Bitcoin sent by the universe

『One』If there is a website that sends more bitcoins, just send the most.

If you want to send too much, you can’t go to ordinary websites, but you should pay attention to some bitcoin trading websites that are online soon. Because the general website online will do activities. And the strength is not small. has recently been launched, and you may get up to 1 bitcoin. You can go check it out.

『紴』 What are the characteristics of Baidu’s first native blockchain product “Du Universe” APP

On June 14th, the network launched the first blockchain native application——” Degree Universe” APP. This is another important move of the network in the field of blockchain.

It is reported that Du Universe is currently recruiting content producers. The sooner you join, the greater the benefits. In the future, “Du Universe” will also open a third-party developer platform, introduce more applications and gameplays, complete value transfer and interaction through their respective tokens, further improve ecological construction, and better serve users.

Since 2018, the network has made frequent moves in the field of blockchain. In April, Totem, a blockchain original image service platform, was released. The platform adopts the blockchain copyright registration network independently developed by the network to provide one-stop services for image confirmation, monitoring and rights protection. Then in May, the blockchain network operating system Super Chain was released. This operating system is compatible with the developer ecosystem of Bitcoin and Ethereum. It can not only plug and unplug the consensus mechanism to solve the current energy consumption problem, but also support 100,000 concurrency on a single chain.

“Three” Degree Universe Invitation Code: MRH9XX Degree Universe Blockchain, Bitcoin BTC Rewards now available! Do you need an invitation code? The latest invitation code

nhg2xz, take it away quickly, it will be used up soon

『4』 Degree Universe app invitation code

Or buddy you Understand! Duuniverse is the first blockchain native application under the network. Duuniverse is determined to create a true digital society and become a preacher and practitioner of the concept of digital citizenship. It is said to be the next Bitcoin project in the future!
Invitation code (uppercase): 7K2GWX
Please accept it, I wish you a happy life, thank you!

How to register the “Wu” Duuniverse App

Search for Duuniverse on the Internet, enter the official website and scan the QR code of the APP to download and install. Registration requires an invitation code
Invitation code ( Uppercase): 7K2GWX
Please accept it, and wish you a happy life, thank you!

『Lu』 Degree Universe Baidu Super Blockchain What is this?

Since it was discovered, the blockchain has been favored by many business people, and no one has known it since the past. , until now everyone is scrambling to find a way to enter this field, and the blockchain has undergone tremendous changes. China has discovered this business opportunity for a long time, and today’s business giants are also trying to enter the blockchain and carry out business related to it, so as to attract more customers. Among them, the network is the most diligent, and since 2015, the network has established many blockchains. Recently, the network has developed China’s first blockchain product, called “Du Universe”. It is understood that if there is no accident, the “Du Universe” APP will be unveiled around June.
So, what is the sacredness of “saving the universe”? What changes will it bring to our lives?
According to the answers given on the official website, we can understand that Duuniverse is actually more like a game. The network uses the concept of the universe to form a magical world, which is composed of various rare elements. In “Du Universe”, everyone will have their own small planet. Each user will start from their own planet and start their own interstellar journey through a wormhole. When traveling, users will encounter various planets, each planet All are allowed to be explored, and on these planets, users may have unexpected gains.
The concept of “degree universe” looks a little abstract and has a sense of technology. It seems that this is also the trend of future games. In this digital universe constructed by elements, gravity, and planets, users can use so-called “elements” to expand their planets. The greater the mass of the planet, the higher the level, and the corresponding access to many new functions. In this, the knowledge and physics of the universe are also used, which makes the whole game feel sci-fi and eye-catching.
Speaking of blockchain, many people immediately think of bitcoin, a digital currency, this virtual currency can finally be circulated like real currency, and it is very popular all over the world.
So, let’s briefly introduce the blockchain. Blockchain is a chain data structure that combines data blocks in a sequential manner according to time sequence, and is a cryptographically guaranteed untamperable and unforgeable distributed ledger. Blockchain is also an important concept of Bitcoin, essentially, it is a decentralized database.
However, the “du universe” developed by the network is different from Bitcoin. This is not a digital currency, but a game that everyone can participate in.�� activity, equivalent to a digital society, the goal of the network is to let everyone find themselves in a cyber universe.

『柒』 Baidu Blockchain Degree Universe Invitation Code


Freshly released

9 times available

How to play in the universe of 『渌』, can you make money?

12A7HY invitation code. There is currently no money making, but it is a product of the network’s attempt.

There are also relatively few items that can be played. It is estimated that it is also an attempt of the network, and it is hard to say what will happen in the future.

『玖』 Is there any fun to make money in the later stage of the universe?

You can make money, but how much and when will you make money? of.


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