a market for Bitcoin mining, but it’s just that Bitcoin mining can be participated in from ordinary computers. In today’s mining pools and mining farms, miners all over the world are competing for computing power at the same time. With the increasing number of miners, the difficulty index of this game is getting higher and higher, and it all depends on strength to play to the end. If you want to open a mining farm, then the basic costs include mining machines, electricity, maintenance fees, labor costs, mining farm rental fees, etc. The only source of income is to convert the mined bitcoins into fiat currency. Miners will wear out, bitcoin prices will fluctuate, and electricity bills will rise. These are all uncontrollable.

I. Analysis of large-scale bitcoin miners

If you have a deep understanding of the current bitcoin and pay enough tuition, you will understand the whole bitcoin The profit system, its water is still very deep. Aside from the current primary and secondary trading market, we turn our attention to the current industry field of computing power mining. First, answer the question given in the title. If it is a large-scale bitcoin mining farm , even if the price of Bitcoin has fallen too much in the short term, and even has fallen below the shutdown price, they will continue to mine.

So the certain price of Bitcoin is lower than the mining cost, which has a great influence on small and medium-sized investors and the vast majority of retail mining miners, but The influence of the mining farms supported by the huge amount of funds on the head is almost zero. There is a market for mining, but retail investors and small and medium-sized investors are slowly being eliminated.

⑶ Where is the bitcoin mining farm? How much bitcoin can be produced by the bitcoin mining farm?

The mining farm is everywhere, you can have it in your own home, as long as you have equipment Mining directly. This year, mines have been banned from continuing to mine in China. Unfortunately, some of the larger mines have moved abroad. Now Iceland can be said to be the largest mining area in the world. .
Let’s talk about yield, it’s really not as good as it used to be.
The computing power of the whole network increases, the proportion of the computing power owned by miners in the computing power of the whole network decreases
The speed of bitcoin production is slowing down. When bitcoin was born in 2009, each bounty was 50 bitcoins. 10 minutes after the birth, the first batch of 50 bitcoins was generated, and the total amount of money at this time was 50. Bitcoin then grew at a rate of about 50 every 10 minutes. When the total amount reaches 10.5 million (50% of 21 million), the bounty is halved to 25. When the total amount reaches 15.75 million (5.25 million new output, or 50% of 1050), the bounty will be halved to 12.5. Theoretically, the mining speed of Bitcoin is halved every four years.
And there are also upfront equipment investment and electricity bills, which are all expensive.
The one running ahead has already started drinking soup. Want to know the latest information and market conditions of the currency circle, exchange. You can pay attention to the mustard ring.
Hope to adopt

⑷ Is it illegal to open a bitcoin mine?

Legal analysis: In China, bitcoin cannot be directly converted into legal RMB. And it is illegal to use bitcoin in our country. So mining is illegal. Bitcoin is a virtual currency, which is not represented by a specific physical object, nor managed by the central and central bank. It exists in a blockchain. Peer-to-peer, in the form of one user sending to another user.

Legal basis: “Notice on Preventing Bitcoin Risks” 1. Correctly understand the properties of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has no centralized issuer, limited total amount, and is not used in geographical areas. Four main features are restriction and anonymity. Although Bitcoin is called “currency”, it is not a real currency because it is not issued by the monetary authority and does not have currency properties such as legal compensation and compulsion. In nature, Bitcoin should be a specific virtual commodity that does not have the same legal status as currency, and cannot and should not be used as currency in the market.

⑸ Where are the Bitcoin mining farms in China?

The mining farms are generally close to the power station and are located in the mountains. The domestic ones are concentrated in Xinjiang and Yunnan! The mining machine sellers are concentrated in Shenzhen

⑹ Which country has the most bitcoin mining farms

Our domestic Bitmain accounts for more than 60% of bitcoin’s computing power (Follow the introduction to learn blockchain)

⑺ Sichuan Bitcoin mines were collectively powered off, all mines were shut down, and how much loss was caused

The loss depends on the mine size and when the mine was operationalIf you started mining a year ago, it is generally impossible for this kind of mining farm to lose money, because all the income during the period when the price of Bitcoin, including other virtual currencies, has risen the fastest, has been fully supported. From the mining machine they bought, the graphics card they bought, the electricity they used, including the full cost of using the cooling equipment.

In any case, bitcoin and other virtual currencies are virtual currencies that are meaningless after all, because they consume a lot of electricity and other energy because they are meaningless. It is normal to say that it is shut down. With the closure of these mines, mining may not be able to proceed smoothly in the future, so the biggest loss of these mine owners may be the loss of this business.

At the same time, with the country’s severe crackdown, the price of graphics card mining machines is also slowly falling. have greater losses.

⑻ What is the salary of Bitcoin mine operation and maintenance personnel

Around 5000~8000 is suitable

⑼ Is the Bitcoin mine real and how to mine

⑼ h2>

Bitcoin farm is real.

Bitcoins are generated through mining. Every 10 minutes, the miners of the whole network calculate an arithmetic problem together. Whoever calculates the answer first is equivalent to digging this block, and the miner can get the new bitcoin reward of the system.

After mining bitcoins, the mining pool will distribute the income according to the proportion of the mining farm’s computing power, so as to ensure a more stable input and output.

Every time point, the Bitcoin system will generate a random code on the system node. All computers in the Internet can search for this code. Whoever finds this code will generate a random code. A block, and then a bitcoin is obtained, this process is often referred to as mining. Calculating this random code requires a lot of GPU operations, so miners purchase a large number of graphics cards to obtain bitcoin profits more quickly, which is also an important reason for the recent shortage of graphics cards.

⑽ Sichuan has just taken action, and the bitcoin mining farms are collectively powered off. Is bitcoin going to be “cool”?

It cannot be said that it is completely cool, because bitcoin is globally There are investors in it, but at least there is a high probability that it will not be able to make a big wave in the country. Recently, a series of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin have experienced a sharp decline, and some coins have already led the decline.

Sichuan after this shot, the power outage of the bitcoin mine, the price of bitcoin will drop to a large extent, which will dispel the domestic hype of bitcoin , and may continue to speculate in other countries, but without many domestic investors, the price may not be able to continue to speculate so high.


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