Bitcoin virus animation

① There is a virus in the server, and the prompt shows that it is a virus of the Bitcoin blackmailer type. A screenshot is shown below. Is there a master who can solve it?

If there is a virus, you can save the data directly in your server, and then redo the software
or take defensive measures directly in the server. and virus killing.

② How to solve Bitcoin ransomware

  • How to prevent ransomware

1. What is ransomware

Simply put, ransomware is a computer virus that exploits vulnerabilities in the windows system to maliciously encrypt user files and then extort money

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    (3) In view of the current technical means, if the ransomware cannot be solved, the only option is to format the entire disk, then reinstall the system, and patch the system loopholes to prevent secondary poisoning

  • ③What is Bitcoin virus

    The global Bitcoin ransomware virus is caused by the SMB/RDP remote command execution vulnerability of Windows system leaked by NSA. Using this vulnerability, hackers can remotely attack Windows port 445 (file sharing)

    According to analysis, the campus network ransomware virus was spread by the “Eternal Blue” hacker weapon leaked by NSA. “Eternal Blue” can remotely attack the 445 port of Windows (file sharing). If the system does not have the Microsoft patch installed in March this year, no user operation is required. As long as the computer is turned on and the Internet is turned on, “Eternal Blue” can execute any code in the computer. , implant malicious programs such as ransomware.

    ④ The computer is infected with a virus, so the pictures and videos are encrypted. Who can help, it is the kind of virus that asks for bitcoin, who has encountered it,

    try the virus in the computer and deal with it in time, you can use anti-virus software, similar to Tencent computer The butler waits for the killing.
    Tencent Computer Manager adopts the killing technology for Tencent Cloud, which can forcibly check and kill the latest Trojan programs, keep the computer away from the threat of viruses, and also protect your computer from Internet pages, system files, and U disks in real time. , browsers, etc. are protected, and some viruses also tamper with computer files, all of which can protect your computer from threats and give you a clean Internet environment
    Specific steps:
    1. General check Kill, open Tencent Computer Manager – Virus Scan and Kill “, press Enter; find the anti-virus software in the computer to kill the virus.

    ⑤ Why the Bitcoin virus has become the most immoral virus in history

    The virus in this “Bitcoin virus” incident” is called “RansomWare (ransomware)”, which is encrypted by encryption. The files in the victim’s computer can’t be opened at all to demand ransom. This is a virus attack launched by criminals using the “EternalBlue” leaked by the NSA hacker arsenal. Online, criminals can implant ransomware in computers and servers.

    What’s more terrifying is that this is just the beginning, and now this ransomware has spread to the world Various places, including many colleges and universities in China today, have been recruited. On the Internet, you can see many students posting pictures of their computers being attacked on the Internet. I have to say that the hackers are really well-intentioned, and they even have simplified Chinese.

    ⑥ What is the Bitcoin virus?

    Yesterday, I went to the electronic reading room. Not long after I plugged in the USB flash drive, the teacher suddenly shouted that everyone should unplug the USB flash drive. Some students It was found that all the files in the U disk could not be opened, and there were two more files that asked for money.

    So everyone hurried to check, as long as the U disk was inserted into the school computer, it was poisoned. A large-scale computer poisoning occurred at night.

    Many people’s materials and graduation thesis are in the computer. I really feel that hacking is disgusting. For the sake of money, regardless of the future of the students, the teacher spends his whole life. Scientific research results…

    I hope to catch criminals as soon as possible and give them severe legal punishment!

    This virus will scan Windows devices that open 445 file sharing ports. As long as the user’s device is turned on and connected to the Internet, hackers can implant malicious programs such as ransomware, remote control Trojans, and virtual currency mining machines into computers and servers.

    Some security researchers pointed out that this time The large-scale cyber attack appears to be deployed through a worm application, WannaCry that can spread from computer to computer. Even more frightening is that, unlike most malicious programs, this program can replicate and spread on its own in the network, and the current Most viruses also rely on compromised users to spread by tricking them into clicking on attachments with attack code.

    The attack has affected as many as 75,000 computers in 99 countries , but due to the virusUsing anonymous networks and anonymous bitcoin transactions to obtain ransoms makes it difficult to trace and locate the originator of the virus.

