1. Why did the money in the Bitpie wallet disappear for no reason?

2. Why did the Bitpie always fail to transfer u?

Summary Very happy to answer this question for you. He has turned into a U and turned into another B. He just wants you to stay in this circle all the time. Don’t change this B for money and ask for it. This is the main function. How did the U in the Bitpie wallet turn into another coin? What’s the matter? Hello, I’m very happy to answer your questions

3. Help: Bitcoin wallet synchronization error, error code

It shows that the client needs to be upgraded or other nodes on the network need to be upgraded. The wallet is the latest version of 0.8.5, I don’t know what to do~ View the original post>>

If you are satisfied, please~~

4. Bitpie received ustd coins, but it cannot be transferred or sold. Why?

If it cannot be transferred or sold, your account may have appeared question.

5. Did the Bitpie wallet run away?

Yes. Bitpie Wallet Plus Token fetched 20 billion and ran away
In the currency circle recently, the news that Plustoken ran away and sold bitcoins has caused a lot of uproar. Plustoken this time this scam, the number of people who have been deceived is 1 million, The amount involved is more than 20 billion. It can be said that the biggest one in the currency circle is a financial scam!
Expanded information: List of runaways
1. OneCoin [Heavyweight] OneCoin “Top Leader” Arrested by New York Prosecutors, Frauds Billions of Dollars, and Defrauded Millions of Members! !
2. plustoken plustoken is about to collapse after being exploded? Launching Huobi Exchange turned out to be just a game of words! ! !
3. PTFX PTFX is about to run away, frequent maintenance, missing customer service, PTFX is the next Volker! ! !
4. Sumtoken [Crash] Sumtoken defrauded hundreds of millions of gateways and ran away, and the two leaders in China have been filed by the Beijing police! !
5. eos ecology (EOSNode) [Shocked] After Hua Ming, the head of the EOS ecological project was arrested, another leader died suddenly, and investors have a long way to protect their rights! ! !
6. DOGX Wallet [DOGX Wallet] The APP is closed, the official website is closed, and the traders run away with one billion yuan of money! ! ! !
7. Yunjipin [Crash] “Yunjipin” collapsed, chairman Pan Yuejian and others were arrested, and tens of millions of members went to the road of rights protection! ! !
8. Polkadot Wallet [Breaking news] The wave of wallet-type funds has begun to run away, and there has been a large transfer of funds in the Polkadot Wallet. It is suspected that it is ready to run away! !
9. Yuehai Group is purely misappropriating money
10. Yizhe Tesco short-lived project
11. Jinhuitai’s disgusting infinite restart project, reminding newcomers not to participate
12. Wuhan Hualian Cloud Merchant uses the so-called “new retail” flooding system model to package tall and noble, all of which are fake
13. Bee Paradise completely collapsed
14. LX is currently pressing 4 orders to continue the internal cycle
15. BOX crashes
16. Sincere people gather hunger for marketing, the so-called openness and transparency are all to fool retail investors.
17. Youjia is currently operating normally
18. Baode paid a new customer to exchange a trader in order to solve the loss of the previous project 19. TOP funds stay away
20. The listed company “2345” was accused of illegally issuing virtual currency, and investors suffered serious losses.

6. There is a difference of 0.0001 coins in the Bitpie wallet, and a minimum of 0.01 coins is required to transfer from other places

Buy directly on Bitpie, at least 0.01 coins can be purchased . One-click trading under the BTC system

7. Why can’t Bitpie wallet trc trade?

Bitpie supports multi-destination addresses to send coins, which is more convenient for users who send frequent transactions. You can fill in the destination address by copying and pasting it, adding it from the address book, or scanning the QR code of the destination address with the camera. After entering the correct amount and destination address, confirm that there is no problem, click OK.
In order to ensure the safety of your funds, you will be asked again to verify whether there is any problem with sending the transaction. You can see the destination address of the transaction you are sending, the amount sent, and the miner’s fee. Here is a detailed explanation of the miner’s fee: the miner’s fee is when you send this transaction, and you need the miner to put your transaction into the blockchain. The miner will charge a certain fee. The sending and receiving functions of Bitpie are different. charge any fees.
In addition, due to block congestion sometimes, Bitpie has specially set a dynamic miner fee, which is the most appropriate miner fee calculated based on the size of the transaction you send. Therefore, I suggest that you use dynamic miner fees to prevent special situations such as transactions not being confirmed for a long time.
Bitpie supports multi-destination addresses to issue coins, which is more convenient for users who send frequent transactions. You can fill in the destination address by copying and pasting it, adding it from the address book, or scanning the QR code of the destination address with the camera. After entering the correct amount and destination address, confirm that there is no question.�, click OK.

8. Bitpie transfer prompt Toposcheckerror

This means that the transfer is abnormal.
Because the third-party service providers who provide price services block customers in some places, some customers will not display the price of the currency (the total number is displayed normally), and this kind of situation does not harm the specific use value of the funds , will endanger the safety factor, and the development design has dealt with the display problem.
At this stage, 70% of the world’s Bitcoin mining pool computing power is concentrated in my country, and the current policy of Bitcoin mining farm management and control is becoming more and more strict, it is estimated that it may have a greater impact on the mining sales market. ViaBTC, the fourth largest bitcoin mining pool in the world, released a message, in which it stated that “because of the current policy, Chinese mines_source is very anxious, and some bitcoin mines that have a long-term cooperative relationship with ViaBTC have even encountered the predicament of closing down. , the maintenance cost of the mining software’s gimbal and maintenance also suddenly increased sharply. Therefore, the service fee of a mining machine was temporarily adjusted from 6% to 50%.

9. Bitcoin Trading Network Why can’t the mobile app be opened, can’t log in, can’t display the interface prompting a network error

10. Is Bitpie Wallet a malicious application and how to fix it?

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