Bitcoin PayPal Transactions

『One』Which bitcoin trading website supports paypal recharge, please refer to the URL

Virwox’s website can be.

“Ⅱ” Paypal transaction flow chart

The first transaction mode: the buyer logs in the paypal account – clicks to pay – input the other party’s account number, amount, payment reason – payment Success——Waiting for the seller to deliver the goods;
Second transaction mode: the seller logs in to the paypal account——clicks to receive payment——actively ask for money——enter the buyer’s account number, amount, and the reason for the payment——send the payment successfully ——Waiting for the buyer to pay——Delivery
If it is helpful, I hope to adopt it, thank you~
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How to use PayPal transaction process

1. First, go to the PayPal official website and log in.

『4』 Newcomer, please reply from God. If you want to buy coins on MTGOX, can you use PayPal to recharge?

The answer is yes, but it is more mainstream to use okpay.

Network space reference address.

Log in to the MTGOX website -> click on Funding Options on the left -> select OKPAY in the middle selection box -> there is a Deposit via at the bottom left OKPAY link. Click this link and follow the prompts to recharge your existing OKPAY account.

First, you need to use UnionPay card to recharge to OKPAY USD at, and then use OKPAY to recharge MTGOX.

Yes, it’s that simple, start your bitcoin hype

Is “Wu” PAYPAL safe to trade

Be careful, my friend.
Unless you are transacting on ebay, there is seller protection. Even if you are trading on the ebay platform, you have to deliver to the address certified by paypal, otherwise the buyer withdraws the money, you still have no way.
It is not guaranteed to trade directly through paypal, not to mention that you are Chinese, even if someone pays you, you can withdraw the money by yourself, which is completely different from Alipay, I hope you will not be cheated
If you really want to do it For this transaction, it is strongly recommended to use Western Union, moneygram or wire transfer

How to quickly complete PAYPAL 10 transactions

Ten consecutive small transfers or purchases

『柒』How to use PAYPAL for secured transactions

paypal is global, and the common currency is CAD, EUR, GBP, USD, JPY, AUD 6 currencies, paypal is the buyer’s protection policy, that is It is said that paypal considers the problem from the buyer’s point of view. If the buyer has any dissatisfaction, he can file a dispute, and the seller cannot get the money. Disputes in a paypal account can lead to permanent account closure, so sellers are very cautious. This payment method is very safe, but it will be more troublesome for sellers if they encounter unscrupulous buyers, so you must keep a lot of evidence in the transaction process to prevent the buyer from being unscrupulous. losses caused.

『渌』Pay attention to the use of PAYPAL for cross-border virtual item transactions

Hello, because the evidence provided by the Brazilian website is complete, pp judges that the seller wins, and recommends that you file a complaint with pp again and submit evidence If it is true, even if it is more than 300 RMB, I can’t give it up

How to exchange paypal for bitcoin

What is paypal?

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