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(1) China has bitcoin mining software, isn’t it in foreign countries? Can anyone help me find a real foreign bitcoin mining software

Bitcoin mining software refers to Bitcoin mining client, this one is universal, there is no such thing as domestic or foreign.
Bitcoin mining currently requires professional mining machines. Now Bitcoin mining is a very professional thing. Retail mining has been gradually eliminated, and Bitcoin mining has gradually been replaced by several large mining machines. Manufacturers and major mine owners control.
As long as it is digital currency, mining is allowed, and mining can be done anywhere. As long as it can be connected to the Internet, mining generally uses ordinary computers or graphics cards for mining or professional ASIC mining machines for mining.
Some digital currencies do not need to be mined and are pre-mined in advance, such as Ruitai coin, but Ruitai coin is an asset-backed certificate. Of course, most of the others need to be obtained through mining, such as Litecoin and Gold Card mining.

(2) The domestic bitcoin mining network is fake, then who knows the real bitcoin mining network overseas

The foreign bitcoin mining network is also fake Yes, now a bit is a few thousand pieces, and those with mining have been issued early.

(iii) How to say Bitcoin mining in Russian

One directly uses English Bitcoin The Russian transliteration of mining is Майнинг Биткойнов, or literally Добыча Биткойнов
The verb phrase is Майнить Биткойны

㈣ How many bitcoins can the world mine a day

Mining is the most primitive “exploration method” to obtain digital currency. In essence, it is to solve a complex mathematical problem with a computer. If the blockchain is compared to a large ledger, the blocks in it are a certain part of the ledger. One page, and all miners are bookkeepers. The process of mining is bookkeeping, and at the same time, it is also maintaining the normal operation of the entire network.

Take Bitcoin as an example, every 10 minutes, all miners calculate a math problem together, whoever calculates the answer first is equivalent to digging the block and getting the corresponding bitcoin as a reward . The earliest equipment for mining is to use a computer, and the computer CPU is used to calculate mathematical problems for mining. As the price of bitcoin rises, more and more people participate in mining, and CPU mining has gradually transformed into a professional graphics card. Become a specific miner. This evolution is due to the problem of computing power. I just said that mining is “all the miners calculate a mathematical problem together.” The higher the computing power, the stronger the computing power and the faster the speed.

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㈤ Bitcoin now Can I still mine? How much bitcoin can I mine in a day?

㈥ Is bitcoin mining still a good choice now?

bit Coin mining is resource-oriented. Because Bitcoin mining consumes a lot of electricity resources, which is why many Bitcoin miners have been looking for cheap electricity. Such as Sichuan’s cheap hydropower.
I saw an article on Biyi before, saying that 40%-70% of the Bitcoin mining computing power is in China. The article said that about one-third of the cost of mining Bitcoin comes from electricity bills. In 2018, Bitcoin The electricity demand for mining even other digital currencies will reach 120-140 terawatt-hours, while the global energy consumption of electric vehicles is expected to be only 125 terawatt-hours by 2025.
At present, the most important thing for ordinary mining participants is the cost of electricity. In 2017, a number of mining farms in China have begun to deploy in Northern Europe and Russia.

㈦ Can you mine bitcoins?

It depends on which bitcoin mining machine you use. Anyway, I use a krypton mining machine to mine, also Let me make some money

㈧ The most advanced bitcoin mining machine, can mine a bitcoin in a few days

The most advanced bitcoin mining It takes one to two years to mine a bitcoin, and bitcoin mining is now too difficult. If you want to dig, you can dig ether. Now the value is steadily rising every day. According to the current development situation, it will be able to return to the capital in about 7 months, and then it will be profitable.

㈨ In the past, the domestic bitcoin mining software to earn RMB was deceptive, so who can send a few foreign onesThe same software that does not deceive people

Now bitcoin mining has nothing to do with the software, they all use professional bitcoin mining machines. Any software that claims to be able to mine bitcoins is itself a lie , regardless of domestic and foreign.


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