    ⑦ Is there an example of this bitcoin virus in win10?

    1, now this vulnerability is directly fixed, so don’t worry
    2, install a computer housekeeper to
    3 on your computer, then open the toolbox, find the vulnerability repair function, and fix it.

    ⑧ The bitcoin virus ransomware problem that broke out around the world a few days ago

    My personal opinion, I don’t know if it is correct. If there is anything wrong, please criticize and correct. I don’t think this virus has anything to do with which way you surf the Internet, nor what kind of computer (PC or laptop) you use. He mainly targets some of the vulnerabilities existing in the current Windows operating system. We all know that when a software is downloaded, it must have the highest administrator authority to be able to install the software on this computer. This should be a security policy of the computer operating system. But everything has loopholes, and the operating system is no exception. Just like this virus outbreak, in fact, the patch was released as early as March, but many users did not pay attention to it and did not fix this loophole. Therefore, as long as you are connected to the network and the system vulnerabilities are not repaired in time, you can use the vulnerability of a port by scanning the port to directly install the encryption software (virus) on your computer in the background. Encrypt your important files for extortion purposes. Therefore, it is usually best not to turn off the self-update function of Windows for the convenience of the picture. At the same time, it is also recommended to turn off some ports that are not frequently used but are very dangerous, such as 445, 135, 137, 138, and 139. ——Finally, Wifi is just a way to surf the Internet, and it can also spread viruses. So, hurry up to update and patch it. . . . There is also a video here, I think it’s pretty good, but I don’t know if I can watch

    ⑨ The bitcoin ransomware virus is like this all of a sudden Crazy, what’s your guess

    I heard it at first, it was so serious all of a sudden, as a practitioner, I really have a sense of fear, once it spreads in my range, it will cause endless trouble to my work, and Some phenomena are exaggerated in the report, such as automatic virus infection without operation. I don’t know how this principle came about. Is it a myth of network technology, and virus Trojans and malware have become uncontrollable monsters.

    “Eternal Blue Virus” can scan Windows machines with open 445 file sharing ports to implant malicious programs. There is no absolutely safe operating system in the world, they are all systems that foreigners used earlier. Besides, there is no perfect thing in the world. I can only learn more and take precautions. I am engaged in enterprise informatization and security work. I know viruses and Trojan horses. , the harm of malicious programs, the people who wake up early when the panda burns incense and make a fuss will not work. There are a lot of solutions, but some people are still poisoned.

    How to close ports 445, 135, 137, 138, 139, and network sharing can also be avoided. The method is as follows:

    Run Enter “dcomcnfg”, right-click “My Computer” on the right side of the “Computer” option, and select “Properties”. In the “Default Properties” tab of the “My Computer Properties” dialog box that appears, uncheck “Enable distributed COM on this computer”, select the “Default Protocol” tab, and select “Connection-oriented TCP/IP” “, click the “Delete” button,

    Close ports 135, 137, and 138: right-click on Network Neighborhood and select Properties, right-click on the newly created connection and select Properties, then select the Network tab, remove Check boxes for File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, and Client for Microsoft Networks. This closes the shared ports 135 and 137 as well as port 138.

    Close port 139: Port 139 is the NetBIOS Session port used for file and print sharing. The way to turn off 139 is to select the “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” property in “Local Area Connection” in “Network and Dial-Up Connections”, enter “Advanced TCP/IP Settings” and “WINS Settings” and there is an item “Disable TCP/IP”. NETBIOS”, tick to close port 139.

    Close port 445: Start-run and enter regedit. After confirming, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_, create a new DWORD value named “SMBDeviceEnabled”, and set it to 0, then port 445 can be closed.

    Whether it is a practitioner or a general user, it is a difficult problem to face the malicious code of viruses and Trojan horses. How to ensure your own safety is to take action in advance, take precautions before it happens, keep safety warnings in mind, and do not surf the Internet indiscriminately , random operation, random click. There are so many bad people, and it is impossible to prevent them. Then the whole nation and the whole society should take action to let the virus and bad people have nowhere to hide.


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