Bitcoin SSE Concept Stocks

A. Are there any bitcoin-related stocks in A-share?

No, bitcoin is an international cryptocurrency and has nothing to do with A-share listed companies

B. bitcoin What are the concept stocks

Bitcoin concept stocks are digital currency concepts. There are a total of 12 listed companies, of which 1 digital currency concept listed company is traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the other 11 digital currency concept listed companies are listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

According to the automatic matching of cloud finance, the concept of digital currency has the following stock list:

C. Does the Shanghai Stock Exchange have bitcoin?

The Shanghai Stock Exchange does not have bitcoin. The Shanghai Stock Exchange is a stock market on Hongmei Road near the Caohejing Development Zone.

D. What blockchains are there for blockchain concept stocks Technology listed companies

Blockchain is a new application mode of distributed data storage, which is an important concept of Bitcoin. At present, there are 35 stocks related to the blockchain concept in the A-share market, of which 6 blockchain concept listed companies are traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the other 29 blockchain concept listed companies are traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

According to the correlation of blockchain, the leading stocks of blockchain concept stocks are most likely to be born from Xinchen Technology, Luyitong and Sifang Jingchuang.

Xinchen Technology: On September 29, 2016, the company said in an interaction that the company is now doing research and development in blockchain technology.

Lu Yitong: The company plans to raise 67,969,100 shares of 24.57 yuan/share with a total of 67.9691 million shares to raise supporting funds of not more than 1.670 billion yuan, which will be used to pay the cash consideration for this transaction and build the industrialization of blockchain ASIC chips Project, artificial intelligence ASIC chip research and development center, chip product marketing and service network, etc.

Sifang Jingchuang: On May 31, 2016, the inaugural meeting of the Financial Blockchain Cooperation Alliance (Shenzhen) and the first member meeting were officially held in Wuzhou Hotel, Shenzhen. The company was one of the sponsoring members of the meeting.

E. What are the digital currency concept stocks

Issuing digital currency can reduce the high cost of traditional paper currency issuance and circulation, and can also better serve our virtual economy. Previously, data currencies such as Bitcoin were legalized in California, the United States, and the Bank of England also expressed its consideration of issuing digital currency, laying a good foundation for the circulation of digital currency. With the issuance of digital currency in my country, the popularity of mobile payment will usher in a leap forward, and the companies that take the lead in the layout have broad prospects for development.
In the A-share market, the concept stocks involved in mobile payment mainly include: Hengbao, Newland, Tianyu Information, Zhongke Jincai, National Technology, New Cape, Xinguodu, etc.

F. What are the bitcoin concept stocks

very good

G. What are the sectors or stocks that are opposite to bitcoin

There are a total of 12 listed companies in the concept of digital currency, of which 1 listed company with the concept of digital currency is traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the other 11 listed companies with the concept of digital currency are traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

H. What are the leading stocks of blockchain concept stocks

1.002657 Zhongke Jincai

2.300663 Kelan Software


3.002152 SVA Express

4.300079 Digital Technology

5.300542 Xinchen Technology

6.600570 Hang Seng Electronics

7.300561 Huijin Technology

8.002063 Yuanguang Software

9.603106 Hengyin Financial

Blockchain concept stocks that may become leading stocks include the following:


1. Blockchain concept stocks 1: Yijian shares (600093.SH) concept stock index

The company used to focus on supply chain management, and it has been actively transforming in recent years. The company strives to enhance the business scale of the company’s supply chain management and commercial factoring.

On the other hand, with the realization of financial technology transformation as the center and the application of blockchain technology in supply chain finance as the breakthrough point, the whole strategy will fully promote the development of the “Easy Block” system, in the first half of 2017 Having successfully completed the development of the “Easy Block” system 1.0 and commercialized it in the fields of medicine and commodities, Yijian is obviously a practitioner of the blockchain concept.

2. Block chain concept stock 2: Gao Weida

A leading domestic financial informatization manufacturer, relying on its own bank IT solution advantages and bank customer resources to provide bank IT system cloud Serve.

3. Block chain concept stock 3: Xinchen Technology

The company is now mainly engaged in application software development business, software and hardware system integration business and professional technical service business. In recent years, Xinchen Technology has made bold attempts in innovation. The company has made certain progress in the application of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain in the financial industry.

The domestic letter of credit business system based on blockchain technology has been successfully launched in the bank, and is expected to gradually become a new growth point for the company’s software solution business.

(8) Extended reading of bitcoin stocks on the Shanghai Stock Exchange:

The leading stock index refers to the hype in the stock market during a certain period of time. Other stocks with impact and appeal, �The rise and fall of �� often guide and demonstrate the rise and fall of stocks in other sectors of the same industry.

The leading stock is not static, and its status is often only maintained for a period of time. The basis for being a leader is that any information about a stock is immediately reflected in the share price.

Conditions for leading stocks:

1. Leading stocks must start from the daily limit. The daily limit is the most accurate attack signal for both long and short sides. Individual stocks that cannot reach the daily limit cannot be the leader.

2. Leading stocks are the best low-priced stocks, and low-priced stocks are sought after by many investors, because high-priced stocks are more difficult to hype, and it is relatively difficult.

3. The circulation market of leading stocks should be moderate, which is suitable for large capital operation and retail investors chasing up and down. Neither large-cap stocks nor small-cap stocks can act as leaders.

4. The leading stocks satisfy the daily KDJ, weekly KDJ, and monthly KDJ at the same time.

5. Leading stocks are usually at the end of the market decline. When the market panics, they go against the market and reach the bottom in advance, or start before the broader market, and undergo a round of decline in the market.

Leading stocks refer to stocks that have influence and appeal to other stocks in the same industry sector in the hype of the stock market during a certain period of time. Guidance and demonstration. Leading stocks are not static, and their status often only lasts for a period of time.

Reference: Network – Leading Stocks

I. Which stocks in A-shares are beneficial to the Bitcoin crash?

It has no direct impact. At most, it will have an impact on which listed company invests and then loses a lot (such as a company that bet on oil futures with foreign countries last year). Nothing else matters.


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